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Layering Pieces Party

nancha@heyyemily here you go :)
nancha@heyyemily thank you for purchasing I will ship these out tomorrow :) 📫
marfashion@kc927 sure give me 15 minutes
marfashion@kc927 ok the pictures are up hun i hope you can see what it looks like this is the best i could do i was taking the pictures myself
mikahscloset@mrscarpediem oh yay! ☺ glad you will be able to enjoy them! They are beautiful, I'm just a little too short to pull them off just right 😔 Check back for more shoes and boots, as we are the same size! 😉 oxo
valenLuv these wish they were 8 1/2:(
bluecharlotte@jsalvador Thanks for the purchase! These will ship tomorrow.
krispyle6974❤OMG can u model these or have someone please!!! These are soo hot!! ❤😻💕
pinkprincess789I received it thanks so much
pardave72@pinkprincess789 no problem that was kinda fast ! Hope u like it thanks for ur purchase again
danylamUmmm I'm not sure but it's small u can use it to go out for a drinks but u can only but little bit of stuff buts its soo cute @lcachola
danylamThank you soo much for buying this!!! :) sorry but I can't send it now I have to send it when I get home on dec 30th! Don't I will send it right away when I get home thank you so much @lcachola
scanon@dapherdilly ok, I lowered price. Thanks and I will get them shipped tomorrow.
dapherdillyGreat! Thank you I can't wait to receive them
fromemmacool, thank you!
cindyf68@fromemma I'm glad to see your bag has arrived. Hope it's everything you expected. Thanks again for your purchase
vampiress76Received my scarf tonight in the mail, I love it. Thank you
lmarks111@vampiress76 I'm so glad u like it Thankyou
bekangu4 and sometimes certain brands run small I. A 6 but also a 6 could run bigger
claireswann95@bekangu I measured just about 14 inches across the top of the waist (:
ajs7988@jennarae thanks for your purchase! Will mail these Tomorrow and update you with tracking info :)
jennaraeGreat thank you:)
maidmarian@bluecharlotte Hey Laura! Thanks for the goodies, package arrived today, haven't tried the boots on yet but they look great! Made my first Posh experience a good one💃
bluecharlotte@maidmarian I'm so glad you are happy with everything. Have fun!
trudy21How much?
jamilasauda@trudy21 1pair of hazel is $20. Did you want to bundle with anything else? I can give you a great bundle price.
cindyf68@mrshyde glad to see your bag has arrived. Hope it's all you expected. Thanks for your purchase, Cindy
mrshydeThank you, I love it! You take excellent care of your items and would buy from you anytime! Happy New Year!!
fabicase@bklynbabe430 yes it comes in pink, mint green, and black. Free shipping is available on my website FabiCase.com
fabicase@darzzzzz thank you for your purchase I am not sure if you saw my vacation message. I am on a short vacation to drop my daughters and will ship your items as soon as I return on January 7th. If I return soon I will ship the item this week. Thank you again and Happy New Year!!
ajs7988@babsmr it is cinched so no belt. Just a pull over dress as shown in last picture
ajs7988@babsmr thanks for buying! Will ship first thing tomorrow!! :)
raineedazieePlease do post some ribbon photos. I am all about spoiling her. Probably about the size of a cheer bow?
moongoddess024💜🌸@raineedaziee okie dokiez ☺ got the photos of my ribbon availability posted if you'd like to check it out ☺ I was trying to figure out a way to post larger, more up close photos of the ribbon but it's a bit difficult to fit all the pics in with only being able to post 4 photos per listing. If you'd like I can also send you more detailed pics so you may view them better through your email. Just whatever you feel works best for you. ☺ I want to make sure you can actually see the ribbon if its too small here hehe yet hopefully it's not too hard to see above 😊 just let me know hun. Lots of blessings 💜🌸
rickicasperI'm a 38 d. Do you think the top part of the dress will be too big? I don't mind is its not fitted but I don't want it to be baggy.
hotmommy@rickicasper understandable. I'll find it today and measure the top..I doubt it would be too big.
nourhan@bluecharlotte what size ar you!!!?? im a true size 6.5!!!
bluecharlotte@nourhan I am a size 10. Didn't buy these for myself. They are size 6.5.
khey@ami_nguyen medium on this
ami_nguyenCan u give me measurement of this size S and M to make sure I order the right size for me pls ?
k_snufferUr welcome thank u for the gum, it made me smile! It's little things like that, that make my purchase worth it!
claireswann95@k_snuffer Aww I'm so happy to hear that!! I'm so glad it made you happy, definitely makes pm worth all the more ☺
pristinela@brittyislovely I'm so sorry I thought it was true to size bc I'm normally a 6.5 in boots! :( I don't mind if you resell them in your closet, you can use my pictures too.
brittyislovelyIt's alright love. You can never really be sure with buying clothes & shoes online. It happens. & thanks (:
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