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NYE: Party Dresses Party

danistaceeLove your stuff! Please check out and like/share my page-- I'll make sure to return the favor 😀😀😀 thanksss!!!!
nicecloset@emargarite Thanks for the like hun! 😘 Are you interested?
vintage_shelby@a_yokomichi thanks for the like lmk if ur interested ir have any questions :)
vintage_shelby@vtranxoxo thanks for the like let me know if you have any questions or if you're interested:)
bellabiz10I'm new to PM but I just wanted to tell you that you have the cutest clothes ever! ♥
klynnthanks @bellabiz10 and welcome to PM. let me know if there's anything i can help you with in anything, my closet of just PM in general.
vintage_shelby@jadestrada thx for the purchase I will ship shortly :)
jadestrada@vintage_shelby It's so beautiful; I can't wait to try it on!! Thanks for keeping me posted :)
jbrown13@katelynrolling Thanks for 'liking' this Express dress! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 😊
jbrown13@jennsacc Thanks for 'liking' this Express dress! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! 😃
jkeenanHi, sorry I'm just getting back to you. You can take it off reserve. I still want to buy it but my money isn't in my account yet. I'm sorry. If its still available next week it's def mine❤❤😊❤❤
delrosario1328@jkeenan Ok. Thanks for letting me know.
vintage_shelby@closet2full it's a small I'm normally an xs to small. I'm 5'2 and about 120lbs to give u an idea
vintage_shelby@skott99225 thanks for the like lmk if u have any questions or if ur interested :)
vintage_shelby@gsharma3 thanks for the like lmk if u have any questions or if ur interested :)
vintage_shelby@breyanarogers Thanks for the like! Let me know if you have any questions or if you're interested :)
guess214l@jlwallen Hi just checking to see if everything arrived ok! Thank you 😃
jlwallenHi!! I'm not at home but my husband did receive the package and sent me a pic! It all looks great and I can't wait to get home to try them on!! Thanks again!!
bloodrushesWhere did you get this??
vintage_shelby@bloodrushes hi hun sorry for the late response but to be honest with you my mom bought me this dress last year so I couldn't even tell you where she's got it from! so sorry 😔 take care!!
elliea@michelleclaire thanks for sharing the items in my closet, if you're interested, you can save by bundling
vintage_shelby@20summer01 hi hun let me know if you have any questions or if ur interested 😊
vintage_shelby@dsw hello! Let me know if you have questions or if ur interested 😄
mharo24Yes, will you give me a good deal on the cross body and the dress? :)
leahisloyal@mharo24 I can do the bundle for 32 plus a free gift with purchase! 💜 Let me know if that works for you!
fancy514@katjo the conversation was a bit more than I indicated in the general post. My New York Italian husband try's to coach this southern girl...lol. Anyway, after Ms Mary explained the selection, it was pretty much don't call us we will call you ie: your on the list period. Pulled up my big girl panties and stated I had been on the list then a lot longer than 10 days or 2 months and if that is their platform then I really didn't know anything else to say and thank you for calling. Mary then felt there had been a misunderstanding and they intended to make me a SU and Host. Those panties felt pretty good, so I ask for a time frame. I felt she wasn't prepared for that, but came up with by the end of the week someone would contact me for scheduling. Kathy, the universe has an amazing sense of humor. As I was typing this got an email from Mary with the date to host Oct 21st. We have a week rental on a cabin in the mountains that week and no internet service, pretty remote. What a hoot. I explained and asked for another date.
katjoFirst of all LOL that they finally give you a date and your going to be gone without Internet service😂😂😂!!! I'm happy they made contact and offered you a date to host and hopefully you will be on the next set of SU's that comes out. I know they are not scheduling anyone after the end of this month because a new team is taking over scheduling so Mary won't be involved in that any longer so I hope you get rescheduled before the end of Oct. I'm really pushing for a seniority based criteria because I know you are not the only one who is feeling slighted, plus it has to be madness for them trying to schedule and choose hosts and SU's. They need a better method to the madness.😱
kristatinerthank you so much! I live everything about it! it's so adorable I just didn't want to take it off :) I can't wait to wear it to a gathering? and thanks for my surprise! very sweet! thanks again!!!!
guess214l@kristatiner I'm super glad. Enjoy it! 😃
rebscaThanks for the share!
rebscaAny offers? I can negotiate :) (this goes for any of my clothes)
guess214l@audilee The dress is beautiful. I'm sure you will love it and its an perfect condition I only put it one time. 🎅🎄
audileeI usually wear a 10. This dress will be a little big on me but I can alter it if I need to.
vintage_shelby@blythlizzy hey hun thanks for the like! LMK if you have any questions or if ur interested 😀
chikuanhey im very interest in this dress. so is that a built in bra? im usually bra size 34C or 36C
mrsjjburtLive this dress! Just received. Thanks!!
guess214l@mrsjjburt I'm glad. Don't forget to check my closet again Always a better discount for my returning costumers 💐
emily1999Hi will u do a trade I have no money on my card and I love this I will trade anything in my closet!!!
pandababiixoCould you upload a picture of the dress on, please? If possible :)
squirrelI put the Bebe dress up!
squirrel@eunicekaye hi sweety! I was just checking to see if you were still interested in my Bebe bodycon capri breeze dress? Lmk Hun! 🐹
erin_minty@kellz the back isn't ripped, just solid black! Lmk if you have any other questions :)
kellzThx for the info but my picky daughter changed her mind . 😊
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