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Premium Denim & More Party

sassyhill1224@nikid888 just wanted to let you know I mailed out the package this morning:) you should receive an email from PM letting you know the tracking number sometime today. Please let me know when you receive it. Thanks again:)
sassyhill1224@nikid888 looks like your received the jeans! Let me know how you like them. Also, if you could just 'accept' the package under the 'my purchases' tab to release the funds. Hope you enjoy them. :) thanks again.
sassyhill1224@shelley19 oh yeah I'm sorry. I posted the inseam of 32 in the description. I'm glad you'll be able to fix them and that you like them. Thanks again and enjoy. :)
shelley19Welcome! And thank you:)
lizabug89@sassyhill1224 What is the lowest you are willing to go on these? Love them! I am in need of some dress jeans.
sassyhill1224@lizabug89 hi there. Thanks for your interest. This is my lowest. They have already been reduced a few times. Thanks. :)
1clothing@mandyhigg you just push the accept button once you receive them but I think you did that already...that seemed to take a while on delivery...sorry about that 😊
mandyhiggOkay great. Sorry for the delay on that. Thanks for your help. And no worries at all about that...I love them! Take care!
thanhmaitrang@jesslvickers I will ship out tomorrow. Thanks for the purchase dear 💐
jesslvickersThank you! Can't wait to get them :)
valscloset@dennyswife Yes, I can bundle and give 20% off both of the jeans if you'd like.
valsclosetThe birthday month sale has started - 20% off
chewrightGot then and they fit great! I wish they were a little longer but will still work great With my shoes!! =)
kwistenm@chewright I'm so happy they worked out! Thanks for the feedback. I hope you get lots of use out of them!
mysticmandy@rachelcasey I think today is the last day of reduced shipping 😉
rachelcaseyI'm going to pass, but thanks for answering my question.
caricole@elizabeth85 ok I've updated and will put them in mail as soon as I get the label. Thank you for the purchase.
elizabeth85Thank you!!!!
jbb@he4ven - today!!😀
jbb@he4ven - will ship tomorrow. Having heck with my printer. I'm sorry.😔
maddieph27Love the jeans! Thanks for the great deal and quick shipping!
thanhmaitrang@maddieph27 I'm glad you like it. It's been sitting in my closet unnoticed for a long time.
grayk@kimmyg They're great! I have guess jeans at home and was hoping they'd fit the same and they do!!!
kimmyg@grayk awesome!! Thanks for the feedback. I'm so glad you like them. Enjoy and come back 😉
darakw@bellasoto sorry just looking to sell!
antrachselHi' would you please post a photo of the tag and a photo of the ankles? Thank you!
blueeyedaisy3@stylerk sorry didn't see anything I want to trade :/
blueeyedaisy3@robinetta I can bundle your 4 likes for $47! Poshmark is reducing shipping costs on orders over $25 so shipping would only be $5.50 :)
chicandfrugal@kelciek - sounds good! I'm going to be out all day tomorrow and I'm leaving at 5am :( ill definitely have it in the mail Monday morning though!
kelciekSounds good. Just purchased :) @chicandfrugal
thanhie@shellyr0375 Thanks for the interest but I'm saving for an overseas trip and need the funds more. I will be having a $15 and under sale. Please let me know if you are interested in a bundle!
beshoo85@lrb0889 interested dear?
beshoo85@katiemaeb thanks for purchase, I work in a hospital today it will be hard for me to ship it today But hopefully tomorrow 🐙
thanhie@teb17262 sorry for not seeing your message. Your offer is too low. However I always discount my items more in a bundle so please let me know if there is anything you are interested in! 😊
teb17262Ok thanks can't go above that
thanhie@nursepaula Hi! Do you want me to add the three liked items to the bebe dress I have reserved for you already? Let me know and I would definitely reserve for you. 😊
nursepaula@thanhie yes hunny .. Need to know the total to see if I have enough $
alecia@chicandfrugal are you open to trades? If so, I have some great items listed. Take a look at my closet and let me know if you see anything you'd like to trade for
chicandfrugal@alecia - sorry not looking to trade but I'd be happy to give you 15% off a bundle
cutiepielesly@thechristygirl received package just as described!! Thank u soo much!! Love my items!! :-)
sweetsierrasI am so happy with my beautiful white summer dress! It got here so fast too only two days! The dress is prettier in person too & has original tags for more Than three times what I paid. It is a beautiful Cato Label summer dress and excellent quality I am very pleased!!!! You're a great communicator too :)) thanks again! Love your closet!!
dennyswifeI'm interested!
chicandfrugal@dennyswife - I can do both pants you liked for $26! Let me know if you're interested and I'll make you a listing 😄
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