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CHANEL, Burberry, Chloe & Balenciaga Party

happylifeI've been waiting for the email dear 😍😍😍
karlyr3Trade? Look @ mine doll
michimochiHey hun! Thanks both items are really nice~ however the sunglasses don't fit my face very well so I think I may try to resell them on here. I'm glad you love the bag!
crmnrcksIf u get another pair 2 trade - TAG ME!!!
almoyes@17thandirving Hello, Lauren. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much for being so great to work with 🌺🌺
almoyesAnd yay!! @17thandirving I always love to see a great match 😘
kerry4@steponmeeeee is this skirt for sale ? If not would you let me know what brand is it? Thanks :)
steponmeeeee@kerry4 no sorry hun this is not for sale. This skirt is from Uniqlo.
almoyes@vonnenyc You're awesome. Thanks, Yvonne!!!!! 🌺🌺🌺
vonnenycI mean it, I love admiring everything in here!
danniekyns@nayeesha will ship ASAP
nayeeshaThanks so much for reserving - ill post a pic wearing it and tag you when I get it @danniekyns ! Hugs!! xoxox
mpierceI love your closet!! 😍
spatel1224@mpierce thanks! Visit www.fashforwardboutique.com for more styles. We have a ton more :)
fashionthreads@bnfree5759 Bahaha I know how those days feel! #Shopaholic overload lol! Will most definitely keep you updated! The items you liked are upcoming items for spring 😍😊 💜finally home so will get your Chloe's packed and send you tracking trough the email shortly after!! Have a great day girlie 💋💋
bnfree5759@fashionthreads you too!! Thanks again!
kellydfrank3Just realized I never followed up on this beautiful shirt! I absolutely LOVE it!!! Thanks so much!!!!! 😘😊
luckybaxter@kellydfrank3 I was worried that you didn't like it! 😝 I am so glad you love it-- I never even wore it! Shop with me again sometime! Pleasure doubt business! 😘
reddragonflyEvery thing in your closet I click on Share, I then see says Host Pick! Sorry... I didn't mean to be duplicative; I see, click share, then after shared - notice 'HOST PICK .... but, kudos!!! xoxo,p
almoyesThank you, Pam! 🌺 Every share still helps bc PMers log in at different times and may miss parties or thousands of items in the feed of shares. Too much to search through, so shares always appreciated 👌😘@reddragonfly
almoyes@mommalaughing thanks! 😘🌺 @bayandyo I will check for you when I access these tomorrow. Thank you for being patient 🌺🌺
ericaluz@almoyes I know you are hosting a party and are busy, but when you get a. Chance, do you think you would know how to tell if a makeup brush kit by Chanel is authentic ? I bought one , and was wondering .....
jamerloveThat's fine. I will buy it for $60. Do u want me to go ahead and purchase it or u have to fix the price first?
mspattyp@jamerlove it's ready👍!!!
caravossDoes it have the cc any where on the shoe
hugostyle@caravoss Yes, very small though. On the strap going across the foot there's the small steel-like hardware and I believe it's on that. I can look at the shoe tomorrow & let I know.
asianone02@satanicfiesta unfortunately no. I didn't wear it often and only to work. My boobs are just way too big now to make it look right
alicatstrut@gordomom Thanks. It's always nice to find a shorter dress that's this formal, isn't it?
gordomomIt's amazing!!
lhoude👏👏congrats on your Host Pick!! Time to PARTY!! I hope it sells fast! 👏🎉👏🎉👏🎉
bekah11Congrats on your weekend wear host pick! Perfect for the weekend! Shared!
jolenadvThanks! I can not believe how cute these are and I guess it's a good thing I have huge feet ;)
alicatstrut@jolenadv - Haha, I actually wish I had longer feet. I want the longer leg line in heels. :) I'll get these out tomorrow morning.
kjosephsonLove the shoes! They are a tiny bit snug, but hopefully I can make them work...funny bc those green boots are so cute but too big :( I may have to resell them...thanks!!
stylenhollywoodIf they don't buy let me know
alicatstrut@iluv_deals - This pair is actually a deep red. I wear them like a pseudo-neutral all the time. A cognac color would be so nice, though! I'll get the pants packed up in time for morning pickup.
iluv_dealsGreat, thanks!
almoyesYou are welcome! Very pleased that you love the ring and gift 🌺🌺 I have a jacket at my boutique now and I have had jewelry worked on. It seems they used to charge, but for my current item...my sales rep said that the tailor taking my measurements was wrong about the several hundred dollar estimate and that my service would be free. Not sure how that gets worked out. As for any item, the ability to resize/tailor/repair really depends on the design and materials used. I hope in the end that this ring still works for you! XO🌺🌺🌺Angelica
tonyajoy@almoyes Thanks for the info! I will visit your closet again! Will you be listing more Chanel jewelry? I would only purchase high end items from trusted sellers, like you!! I hope the ring works too. I will wear it tonight to dinner and see how it goes. Maybe I will check into getting it sized. Take care!! xoxo 💖
designeraddict@hmaciel1211 sorry about that, I told posh I shipped it! If you don't get it by tomorrow let me know, and I will track it for you :)
designeraddict@hmaciel1211 hope you love it! xx
susannicole@jayda01 sorry but that's too low. These are basically brand new and already listed at almost 50% off retail
lavishlookHey Hun!! I just added a bunch of new items & reduced items by 50% off! Go check out my closet! Thank you & Merry X-Mas! :)
anaortiz@justivory I will text u about the glasses
coffeegirl@anaortiz. If you decide to let these go as a trade, let me know if you see anything you like in my closet. These glasses are amazing. I am also putting up a few new watches (MK white watch) that I would give you first dibs on.
realuxuryfinds@jules15 thank you for the smooth transaction! 😘😘😘
jules15Hi, I noticed that the fabric is not cotton.
mmzabal@kbolen would you do $40 and I'll buy them right away
kbolen@mmzabal Just lowered to $40 and I'll reserve for you
vanilinh@marionjames sorry. I think someone bought it right after I changed the price.
marionjamesNo worries
xopoodlesahh ive been looking for these! perfect size and everything :(
xopoodlesplease let me know if you have any similar shoes size 5/6 in the future
pjskiThank you! Everything delivered as promised. The sunglasses look great!
pigglypuff@pjski yayy i'm glad! thank you for the positive feedback!!! 😀
pigglypuff@lascolorado interested hun?😊
lascoloradoSo interested! I need to sell something's wicked fast! I want these more than anything! Ugh!
riskfifieI received the shoes, unfortunately they are too small for me :(
pigglypuff@riskfifie sorry to hear that hun but unfortunately poshmark doesn't do returns on items that do not fit. I described the shoes conditions and size to you as best as i could. Its final when you agree to buy. Its an awesome pair of shoes and again i'm sorry that it did not fit hun. You can try reselling it in your closet.
pigglypuff@mommalaughing i will get the measurements as soon as u get home hun. Not home atm. Thanks😊
pigglypuff@mommalaughing so sorry i got back to you late hun. I got busy and forgot to do the measurements. Just went through my notifications and remembered now. Measurements waist 14 inches. Front rise is 8 inches. Back rise is a lil shy of 13 inches. Hope that helps. Thanks😊
jbscloset_xotrade? partial trade?😍
dujani2I have these too !! I love these!! They are NOT fake SMDH!!!
hollystjames@ecogirlusa no scratches I don't have the case they have been kept in a pair if cashmere socks
joemama2008Could you upload a photo modeling them?
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