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nicejewelry@nhilun This is an example of a bundle. You tell me the items you like and I give you a big discount and put them all together in one listing so you only pay shipping once 😘
nhilunThat great
nicejewelry@angel_eyes767 Thanks for the like hun! 😊 Are you interested?
nicejewelry@estefany Thanks for the like hun! 😊 Are you interested?
bikerchick64@smailebaby -maybe... My hubby is usually good at glueing items together.... I'll let you know!
smailebaby@bikerchick64 yes keep me updated 😃 THANKS!!
tanisha79@smailebaby got my purse.... I loveeeeee it 😍😍😍
smailebaby@tanisha79 thanks for the update ;) I'm glad it arrived safely and u like it!! Take care ;)
smailebaby@bbybrie Thanks again for the purchase, I shipped it out earlier today. I hope you enjoy them! Please give me feedback once you receive the items so I can better assist you in the near future! :)
bbybrieThanks. No prob.
carole114Hi, Received the earrings this afternoon. They are lovely, and will go with many things I have in me wardrobe. Thank you for sharing your beautiful closet! Carole
smailebaby@carole114 thanks for the update Carole I am glad you like them ;) you take care!!
smailebaby@kristiandloki Thanks again for the purchase, I shipped it out earlier today. I hope you enjoy them! Please give me feedback once you receive the items so I can better assist you in the near future! :)
smailebaby@babzie thanks for your purchase ill be shipping it tomorrow ;)
smailebaby@babzie hi, just wondering if you received the wallet Yet?? I sent it out on the 26th LMK!! Thanks ;)
melle@edsonlg - thank you for your purchase. I've mailed these out today :)
dollnetOmgosh your doggie is SOOO cute!! 🐶🐶🐶
marithel@sheepinajeep thanks for the update I got it. Oh, it's Victoria's Secret limited Ed body spray given to me 2 yrs ago which they don't sell anymore unfortunately, but thank you. I only use body spray on things not on me, lol!
marithel@rnwen hope you get better, sorry but it was sold. Let me know if you find other stuff in my closet and I'll give you a discount. Thanks
bella27I do apologies. I got stuck in Kansas City and I didn't have my phone charger. Others on here know me and know i go to Kansas City to meet my mom half cause thats where her cancer doctor and i thought i had packed everything. I live 3 hours from Kansas City. So sorry but I filled my request! My fault and I can take the blame I'm a big girl. Can't wait to have them. Please don't let me hurt others reserving.
talistore@bella27 no worries. I worked a few night shifts this week and I haven't been in the most cheery moods of late :/
daynamastersOk! Just asking, my bad..
talistoreI appreciate all loves, likes, shares. Please only comment if you're asking about this item because you're interested in purchasing - thanks.
oliviakate77@moongoddess024 r u selling to of these 4gb memory sticks for $40
annabellevThanks @ss64 :) I can bundle both for $12 under this listing. Lmk if that sounds good.
annabellev@ss64 please see above 👆
calibourn94Take a look at my closet :) it seems like like we have somewhat of a similar style!
ametzgerSuper cute:) and I have a ton of brand new purses in my closet. If you want one let me know and ill give you an incredibleeeeee deal:) pick anyone and I'll cut the price like crazy:)
jbrown13@leesaash Thanks for liking this zebra print pouch. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! ;-)
jbrown13@leesaash Thanks for your purchase! I'll get this pouch packaged up and shipped out to you soon! Our local Post office closes at 12:00 on Saturdays, so it's already closed for today, but I'll get this out to you first thing Monday morning! ;-)
mf_beauty_space@djgiles53 sure, thank you! I can bundle with my other friends closet, will you like bundle anything from their closet and save shipping fee? Please check @beauty1181 @mfbeauty
mf_beauty_space@djgiles53 thank you for the purchase! I will ship it out tomorrow!
tasha7362Yeah I would love that!!!
dayz3@tasha7362 🌀OK... Let me this and then Ill tag you in new listing once I know other is cancelled.
jbrown13@marisoldefi Hi again. I jut received an email from Poshmark stating that the bags and breast pump do not qualify for purchase because Poshmark is only a site for Women's fashion and accessories. So, they have canceled the order. If you are still interested in the bags and pump, we can do the purchase through PayPal if you wish. I have it all boxed up and ready to go. Just email me at jodibrown@carolina.rr.com if you are interested in proceeding.
marisoldefiOh ok sorry it took me so long to respond and yes we could do that I'll email you so we can work out the details
marydaughertyWhat is the difference in this and the other wallet , apart from price.. Thanks
liajolicoeurg10@marydaugherty I'm so sorry I sold this one at work a few days ago and I forgot to remove it
cak1027Got these today, Thankyou so much..I really like them
dayz3@cak1027 👍Thats great! Enjoy them!
shirenagennine@reagent1101 Thanks for your like!
shirenagennineThis item will no longer be available after Thursday do to Poshmark's changes. Get it while you can for this great price... Or bundle for an even better deal! Let me know if you are interested in creating a bundle! @lavendersmama @balto3474 @lenah @amdurbin @dmwhottoshop @candygjrljen99 @khleopard @tiki_moon @reagent1101 @lvaughan @lexia82 @bohemiia @misois35 @awhhbbynikki
nicestgirlever@marithel thank you so much for the bracelet. It is beeeeeautiful. But also thanks for the lovely card and box. Wow! It felt like getting a gift on the mail. Such care and attention!! I will definitely model my shipping after your example.
marithel@nicestgirlever I'm glad you liked it. Thanks. I'll let you know a s soon as get yours. 👍
moongoddess024🌷🌸@tracypied hi there☺ my apologies for the slight delay in response! ✌ I just started school again so I've truly been busy trying to get started this week. I just got a printer for home so I'll jab it set up by this week and will have your item shipped out by the end of this week the latest. Again, I do apologize for the small delay. I just wanted to let u know that I will have it shipped for you 😊. I want your complete satisfaction and hope that you can forgive me for the slight hold up. I will definitely update you once ive shipped your item. ☺ many blessings to you and have a beautiful day🌸🌷
tracypied@moongoddess024 Thank you letting me know what's going on. I do appreciate it. I really need this ASAP. I'm going on a trip next week that I ordered this for. Do you think you'll ship it tomorrow? It would be so wonderful if you could! I hate to be pushy but I really do need it for a special occasion. Let me know! Thank you! 💜🌷
luvinmeOk sorry still kinda new on here and learning the tricks of the trade
dayz3@luvinme ✨no problem... It's how you learn!👍✨
shreebee@pipey22 - thank u! I will take a look! 😃
shreebee@pipey22 - everything is so cute- including the little wire flower you incl. I love my order! 😍
jerichalynnDo you have a 9 in this ring? So cute!
claireswann95@jerichalynn Sorry this is the only one I have! 😔 Not sure of the exact size but I'm estimating a 7-8, wish I could make it bigger for ya!
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