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Pretty & Fun Party

smailebaby@jojo12 YEY, I am glad you LIKE and received the items with no problems!! Have a great WEEKEND!!
jojo12Yes! Thanks. You too!!!🌸
betzlni@anj39 thank you for the lip gloss!! I just took the other shoe out of the box and saw it!! 💗💗
anj39@betzlni Hahahaha! Ur welcome honey!!! <3 Merry Christmas!! ⛄💕
talistoreThanks for all of the shares on this!
talistoreI'm not sure if I should tag people when I say thank you or not. I'd be tagging people all day.
styleluxe4less@zebrachic70 Yay, Kimberly! Glad you like it. I was rushing to get it to you before I left for NY!
zebrachic70@styleluxe4less Your the Best! Have a great time, stay healthy! :-))
jaynness@zoe_bella very good thing you didn't.(: Okay, thanks so much for all your interest!(:
jaynness@rae0004 thanks, I'll be shipping either tomorrow evening or Friday afternoon.(:
lynntranThank you so much for all your time Mery Christmas to u
minagerie@lynntran I just shipped out. They said around Thursday next week you should receive it.
talistore@kimbereid I was having a sale a month ago and a few items were temporarily $12. If you're interested in the pants shoes bundle, I can discount it for you.
kimbereidI'm interested. :)
klynn@miss_meygan still interested, give me 10 minutes. I'll see if I can use a different card, I'll call them. Pls be on stand by
rummageclothing@itzalhe I'm so sorry. I checked inventory this morning and we sold It at Our store. i apologize for the inconvenience I can give you 15% off anything else you want to buy. I've refunded the money to you already.
itzalheOk, thank you ! No problem ! I let you know.
khey@marie1513 this is pink, I just tagged you on the other one a minute ago.
marie1513Thanks! This is a really cute purse
zoeybitIs $50 the lowest you can go?
dayz3@zoeybit 🌀Yes... I will only get $40 which is far less than my wholesale and $100 off my regular retail. It's a great deal..
sparty75006Thanks!!! I will follow you🎉🎉🎉🍀🍀🍀
peavega@sparty75006 ☺️hi! Do you plan to resell this top? I am so in love with it, I'd totally take it off your hands! 💰
carolag@lisacicero hello have you received the blouse yet?? I haven't hear from You!!!
tastebluebookThank you so much for the follow! I've been here just two weeks now and am just getting the hang of things. I appreciate you! If you see anything in my closet you like, or think your followers might, please feel free to share! 😊
layla1975Hi! Omg....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sandals! They got here super fast & it was absolutely a pleasure to deal with you! I will be watching your other things in your closet. THANK YOU SO MUCH 😃
minagerie@layla1975 Oh you're welcome. I'm glad you're happy with them❤ Thank you for ur purchase again😊
cmbl1212These are sexy!! Lol I love them! :-) when i get paid!! if there still here I maybe Interested :-)
janesuthAnd these
sgp@_legend how long is the skirt? How tall are you?
_legend@sgp I'm 5'10". I can measure it when I'm back home.
blueeyedaisy3@sherenem I would be happy to make you a bundle an give you a great discount 😄
lauriecavalierJust received these and they are in excellent condition and fit great! Thanks!!
erikamartinez@sbr hi sorry not trading at the moment 😔 But you have an awesome closet just too small in size for me 😁thanks for all the shares 👍
erikamartinez@macfey interested? Make an offer 😉
amorris619i really like but does it run small?
pomona@amorris619 it's pretty true to size. The bust area is loose and can be adjusted by tying or cinching it together
legally_blonde@jennylynn84 okay I will create ur bundle now ;) I will tag you in a minute!
legally_blonde@jennylynn84 if you're comfortable (totally your choice) I can offer you $65 through pay pal then you would pay shipping through here! Let me know if that appeals to you
mf_beauty_space@bkbki3 hi dear, in sorry for deal, finally upload some new photos. >_<
mf_beauty_space@britunia hi dear, interested? I do bundle, please feel free ask if any question. 😊
rummageclothing@hilleliza hi. I believe they are faux leather sole and straps. And I wore it a handful of times
hillelizaAh, okay. I thought they were leather. Ah well. Thanks for letting me know!
watersWill you hold bag in your hand/ up against your body?( Sizing)
brooke0502This is cute I have the skirt that matches this pattern!
_legend@raerae3 How about this?
raerae3Sorry. I actually used to have this same dress. Good taste ;)
minagerie@shmadrienne I'm out of town right now but I can measure the insole for you when I get back on the 27th.
minagerie@kathyym Thank you! Would you like for me to bundle your 2 likes?
trendyfashion@guatelinda Prices listed are firm. However, there is a 20% FLASH SALE currently on all closet items until 9pm. Poshmarkers usually browse closets to see if there is more than one item in a particular closet they are interested in & request a 'bundle' to save on shipping. I usually offer FREE shipping. &/or discounts on bundle purchases. If u see anything else in my closet that you are interested in, like it, let me know & I can put a bundle deal together for u. You can also read the Poshmark Help Hints to get a bit more info about Policies, etc. Hope this helped!
guatelindaThanks so much for the information I will see I like something else and let you know thanks again :)
pinknovember@mack10988 I'm out of town working, please include rm# 104 when you ship... Thanks do much! BTW I ❤ your closet 😉
mack10988@pinknovember ok, no problem! And thanks!! 😘
pomona@lnikodym ok I. An do $30 for you. Will reserve it by tomorrow so please let me know if youre still interested!
pomona@lnikodym still interested?
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