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Statement Pieces Party


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brookepolI absolutely will :) I closed my closet today because I have too much going on...no time anymore. Just going to shop when I have a little extra money ya know? I will be back. God bless and thank you!!!
omgitsarodThat's beautiful yarn. What yarn did you exactly use?
claireswann95@nidia973 I don't see anything in the same price range :/
nicholejThanks for following! Let me know if your interested in anything of mine! 😊
jlp428@imca67 hi, are you interested?
thesexyknitter@cheekykiwi No problem, you will love it! I'm sad to see it go but in my heart I know it won't get worn. Will be in the mail for you today!
cheekykiwi@thesexyknitter thanks so much! I promise it's going to a caring closet lol ;-) I love a lot of your listings so I will definitely be browsing in the future! Feel free to check out my listings as well!! Thanks again! Xox
gigimariebecHi-I'm good with the price of 69 for these so let me know when you are ready for mr to send the payment.
chicandfrugal@gigimariebec - hi! I changed for you. If you buy within the next few hours I can ship in the morning 😄
chicandfrugal@tokunbo - Just click "buy now" which is the blue button and you can pay through there
cluaeliLet me know if y'all r interested :)
zvillarrealIs it possible to take another picture ??? I love the lace, but I can't really see the details on the front. Thanks!
chicandfrugal@nuheart27 - can we meet at $37? I changed the price for you 😄
nuheart27I'll take it! Thanks!
karma24Is this sold already? The red "SOLD" tag appears but when I click buy it allows me to process payment with cc info... Just wondering, I love this piece!
atjrl@karma24 sorry it's sold already
bashfordjewelry@atouchofpeace - I love it. Thank you so much
atouchofpeace@mildredstephens YAY! I'm so glad you love them! You picked some really cute things :) Thanks again for your purchase and come back anytime!
mycirca@fernbird thanks for the like. Let me know of you're interested in these.. Thx!
schwabinsnestI rec'd the shoes today! Thank you again. I love them! 👡💗
chicandfrugal@schwabinsnest - so glad you like them!! Thanks for shopping with me!
gordomom@andine oh my, we really are twins...😊 some if the most classy, timeless watches ever! 💝
mandymerico@andine @gordomom So classic and classy!
sassyhill1224@kiannesmith no thank you. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.
sbr@mschas love these! But I'm a 4
mschas@rtaylorl If interested, these fun pants can ship tomorrow. Bundle up to $25 and save on shipping!!
krissy312Is the material lightweight enough for summer?
gin_uwineI love these shoes!!!
ldhoward83@gin_uwine I know! They were awesome...just sold them a couple of days ago.
rbloomAre you shipping this out soon?? Can't wait for it hahahaha
vintage_shelby@rbloom yes it shipped this afternoon u should get a shipping confirmation soon 📦👍
mf_beauty_space@ashleykaye, sorry can't, but we do bundle and FREE shipping for order over $50 (it's $5 off)!
mf_beauty_space@dae_z hi dear, interested? 😄
pochamarcelaAre you interested in a bundle???
atjrl@pochamarcela sure what are the items?
missprettytiff@laurenawrecksus thanks for the like!! R u interested?
missprettytiff@readeatpraylove thanks for the like ;) r I interested?? I can ship tomorrow
brieesmithGot the earrings today, she's going to love them! The note was too cute! 💘 Thank you again!!
jbrown13@brieesmith So glad you like them! Thanks again! ;-)
anitamiGreat! I'm ready whenever you are! ;)
leahisloyal@anitami awesome! Just changed it, thanks so much for purchasing 😊
puraolivida@mrs_errington selling for a friend ;) thanks!!
sammpAdorable dress! Thanks for all the shares, I appreciate it! 😘
shopgirl13Awwwwwww man so bummed came bk to buy!!!!! I know I waited to long just had to get something's straight! 😥
melodycalla@shopgirl13 😢😢😢😢😢 I'm really sorry hun! I was desperate to sell. I'm so sorry!!!!
elliea@michelleclaire thanks for sharing the items in my closet, if you're interested, you can save by bundling
jrezaguiPerfect , shipping and pleased 100%!!!
jbrown13@jrezagui Great! 😃 I'm so happy to hear that! Enjoy your bracelet! 👍
cathiphamCool! It looks 3D!!
pardave72@cathipham thanks for sharing :)
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