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How To Be Fancy Party

sportyspice@trendyfashion I got the dress. I love it ... I could actually take a small. Next dress!
trendyfashion@sportyspice 😊 Glad that you ❤ it! And yes, let's work on the next... 😉
sharongcrnMed is ok for the lace cardi alsp the bronze bag. It would be nice if u could bundle the 3 items
troe@danniellevrk want to bundle ur likes ?
troe@jujish I have a medium and it would fit a large the large just sold sry but I can bundle the two for u if u like and can ship out today of u pay before 4
troe@tanaray I only have one small available do u want it?
troe@erinn want to bundle ur likes? Tonight is the last chance for the buy 2 get 1 free
erinnHi! thanks, I'm brand new @ this... trying to figure it out! didn't wanna pass this one up, if it doesn't fit I can always sell it : )
sammy@troe I will Tiff when I try the old one on. I have a pic but forgot how it fits on top.
troe@hannahlee013 thanks for the like Hun all women's cloths are $7 or less please feel free to ask any questions and if u want to bundle any items I would be happy to help :)
jayleeIt's awesome, looks great with leggings. Thanks so much!! :)
troe@jaylee i am soo glad u like it :)
kirsten145.00 dollars? I'll take it
troe@kirsten1 it's 45 plus posh shipping which is 5.50 right now so $50.50 total it can be all urs if u want it just click buy now 😊
troe@hawkins26 yes mam will send to ya today :)
msthingForgive me for not getting back my bag
troe@jolson1979 I scheduled a pick up they were closed when I got there Friday sry Hun I was tag ya as soon as they are picked up k
troe@gloria_n_vinny hey there! Thanks do much for the likes😊Everything is buy one get one half off all weekend long! Just let me know if your interested in bundling anything I'd be happy to help! Happy Poshing!!🌸
ccornish@catherinemarie when're u shipping?
catherinemarie@ccornish I have it all together but I need to buy a package! Ill send it by Friday defiantly
smailebaby@bbybrie Thanks again for the purchase, I shipped it out earlier today. I hope you enjoy them! Please give me feedback once you receive the items so I can better assist you in the near future! :)
bbybrieThanks. No prob.
carole114Hi, Received the earrings this afternoon. They are lovely, and will go with many things I have in me wardrobe. Thank you for sharing your beautiful closet! Carole
smailebaby@carole114 thanks for the update Carole I am glad you like them ;) you take care!!
smailebaby@conheo59 hi, thanks for your purchase I'll be shipping it out today!! 😃
smailebaby@conheo59 Thanks again for the purchase, I shipped it out earlier today. I hope you enjoy them! Please give me feedback once you receive the items so I can better assist you in the near future! :)
smailebaby@junebuglee hi thanks for your purchase :) ill send it out tomorrow. I just need to know what size you need I have a 2X or 3X LMK!!
junebuglee3x I am tall
stussy1127Hello, I'm very interested. I'm wondering how much shipping would be to zip code 83686?
smailebaby@stussy1127 hi, thanks for purchasing I will be sending your item soon ;) have a good weekend!!
smailebaby@rnhoward your bundle is ready for purchase!! Please purchase by tomorrow to take advantage of the 50% off thanks 😃
smailebaby@rnhoward hi, thanks for your purchase ;) I will send your items soon!!
ludyludI received my items, thanks for the surprise
smailebaby@ludylud YEY, I am glad you received your items!! Thanks so much for the update!! Have a great weekend!! 😃👍
billiebowling1Thank you so much , Iam doing better thanks ,
smailebaby@billiebowling1 HI, I just checked confirmation and it says it has been delivered please LMK how it all came out THANKS!
talistoreI don't mind sharing everyone's items. No need to thank me on my listings for sharing!!!!
talistoreI appreciate all loves, likes, shares. Please only comment if you're asking about this item because you're interested in purchasing - thanks.
talistoreThanks for all of the shares on this!
talistoreI'm not sure if I should tag people when I say thank you or not. I'd be tagging people all day.
smailebaby@beckah77 yes I do ;) also if you bundle I'm giving 20% off till sunday LMK!!
smailebaby@beckah77 hi, thanks for your purchase ;) I will send it out soon.
nghetay@tanita213 thanks, I received the full payment. You're the best customer ever 😊
tanita213@nghetay Ok great and Thank you! 😊 I try to be the kind of customer I would like myself 😄 Your an awesome seller with lots of cute stuff & fast shipping too! 👏
tweezer@searching4e no trading at this time sorry
searching4eOk. Thanks :) Pls lmk if things change :)
cw_closet@loriwgalloway thank you for sharing!!
rebecca_beauty Hi, please come to my closet and take a look. I just added Some new items. You will find things you like! Thanks. :)))
khey@tresie1979 we'll create another listing with your size =)
aryan28What's the least u will take size 8?
thanhie@gnperone Thanks for your purchase! I dropped off the package at the post office and you should receive it in 2-3 days. Once you receive it, please make sure to go to "My Purchases" and hit accept. I hope you love this!
gnperoneThank you! :)
marithel@daniella1997 example of making a bundle is like this. Put both belts in one listing then adjust the price to $50. I was selling each bracelet for $13 and the buyer wants to buy 2 for $24. Just so you have an idea. Hope that helps. Thanks.
marithel@daniela1997 pls see above comment. Thanks.
jesslisecI'll have to sleep on it, they are so cute :)
lbg123@jesslisec they really are! No prob, lmk when and if you're ready :)
kimmommyExactly what I needed!! Thanks much!❤
smailebaby@kimmommy hi, thanks for the update I am glad you like it ;) ENJOY!!
dianelHow much for these and pink and gray leaf scarf?
light_sourced@dianel I can give 15% off for a bundle so $29, let me know, thanks! 😊
allyhatanaka@tweezer no worries (: i'm following you so I'll definitely keep looking at your closet. Thanks!
thanhie@vivacouture Thank you for another Host Pick for the "Fall Preview" party! 😊
thanhie@anna13morgan @specialk104 Thank you! Always exciting to have a Host Pick! 😊
valscloset@juliemanley Hi Julie! I'm wondering about the status of the shoes. USPS tracking is showing that they left notice for you to pick the shoes up on February 25th. I'm just curious if you're aware of that or if you've already picked them up. Thank you.
juliemanleyGot them. Thanks
smailebaby@tbrackens4 hi, thanks for your purchase ill send it out on Monday!!
smailebaby@tbrackens4 Thanks again for the purchase, I shipped it out yesterday. I hope you enjoy them! Please give me feedback once you receive the items so I can better assist you in the near future! :)
ccat777Yes I responded same day via my I phone. Not sure why you didn't get it. So just to clarify... Same bundle size medium. Let me know if all is ok now, thank you
khey@ccat777 i can't verify until boutique opens tomorrow as we work off site for attending Poshmark inquiries on creating bundle; other than that all concerns, requests or changes goes to boutique via email. so if you emailed them today or yesterday, someone should get back to you tomorrow
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