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Rebecca's Closet


ajgsanfranI bought items from you on November 20th :(it's now the 28th) and have heard nothing about the shipment. Poshmark says it contacted you as well. I need to know if you're planning on sending or not as they are gifts. Can you advise (Icon bag, shoes, purse)? I prefer not to cancel but would like some kind of update. Thanks!
ajgsanfran@girlsnyder can you please tell me what happened to the order I paid for on 11/20?? I don't understand why you won't reply.
emilyt90Hey girl! I see you liked some Betsey Johnson jewelry. Please check out my closet! I have a great listing posted!
sheastanley@girlsnyder it's okay,,,was wanting but not sure of the fit.. Was just seeing what your lowest would be on the dress... I completely understand not getting on here much, I'm getting there as we'll with it💜
girlsnyder@sheastanley well I'm a size 4 but I'm 5'10" so it's a very short dress (I wear shorts under). It's meant to be a flowing trapeze top. Price is firm.
beckymccormickOk I will get back with you. Thanks
becca_eclectic@girlsnyder Can I bundle this dress, the orange james pearse and the cardigan? I hope everything's healing with your Dad
sweetladybHow much are u asking? Is it in working order? Is there any damage to the leather or clasp?
pinkboutique@girlsnyder hey doll do you do trade I live your wedding ring lmk
skalbachHey I am so sorry about not being able to ship the items you purchased I just returned home from spending 4 months in Africa
girlsnyder@skalbach I realized that after buying them. Now my daughter needs short sleeves & tanks :)
girlsnyder@cocolita sorry. No trades on this.
cocolitaOk thanks anyways 💛 I'm on a tight budget and this item goes over it. Does the bag zip closed?
alpt81Let me know if you see anything in my closet you'd like to trade for these. (If you don't see anything now, I should be adding more in the next week or so.) If not, NBD:o) Thanks!
vtpham@girlsnyder sorry for bugging u lol! I know you said that you recently got some purses But would you consider my LV multicolor pochette for some of your clothes? It was over $700 when new ;)
miwacoOpen for trade?😊
girlsnyder@kimmerwith awesome. I'll ship it right now.
girlsnyder@kimmerwith I'm sorry we got 10" of snow & I've been stuck at home. I'm trying to mail today :)
girlsnyder@jcao0325 sorry I wear 4 in lulu bottoms
mlidellWould you consider trading? Feel free to check out my closet!!
kawaiiloverAny chance you would trade my black habitual jeans same size ect for these?
clairedozWhat about my ags they are a 25
courtneychan@girlsnyder @fashionchicaz Hi ladies! Can I ask where you guys bought your pairs of these? I need a different size but can't find them anywhere!
mrsadhlee@girlsnyder is this still available?
ladymermaidi have so much free people in my closet! would you be willing to trade? this item for maybe a couple items of mine?
tricky01would u be willing to negotiate on the price?? I would love to buy!!
tricky01Hi......never heard back about the earrings.....found them new w/free ship @ sarahcarolyn for $209.00 so I am going to buy them there...........
girlsnyder@downtowntiger no trades. Sorry.
pinkbelle15Hi do you know the exact width is it 6mm 7mm 11mm? Thanks! How long in inches is the diamond clasp itself?
girlsnyder@patticsp8s the earrings that match are my favorite!!
patticsp8sI know, they are too cute. You have good taste :-)
byconrad@girlsnyder if you like sideways crosses, check out my closet! I'm selling a necklace with matching earrings! 😊
mexininjaIs this still for sale?
girlsnyder@best_closet Thank you! I just saw that this sold. Will ship tomorrow.
best_closet@girlsnyder Thank you! I am leaving on vacation for 10-14 days tomorrow morning so there will be a delay for me to accept it. I apologize! Have a nice weekend.
becca_eclecticI just don't think I'd feel comfortable in the shirt at this time @girlsnyder. I'd prefer to just purchase the cardigan then come back for the shirt when I'm in better shape.
rheba1960Hi. Do you trade??
tinavbLined? How long?
girlsnyder@tinavb if you know Michael Stars, it's the classic SHINE top. Not lined & very long.
caligirl22Have this it's my fav!! Daughter just swiped it from me!!! What's your best price Hun? Or trade?
girlsnyder@anwynne sorry, no.
kylee24Hi! Would you consider a bundle discount for all 4 Michael stars maternity tops? Thanks!
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