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Sunglasses, Watches & Accessories Party


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lovelife1218@chicandfrugal Do you know if these work well?
chicandfrugal@lovelife1218 - sorry, not sure since I haven't used it before. I can do $5 though if you're interested!
pinkfashiongirl🎉Yay! Cant wait to get it!📬 Its so colorful compared to all my other scarves!
pinkfashiongirlGot my scarf! Luv it!! Hope youll check out my closet 😀
gigimariebecNot a problem, just marked a headband. You have great stuff!
csmith0001@tinadrd sorry looks like I missed out on this scarf.
missyfu1376@rudyluv I typically only wear authentic as well and DO believe these are, that's why I have them listed ONLY at $100. I told you I don't know for sure because I didn't make the purchase myself.
rudyluvOk thanks love them and really want them
guess214l@juliasmile I'm in south Florida I can take it tonight to the post office. It's 2 blocks from my house 😃
guess214l@juliasmile Ok it's ready 💐😃
shoeoholic8@latisha0709 done price change😊
shoeoholic8@latisha0709 Thank you for purchasing!!! I just finish prepping it will drop at the post office tonight! Thank you again!
buzybeesmoI LOVE everything..... Wore the lashes and love them.... My friends LOVE the lip glosses they entertained us nicely lol..... I will continue checking your closet and WILL be ordering from you again :-)
guess214l@buzybeesmo Super glad!! Have a great week !! And looking forward to do business with you! 😃⛄
ellietanner@lovelove I don't think they are the ones that come with the mic or adjustable volume control
blackwoodashleyif your going to sell/trade any more of these please tag me
gordomom@andine oh my, we really are twins...😊 some if the most classy, timeless watches ever! 💝
mandymerico@andine @gordomom So classic and classy!
guess214l@designerscorner Hi. Let me know if you have any questions 😃🍄
guess214l@mskittywalks Hi. Let me know if you have any questions 😃
vivianaleyvaWhat is you lowes
lindy98@vivianaleyva price is firm on this one. I'd rather keep than go any lower. It's genuine Swarovski.
tdfrazierThis same watch is on Nordstrom.com NEW for $298.
cdwolfe02New is less? Doesn't make sense
elisetaylorOk I think I might want them. Do u have any other kind other lashes besides the one u hve up?
guess214l@elisetaylor No that's it. Did you accept the package on poshmark It doesn't show. Just wondering 😃
linditaBeautiful watch I wish I could 😊
lalamarieeWould you be willing to sell me the watches pillow that's it sits on?
abbiechen@glamsupplier sorry, that was the only one
charityangel@abbiechen this is so adorable! Do you have anymore or know where I can get one?
tasaraWhat's the length?
lindy98@tasara I'm so sorry! I just saw this. The length around is 7".
thelovelywifeSo this listing actually sold in February?
mikahscloset@thelovelywife yes, these were sold. Sometimes I get more though 😊
aveysaldivarWill you trade with my authentic Chanel? Retails for 1900 on eBay I'm selling it for 1700 tho
steponmeeeee@ashleypreciado okay yes I just found out too :(
steponmeeeee🚨THIS ITEM HAS BEEN RELISTED! Please check out my closet for the listing :)
sarah_toth@caravince @kimberlinicole @t_rz3 interested? Want to get rid of, ill go down to $15
sarah_toth@shooiesbaby @kimmyengland interested? Want to get rid of, ill go down to $15
carriemorrisThanks so much
steponmeeeee@carriemorris Hi Carrie! Thank you for your purchase! Your package was dropped off at noon today. I hope it gets to you soon! :)
tracyh15332@amitykapri This one was listed at $80 and that was the trade value. I also have a black one that I used for about three weeks. If you are interested, I would post that for $60.
tracyh15332@devina Thank you for the like. This item is sold but I have a similar satchel in black. Let me know if you are interested and I could post it for you.
jojo12Love these! But I see they are sold!!
babydriver72@jojo12 yeah sold sorry! But these are men's anyway! If you're looking for yourself the BCBG are much prettier. 😊
alohareeree@adr5215 Hi! I am intersted. What is the condition? Is price negotiable? Interested in this & gloves. Thanks!
steponmeeeee@pkmcneal Hi Kim! Thank you for your purchase! Your package was dropped off at the post office today. I hope it gets to you soon! :)
pkmcnealThank you!
mfbeauty@ericamarie41692 hi dear, let me know if interesting, I can bundle items you liked to save your shipping cost. 😃
mfbeauty@febusmaria13 hi dear, interested? I can bundle items and save your shipping cost :)
steponmeeeee@suzladell Your package was dropped off at noon today. I hope it gets to you soon! :)
suzladellSounds great! Thanks!
heidi078@marilynm, OMG! I received my fablouous new outfit today & your note. Just wanted to let you know I'll take great care of it, and I'm wearing it to my friend's daughter's first birthday party on Saturday. I love it, thank you for letting me be the lucky purchaser. I will be back to shop again & again : )
marilynm@heidi078 I'm so happy you're happy! Thank you & come back anytime!
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