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Gift Guide: Wallets Party

lovedana@bedelish no prob I'm sending it out today you might get it tomorrow you're only in la :) thank you for purchase
lovedana@bedelish shipped it out thanks again
jamie0815 sounds wonderful. Can you change the price then I will buy!!
jamie08Hi I noticed you still haven't shipped my purchase. Please do so or I am canceling the order. Thanks
clincoln2013I was not trying to advertise on your listing really. I was trying to help since handbags sale better w a dust bag. But I apologize you feel I was trying to advertise on your listings. I really don't need to do that. I have enough followers.
lovedana@clincoln2013 right good day
dmallos@atidwell thank u so much for sharing that I really appreciate it :) it seems there's been a lot of "issues" with trades on PM lately.
atidwell@dmallos thanks for asking
juicyrllandaf13@sandywerk i apologize for the long wait though, ive been busy with school and preparing for SATs.
sandywerkIt's fine no probl everything worked out so we just start over !!
iamacreative@luvfashun thanks I didn't see it can u tag me so I can take a look?
iamacreative@camposcc @badz16 @moonbunnytoo Are u gals going to the Posh party tonight??? I can't go 😩😫😫😩😭😢
mcpeWill you take 5
katiebug6490@mcpe this is sold but Check out the rest of my closet! I can give u a great deal! :)
smailebaby@babzie thanks for your purchase ill be shipping it tomorrow ;)
smailebaby@babzie hi, just wondering if you received the wallet Yet?? I sent it out on the 26th LMK!! Thanks ;)
hollycootsawesome bag, where'd you get those bracelets?
vlmccomg I LOVE this. it's too bad I'm poor :P
jchan1628this is authentic right? cuz it's pricey, could you email me the lowest price I'm serious buyer. jchan1628 at gmail
myclutterfix@jchan1628 sold this already
mgsanjuanIll take a look! If you ever get anymore of these please tag me! I LOVE this wallet!!
myclutterfix@mgsanjuan ok thanks for stopping by our page!
cruncheeI love that bag 🐮
selenebowmanStill loving this! Maybe a Christmas present? If willing to go lower (and I do have PP), please let me know ... Selenewoody@gmail.com
cheryll@silverandplum hi. Just making sure the tags r with this. I'm looking for Christmas presents. If u will consider 47.00 I will purchase right now. Thanks.
cheryll@silverandplum hi. Could. U pls let me know if u have shipped this yet. Thanks.
ashannlizWhat is your lowest thru PayPal?
ashannlizThe original price on this is $375. You may want to change that in the description
airborne88I'm having a very hard time buying these. It will not let me
txchicaReceived my bundle today .. Perfect timing , for my youngest daughters 17 th bday !! They are all beautiful she's gonna love the pink one with some $$$$ in it !! Thanks again !
mhelie23Post it back ON POSH Ill do the transaction that way you Internet BULLY
lulugrl@mhelie23 , please stop the name calling. My gosh! Words hurt, you know. I did not mean to call you a scammer which I don't think I did. I said please don't SCAM us. Bad choice of words. We have dealt with so much on PM and on EBay lately, including an issue where we lost $600 on a broken item and STILL haven't been reimbursed. Talk about bad timing for Christmas. We have had to forego some gifts because of that situation, put us on edge, and now this. Take a look inward about the name calling. I am not a BULLY, I just don't like the feeling if POSSIBLY being taken advantage of. No further actions will be made on my part. Just forget it. I am not a cyber bully, I am not a cheapskate. Thank you.
rhein2027omg I hope your moms doing better.. I hate when I hear someone had a heart attack. So she doesn't want the bag anymore? maybe you can sell it or maybe return it. I have a picture of the ocelot in my closet if you want to look at it..
juliepointer1"@rhein2027 😭😭😭lol! You're welcome to tag me anytime:)"
mercelanThank you I got them
veronica29@mercelan thanks for your purchase Mercedes, you'll be sending your order as soon as possible, God bless you, and again, thanks 🌹🌺🍒
joyp@mizzholly I understand cause I like that too! The hearts bracelet & the one on the sculpture with rust or brown in it are both pretty big & chunky!
joyp@tinaly29. So sorry! Just saw your message. Been out of sorts lately! R u still interested in clutch & bundling?
karebearxoxoOk I got it! Thanks! How do I mark as "received"?
lindathi@karebearxoxo I've only sold on poshmark so I'm not quite sure.
juliepointer1"@may70 😄thank you for sharing:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) let me know if you see anything you like:)"
juliepointer1"@gypsy2012 😄thank you for the like:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) & I'm actually doing $5 off coach & Brahmins this weekend:) let me know if you see anything you like:)"
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