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Girly Girl Party

lavishlookHey hun! You have the cutest closet! Go check out my closet with lots of great items! Everything must go for bill & food money! & just got scammed out of a lot of items & money :( Hopefully I wasn't a bother to you! I'm sorry! Have a great day! & thank you for your time! <3
twee@bell314 Hi, can u load up a pic of the scratches please. Thanks!
jmdeloWould you be interested in trading these for a pair of tall frye 6.5 boots in excellent condition?
rainelove@nahame88 hi I'm not sure if you hit your delivered button by accident but I just shipped out your package this morning. It couldn't be possible u received it already lol. But it's on it's way!
nahame88Yes I did! Thank you very much hun:)
urwish@meligonz89 hi! Thanks for the like!😘 Let me know if you have any questions.
urwish@kcoakley27 thanks for your purchase!😊
eleyel@shopcat hi! Would you bundle this for $30 with the black leather sash (the one from a coat?). Thanks!
shopcat@eleyel sure :) I'll update the listing for you now
lindsycarranzaOpps fat=got I mean. Darn typos
rosieb4@lindsycarranza lol I know what you mean sometimes this phone just won't let you type the right things
ireland75@meno2263 Kelly, from seam to seam across the bust is 19", I can still fit into it but the girls don't have much room! :-) You'd look beautiful in this!
ireland75@meno2263 Thank for purchasing this sweet frilly top! I hope you love it as much as I do! Watch for your pink polka dot package in the mail, I dropped it of today at the post office!
ssoto9549@tirrell2012 yes! I do apologize for the delay!! It was shipped yesterday.
tirrell2012Ok sounds great!! Thank you!!
girlsfish2@randilyn...I am ready whenever you are...just lmk...thx Lynn
randilyn@girlsfish2 I'll create the listing now and tag you! I'm so sad though, I'm at work and left my iPad at home. I took photos of the package for the new listing and all! haha 💋
ajseattle@jonari I dropped your package in the mail ~ enjoy! Thank you for purchasing:)
jonariThanks so much! ;)
beckah81@denitiajaleel thank you I will make sure I ship thing In the morning . 💁
denitiajaleelAwesome! She's gonna love them.
ashleighh07Take more pictures please?(:
luxedesignz@ashleighh07 I'm in Las Vegas right now but I will post more pics when I get back on Monday! :)
silvahhhShared! Love you closet and thanks again for the Host Pick!! You are too great. Hope you are enjoying your vacation!
brandie27021Shared @tinalalinaa love your closet 💕
gto@courtneybmw yes I have changed the price😉let me know if you like any think els I can bundle it for you😊
gto@courtneybmw are u going to get this? Please let me know...
whitneykristena@princess516 Cinderella shirt is also brand new I have no money except for shipping :/ so I can't pay the difference. It's alright though if you don't want to trade for that. I probably won't be able to trade
princess516@whitneykristena this top priced was originally $15 and i had this reduced it to $12. It wouldnt be an even trade. Ill be back to purchase the princess top if its still there. Thanks anyways:)
melaniegoioGot my little dress today 💜 And I love it 💜 So so cute 💜💜💜
awhip2@melaniegoio oh I'm so glad you like it! Enjoy😀💕
delaware32@hflack01 Hi! The top itself is 100% cotton-soft with some stretch. The draping around the neckline is 100% rayon. The top is machine washable. The removable brooch at the top is a goldtone metal with faux pearls-really cute. The top was made in the USA (always a plus!) Hope this helps. 🌻
delaware32@emarkham Hi! Just saw your post that you're looking for Anthropologie items. Thought you might like this item. ☺
nclecrrlsLowest I can go is $50.00 only wore these 1x. Let me know if you are interested still
luxedesignz@krysta47 hi there! I've never worn it so I am unsure; I will try on & let u know!
luxedesignz@jbpatton hi there! So sorry I never saw your offer! I will accept that but offer has expired! I can change price or you can re-offer, thanks!
divamore@jglam lemme know if you wanna sell 👌❤
jglam@divamore Thank you for showing interest💝You're correct, this bag is not for sale at this time💝and sorry for getting back to you now, there seem to have been a messaging delay of sort.😁If and when we do decide to sell, you'll be one of the first to know.👍
katyeng731@jglam awesome! Thanks hun!!!
jglam@katyeng731 you are so welcome -- happy to see these babies go to a good home! :) thank you much and I will ship these out first thing Monday! xoxo
calliebmoserLet me know if y'all are interested!!!! Willing to negotiate a little!
tawnyarachelle@kidkutter it hits me just above knee as shown in pics and I'm close to 5'9. I can measure if you'd like - would you like entire length of dress?
kidkutterNo I'm 5,9 also!
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