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Gift Guide: Handbags Party


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veronicaordazThank you! The shipping was fast! I got it today and its beautiful :)
arendemar@veronicaordaz I'm so glad you like it!
ellengrayWhat do I do about payment?
ashtonbaileyThey will refund you it to you
jessikanzoey@shill so do you think I'm better off searching for one on eBay? It seems safer
jessikanzoey@shill thank you so very much for your help!🙏
piglover@daniellemm059 Hi! I have already shipped 2 days ago.
daniellemm059Yes I just received the notification yesterday night.
iheartahh no worries! I was in a bit of a hurry to get a purse, so actually just purchased one today. Thanks so much tho!
steponmeeeee@iheart okay no problem hun :)
dsb333Thank you!
bluecharlotte@dsb333 This shipped today. The tracking number is 9405509699939731658757. Let me know when you get it. Thanks!
mbolodeokuThanks for the gift I really appreciate it plus I love the purse omg!!!!
sw33tt@mbolodeoku ur so welcome glad u love it
kyliehorstmanHi, check out my closet & let's trade (:
ravynnbrownieAvailable?? I'd like to buy!
denisefgoodmanTy! It's my first purchase!
smmarley321@denisefgoodman YAY I'm so glad😊😊😊hope u enjoy as much as I did. Come back anytime to my closet. I will give u a deep discount since u already bought from me😍😊😍😍😍
pretty_lady@brendah ...great! Glad you liked them. I hope you enjoy. Thanks again :-)
pretty_ladyHey ladies!!! I reduced the price of this bag. @donnalee @melct @jasiminemoni @claudiaswonger
stacey1971What is the $$$
courtenayramey@stacey1971 It was a free gift with a handbag purchase but someone bought a handbag and requested it so I'm about to mark it sold.
khey@cflittle yes, just waiting for you to cancel the bundle you purchased so we can add this item. If u need assistance, just let us know. Thanks
cflittleOk just hit the purchased by accident.
sw33tt@autumnrain thanks hon !
sw33tt@mhrhj hey hon I noticed ur package was taking exceptionally long to get to u. I called the post office myself and they said the problem was that you put your street address as well as a PO box number. And they werent sure where to send it to. Do u mind verifying your address. Also if you want to speak with them yourself here's the case number: ca112115237 Please get back to me soon Thanks 😘
djgiles53The wallet's included right. Just not picture?
bluecharlotte@djgiles53 Yep the wallet is included. Thanks for the purchase. This will ship tomorrow. Enjoy!
krystalakOk 218 sounds awesome, go ahead and throw that into a bundle for me and tag me to it and I'll purchase as soon as I get off work :) excited about my soon to be purses!
mikahscloset@krystalak bundle created 😉
urwish@kellibu thank you! I'll send out you're package tomorrow and I'll put the beanie in there!👍😊
kellibuYay! Thanks love 😊
butterfly774Hi there! I just received the purse and my daughter loves it. Should it come with a long strap? I did not see it with the package.
jufiwafa@butterfly774 im glad she likes it. the only straps are the chain straps.
kcc1@jodi883 hello! Thanks for the like!! Interested?! I do let u choose one free item from my closet worth $10 and under with purchase and 10% off on bundles!! Let me know if you're interested😊
lovelmI'm solely speaking of "others" ha ha.
fancy514@lovelm Fell asleep. Agree totally. Never occurred some may not be women. So true, life happens. Everyone has things happen. What defines people, is how they respond and handle what happens. Good to know I'm not the only person that feels that way. Not a heartless monster; an alert observer. Having a few dead beat relatives is a good teacher also ...
kcc1@evylape86 $40 for all 3 work for u?!
evylape86No I'll have to pass on this one I can do $40 I'm the only one that has $ coming in bc my bf isn't working 🏧
laylaemily@mica_craft my entire closet is half off right now you can get some good deals
stylish1Hmmm...I know I can knot, but that's a little too long for me. I already have one w/a knot & I'm not too crazy about it. I was looking for something shorter. Thanks for measuring! I'll share it, it's really cute!
kcc1@rikkiwalting 💝Hey there! Thank you for the like. If you're interested in purchasing any of my products I do give a deal where you can get ONE item FREE under $10 and 10% off bundles! 😉
kcc1@erinthered ru still interested?!
kcc1@buckybug11 💝Hey there! Thank you for the like. If you're interested in purchasing any of my products I do give a deal where you can get ONE item FREE under $10 and 10% off bundles! 😉
special_stuff@khey Does this come with a longer strap too?
austingirl76Would you consider 45
melodycalla@meghanherwehe hi there! Did you receive the bag? If so, and everything is acceptable, please press "accept" on your app. ☺💕 happy new year!
melodycalla@erinralph thanks for looking! But I'm sorry hun this sold. 💔 I may post a Steve Madden in the future so check my closet often!
mikahscloset@anhnle yes, I'm gonna close this and a few other listings to give them as gifts to friends and family for parties/etc coming up if they haven't sold. I'll still have other items listed in my closet though 😉 if you are interested in this bag, let me know
itslwlWould you be willing to part for less? I see a clip detachable shoulder strap. :)
tamrra@kcc1 any flaws? Inside,
kcc1@tamrra no flaws still in great condition!
fashionistas@marzaly yea it was available but us not sold ;) ill be sending it out shortly
marzalyYay!!! Thank you!
carenhelm@aaktz7 Ok, I will change it now. Just promise you will give it a good home! :)
carenhelm@aaktz7 Lots of new Coach bags just listed! Other things too!
emmequinnSad I didn't see
mikahscloset@emmequinn yep, she's gone. Lol. I gave it to my sister as a gift. Im not going to leave items on here as long anymore I don't think. If they sell, great. If not, they make great gifts! ☺
alexmarie3bThank you. I will. I'm looking forward to receiving it! :)
paulagLet me know if you decide to sell the one that you've been carrying. I waited a day too long to decide I wanted this!
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