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Fab Fall & Winter Trends Party

courmon712@koociey I sure will soon I get home I thought they was posted must got deleted
koocieyI'll look again
wisemThanks for the like. If your interested please let me know.
wisem@csw558s interested?
zhoujen929Hmm okay - is there any chance you can contact the girl via PM to tell her to not ship? PM normally has a lag in responding, but I will tell them to contact her directly. Sorry for the hassle!
thesexyknitter@zhoujen929 They didn't tell me who it got shipped to so I have no idea. I'm sorry!
mamminajI've been out of town, but will be returning today. Can't wait to see these babies when I get home!
shoppingaddictOk so glad someone can enjoy them! @mamminaj
shanise@shoppingaddict You're welcome and of course I will! Can't wait to see more stuff!
shanise@shoppingaddict Where do I go to put the comment in your feedback? I'm still pretty new to this.
fancygirl71@wrozsypal THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
wrozsypal@fancygirl71 Thank you! I will pack it all up tonight and ship out tomorrow morning. Happy new year to you and your family!
hippystace@sandyherren sure thing, is 30 ok?
sandyherrenI've forgotten all that I actually did like. Can you remind me?
daliasg3 colors?!?! 😳 Wow!! I'd love to just have one!
golyndsey@daliasg Oh, yes... I bought out his 2007 line, it was so exquisite. Sadly, his collection lines have not produced nearly the quality of years past. The hides used inside and out are like butter. No stiffness whatsoever. Significantly weighted. Definitely a statement piece. Care for it and it will last a lifetime! ;)
sassyhill1224@mccannjt great! I sure can. However I have two pairs of black wedges. Can you like the one your interested in and ill put together a bundle listing for you:)
sassyhill1224@mccannjt I have several pairs of jeans listed would you like me to tag you in them?
bella27I do apologies. I got stuck in Kansas City and I didn't have my phone charger. Others on here know me and know i go to Kansas City to meet my mom half cause thats where her cancer doctor and i thought i had packed everything. I live 3 hours from Kansas City. So sorry but I filled my request! My fault and I can take the blame I'm a big girl. Can't wait to have them. Please don't let me hurt others reserving.
talistore@bella27 no worries. I worked a few night shifts this week and I haven't been in the most cheery moods of late :/
cindib@talistore My shirt sold that quickly with your suggestion! Thank you!
talistore@cindib that's awesome! I'm glad it worked out for you.
jump@macfey hi, did u receive the package?
macfey@jump , Yes! It came yesterday. I love the top and my daughter was absolutely thrilled with the bag. Sorry I didn't update yesterday, but PM wasn't loading on my phone. Kudos to your Dad and his awesome mending job. We can't even tell where the tear was. Thanks do much!
talistoreI appreciate all likes, shares and love! Please only comment if you're interested in purchasing - thanks!
talistorePrice reduced.
maritza75Can I bundle? Ima check out your page and see if I like anything else but I do want the shirt
pardave72@maritza75 yes I do bundle lmk and will create it for u
randilynn1227👑Hey girl!!! Super cute closet!! I am now following you!💜please follow me back😁🎀💄👠👑
chelziann1992Love this
brkcuzafordhamSo far I'll definitely get this and the green faux fur wrap when I have the $$$! Haha
marilynmAnytime if you decide you want I'll bundle you up for $25 ;)
earringexchange36D--gosh! I wanted this too! Im Med to Large at Cache'
sassyhill1224@earringexchange ugh I'm sorry. As the told the lady in the comment above it may be risky with that size bust line. I'm still waiting for someone to share the wealth of their bust size. Lol. The brown striped BCBG top I have listed may fit better than this. I'm selling that top because I'm too small and it's made for a larger chest.
talistorePlease only comment here if you have questions or are interested in negotiating because you're interested in purchasing. Thanks!
talistoreRe-listed and reduced!!
kali_leigh@fancygirl71 I can give you one of the dresses with this pink top for $20 if you want but I can't do both for 20. Both are NWOT
vintage_shelby@btnguyenerr hey hun I shipped these out Monday night and they processed yesterday. Did u receive your confirmation email with ur tracking #
btnguyenerrGot it thanks!
talistoreI appreciate all likes and shares. Please only comment if you're asking about this item because you're interested in purchasing - thanks.
talistoreAccepting offers!
pholland1How much ???
pookiebeau@pholland1 I had originally given a quote of $64. The only reason the last lady got it so cheap is that I had a sale for getting to 5000 followers. And I had used it once, this one would be brand new. Let me know if you're still interested!
esalajean@victoriag01 sorry not trading at this time, am taking offers though
esalajean@iwouldbeshelby Thank you for all the likes! I combine items for a great price and accept all offers so if u have any questions don't be afraid to ask. I just moved and need things out ASAP' ☺
blewis1@dalal02 did you happen to receive it yet?The ppl was nice enough to track it for me & it said it had reached Nashville,TN like 3hrs so jus let me know whats what hunn
dalal02Then I should get it tomorrow thank u!!
rachstapleton99@sassyhill1224 I would love to, but I'm waiting for payday! If its still here in a few days, I'll be back 😊
sassyhill1224@rachstapleton99 ok great. Just let me know:)
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