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Gift Guide: Handbags & Accessories Party

purple16Hi...is the band black? Does it come in original box?
sexydeals@purple16 it's dark brown. Yes original box :) the tin :)
tanisha79@smailebaby got my purse.... I loveeeeee it 😍😍😍
smailebaby@tanisha79 thanks for the update ;) I'm glad it arrived safely and u like it!! Take care ;)
carole114Hi, Received the earrings this afternoon. They are lovely, and will go with many things I have in me wardrobe. Thank you for sharing your beautiful closet! Carole
smailebaby@carole114 thanks for the update Carole I am glad you like them ;) you take care!!
emlove6How large are the hoops? And are you getting more?! I'm in love with them and the price <3
smailebaby@emlove6 hi, it's 2 3/4 and Ill see if I can get more ;)
atouchofpeace@xmissmelly I will let you know if anything changes! I don't have the full size bottle in those 2 but I do have the full size bottle in #1 Le Bateleur Perfume which is 3.3 oz :)
xmissmelly@atouchofpeace oh ok thank u! :)
brookepolThank you so much, you are so sweet :)
nicejewelry@brookepol Thank you for following my closet! 😊 I will ship them tomorrow and hope you like them 😘
nicejewelry@nhilun This is an example of a bundle. You tell me the items you like and I give you a big discount and put them all together in one listing so you only pay shipping once 😘
nhilunThat great
gordomom@dsw ok no problem! I'll get the bundle listing together (will be a generic photo) but will list the items in the description. Will tag you on the new listing when it's ready. Thx!!
gordomom@dsw Anytime! I just tried cancelling and it gave me an error on both items. I'm rebooting my phone and will try again. If you want to wait until they're cancelled before purchasing the other, I understand.
nessa0729@sarahmichelle i just purchased! Is the strap adjustable?
sarahmichelle@nessa0729 thanks for your purchase! yes the strap is adjustable.
marshanortonHow long is the chain?
khey@marshanorton please see description for measurement. thanks
virgonurseTrying to picture design. Is this two sides??? Is this more a small bag?
elliea@virgonurse it's more on the small size. Sorry about the confusing picture. In the picture you're referring to, the purse is leaning against a mirror. It's one sided
amyrsinn@laurente This bag is sold. It says so in the description and I changed the price to $12,500 so no one can buy it. 😀 I have lots of other Coaches. Are you looking for new or used. Small or medium? Cross body?
laurentewell, I dont know really.lol Im like you I have entirely too many coaches, but I love them, and now im buying for my daughter too. I am looking for bigger for me more solid colors but with the mongram, but the small, I dont like the Huge Cs. Like chocolate brown, or like this one with the plus, darker colors
deeisme@kody1scout thanks for the shares! Let me know if you have any questions or need an order put together. Also, check out JitterbugFashion.com to save money!! This belly ring is currently discounted there. Use discount code POSH at checkout for free shipping on your order of $20 or more!
bluehoney@deeisme do u have another one of these
oliviakate77@moongoddess024 r u selling to of these 4gb memory sticks for $40
black_bambooAloha and thanks for following! I would like to invite you to view my boutique online through Facebook at www.facebook.com/blackbamboo2012. You can also follow us on Instagram @black_bamboo_boutique or Twitter @BlackBamboo2012. We are a women's fashion boutique carrying sizes small through 3XL. Mahalo. 😊
pardave72@hjorav im sorry the lowest I can take is 20 I paid 35 and never used it hope u understand
pardave72@gaulden03 thanks for ur purchase I will be shipping today :)
beebrunson3Will lower the price to 9$$.. I'm very interest☺️
jin0516Too low sorry but I do offer 15% off bundles lmk ;) @beebrunson3
katbmooreThank you! I have my eye on a few of your items. I will let you know whn I'm ready to purchase!!! 😘
jin0516Great! Lmk anytime ;) @kbelanger
reddolphinmm83@kutingting glad u liked it, thanks for ur business! :)
lavishlookHey Hun! You have a great closet! Could you go check mine out please as I just added a bunch of new items to my closet! I need to sell everything as I was laid off and need money to survive. I'm so sorry if I was a bother to you! Thank you so much for your time! :) God Bless!
cjandersThanks!! Will do.
bella31102Could you bundle my likes? and for how much please? ;) BTW I love your closet!!!!
joeannemNo worries! And how intriguing about the box! should make my day interesting when I get it :)
joeannemHmmmm yes quite interacting packaging! Thanks again!!
sessiaWow, if it wasn't black I would be interested. The reason is that I wear so much black (every day) and I wear stuff like scarves to break up the black so I don't look like I'm going to a funeral! The scarves are absolutely gorgeous though! Thank you so much for the offer.
urwish@sessia you're welcome! 😊
tararob1Love this can u go lower?
sdgirl81I'm very interested in this clutch ;) it's adorable ! Is this the lowest you will go ?
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