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Glamour Girl Party

brookepolThank you so much, you are so sweet :)
nicejewelry@brookepol Thank you for following my closet! 😊 I will ship them tomorrow and hope you like them 😘
sumarlina3@valligirl76 hi I will send by Monday ok😊
sumarlina3@valligirl76 hi I added a free pair of earring sorry for the wait
sumarlina3@ceckley123 Hi I've been reducing these since day 1....I already took off $200 and more. What's the price you were thinking? Cause these are in perfect condition
sumarlina3@ceckley123 I can sell for $260
theresagavGot these today so cute .... Fit perfect ...thank u
nicecloset@theresagav Glad to hear you liked them 😘
danistaceeLove your stuff! Please check out and like/share my page-- I'll make sure to return the favor 😀😀😀 thanksss!!!!
nicecloset@emargarite Thanks for the like hun! 😘 Are you interested?
nicecloset@kali_marie Sorry hun but no trades at the moment. I can do paypal for a better deal though 😘
nicecloset@caylawestfall Thanks for the likes hun! 😊 Are you interested in a discounted bundle?
greenetI got I and I love it!
nicecloset@greenet Im glad you loved it 😊 can you please go where it says purchases and accept that you received it? 😘 Thanks!
nicecloset@girlygirl20 What do you mean how many of those do I have? Of this dress? I only have 1.
girlygirl20I mean do u have anymore dresses like this
nicecloset@kellirose Thanks for the like hun! 😊Are you interested?
kelliroseLove it but I'm just looking until I get some more$$ in my account
nicejewelry@angel_eyes767 Thanks for the like hun! 😊 Are you interested?
nicejewelry@estefany Thanks for the like hun! 😊 Are you interested?
myredtundra2002@atouchofpeace u could never get theses huh?
atouchofpeace@myredtundra2002 No I'm sorry I was unable to get any more of these. I believe they are all sold out 😫
atouchofpeace@katieandhaley sure! I just changed the price for you. Thank you :)
atouchofpeace@katieandhaley Thanks for your purchase! I will be shipping it out tomorrow morning :D
carolynlymanHi, was not able to get back online until this am. SOLD! Thank you. Have a great day!
atouchofpeace@carolynlyman thank you as well! I will be able to ship first thing tomorrow. I hope you enjoy and have a nice weekend :)
atouchofpeaceThank you for your likes @ksheppardmsw ! Let me know if you are ever interested in a bundle :)
atouchofpeace@rococo Thanks for your likes! Would you be interested in a bundle?
jaspar21Great! I dropped yours off this morning as well! Hope you love your goodies...they are beautiful!
atouchofpeace@jaspar21 Yay! Thanks girl I'm sure I will love them, and I hope you like the purse as well 😘
sdurfee7hi @atouchofpeace! When can this be shipped out? :)
atouchofpeace@sdurfee7 thank you very much for your purchase! I am actually packing it up right now and will be mailing it out in the morning :)
atouchofpeace@isonmommy Thanks so much! I really appreciate it <3 I can ship this out first thing tomorrow for you. I was also holding the Ed hardy shirt for you but I will just go ahead and throw it in for free :D
isonmommyOops!!! Thank you!!!
atouchofpeace@fashionfountain Here you go sweetie! Let me know if you need additional pictures. Also the waist measures 40''. Hope this helps :)
jguest17Love this!
atouchofpeace@xmissmelly I will let you know if anything changes! I don't have the full size bottle in those 2 but I do have the full size bottle in #1 Le Bateleur Perfume which is 3.3 oz :)
xmissmelly@atouchofpeace oh ok thank u! :)
avenuebeThanks! We finally got to post office been sick, ADORE the purse!!!!! Perfect condition love love love!
atouchofpeace@avenuebe wonderful! I am so glad you loved it! Thanks again for your purchase and for the feedback! Hope you have a fabulous weekend :)
nicecloset@jefsweetie Thank you so much for the HP!!!! 😊 this was my first time to have something featured in the host pick and I was so happy to see all the comments in the newsfeed! 💐
anfelheartI think this is absolutely adorable sadly I can't afford it right now but it is so cute
nicecloset@twistysalt Thanks for the like hun! 😘 Are you interested?
nicecloset@jmt Thanks for the like hun! 😊Are you interested?
madelennThanks for the follow! See anything in my closet you're interested in!? I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have! 😉
nicecloset@actnow Sorry hun but cant do that low.
actnowThanks though for you time, you have some lovely things in your closet!
nicecloset@islandgurl24 Thanks for the like hun! 😘 Are you interested?
islandgurl24@nicecloset just looking for now but ill keep this in mind. Thanks
dejavustyleI received everything today and I absolutely love everything! Especially the Vertigo dress! Thank you and ill be back for more!
nicecloset@dejavustyle So glad you liked them 😘 enjoy!
sammayjoyceThank you for the follow!! let me know if you are interested in anything!!
hilary78You have such a cute closet!! Unfortunately most items won't fit me, so I shared many if your items for others to enjoy!👍💕
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