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Party Dresses Party

sassyhill1224@rose0487 hi. I see you have received the dress. How do you like it? I hope you Love. When you have a chance let me know and also, please complete the buying process and accept the package under the "my purchases" tab to release the funds. Thank you and enjoy the dress.
sassyhill1224@rose0487 hi have you received the dress? Can you please complete the buying process? Much appreciated. Hope your enjoying it.
sjmarcial@sassyhill1224 almost perfect - my ribcage is a little "big" for it; the gift was so sweet and thoughtful - thank you!! 😘
sassyhill1224@sjmarcial oh no. I'm so sorry. Well I hope you are able to find some use for it or someone to give it too. The great think is there is always posh and you can always reposh it:) thanks again and so sorry it didn't work out.
kaybeth1987@kwistenm sounds great!!! I can't wait to see it 😍
kwistenm@kaybeth1987 hi! Did you receive the dress ok? How did you like it? 😊
akannn@missmaranda of course! Ill ship it out today.
missmaranda@akannn Just received the dress!! It's beautiful & fits perfect!! Thank you!!
atboutiquewell i believe in rules, she has been reported and blocked, and so have the 2 people that commented for harrasment.. i dont like disrespect! thank you .....
dcruzinlv@atboutique I hear ya. I'm sorry this happened to you. I guess I have encountered so many of them I don't even care anymore. I do however block anyone who leaves rude comments.
tdkbkt6Big Congratulations On Your Fabulous "Iconic Style" Party Host Pick! 💐🌹👏👏🎉🎉🎈🎈💃💃❤️❌❌Tracey
havenb1"Fashions fade, style is eternal " ~ Yves Saint-Laurent Congratulations on your ⭐🌟Iconic Style🌟⭐ Host Pick!
kriskris68It's super cute but obviously short. I'm 5'7" and NOT 25 yrs old lol! Will it be too short?
sassyhill1224@kriskris68 I'm not sure I can answer if it would be too short for you. Ill measure in the morning for you.
supersineoI got the dress! The ruffles around the neck are coming unsewn! Just letting ya know.
lmwest@supersineo I'm sorry. It's been so long since I've worn it. I hadn't even noticed
yleach442I luv these types of dresses so if u should come across any in the near future tag me please!!!!
sassyhill1224@yleach442 yes I will tag you if I post more of my dresses like this.
melbugWould you be interested in a trade? 😊
rachel05@melbug sorry, im not currently trading 😔
maureen888ᑕOᑎGᖇᗩTᔕ Oᑎ YOᑌᖇ TᕼᖇOᗯᗷᗩᑕK ᔕTYᒪE ᑭᗩᖇTY ᕼOᔕT ᑭIᑕK!! 💎✨💍💓👛💄
solsticeloveI wish this was a medium!!!!! Soooo cute!!
laurarobb87So is there any word on what you do have off the list I sent and what you can bundle it for?
annaharrisWill you be getting any more of these skirts?
pomona@adrina I think so. My sis in the photo is a size 2 and 5'6" and it was loose on her.
adrinaOk!!! Thanks
smassey43Can you send more pics of the first dress?
jenarie8283What size is the blue dress? What is the lowest you are willing to take?
uniq@van85 Hi hun lmk if you're interested. Email me if you like to negotiate ms.bernadette1@gmail.com
uniq@tee_colewest Hi hun lmk if you're interested. Email me if you like to negotiate a good price ms.bernadette1@gmail.com
pomona@kira109 It looks a little droopy on my sis because the dress is a size large so it's a little big on my sis who's usually a size small.
pomona@kira109 this dress will for a size 8-10
elysa@scanon okay, am new to this. What's the best way to plan a bundle - do I just go <3 sev of your items and you offer me a rate?
scanon@elysa yes, just "like" the things you want and I will give you a good discount :)
sassyhill1224@primary99 will I take 50% of what I listed it for? Lol no ma'am I will not. Thanks.
sassyhill1224@kelliecurtis thanks love. Let me know if you have any questions😉
monseealvarad0_Can you post a picture with you or someone else on this dress please i would love to see the lenght
crazyasianladyI will in the morning. I'm 4'11 and I can wear it long or short it has draw strings in both sides.I only wore it once and its from new York and company.
jaynness@zoe_bella very good thing you didn't.(: Okay, thanks so much for all your interest!(:
jaynness@rae0004 thanks, I'll be shipping either tomorrow evening or Friday afternoon.(:
sassyhill1224@couturegirl mission#3. This will be very difficult. I want to say its Max Azria 2009 maybe....I looked everywhere. Every in the lookbooks from back them. It's super cute so I just need a good pic :). Goooooood luck. Silk and cotton pockets in front and somewhat of a puffy sleeve😘
couturegirlMission will start in 30 mins!!
dlwilson94@vitala_vida haha YAYS!!! an you're welcome :) Glad you love them ^--^
elegancenstyleHey hon I saw you were looking at for. Let me formal dresses. My closet is full of them! I will be posting some more soon from other designers and in other sizes. Let me know if anything interests you. :) Happy Poshmarking! :D
sandimassoudHelloe. I added lots of new gorgeus stuff for great prices. Iam willing to nagotiate the price. I want them all gone!! So simply comment on what you like & i can do bundles that will save you so much  no worries!!!
cheli1965You r good at modeling your merchandise. You make it look very nice.
pomona@cheli1965 thank you!!
cruisegirl223Your wardrobe is going to get me in debt!
dee1431@ahowerter hi! Let me know if you're interested in a bundle😊
smarches@dee1431 I'm very interested in this!! Can you model? I'm mostly interested in where it falls
dee1431@smarches @cruisegirl223 got a pic up. Dress falls right below my knees...I'm 5"1. Hope that helps:)
christinalpi@pomona This is so insanely gorgeous! It's a size too small or I would buy ASAP! Looks great on you! :)
dianasilva05@mystylesmile congrats on the new job! I'm listing stuff constantly so if anything catches your eye lmk. :)
dianasilva05@mystylesmile hello :) just want to let you know about my BOGO FREE sale going on this week. Lmk if you would be interested in shopping my closet again.
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