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Desk Job To Date Night Party


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hanecc"@carolag". Thank you for sharing my listings!!
carolagYou are welcome!😉
angie608Nice necklace.
hanecc"@kleo48309" Thank you for your purchase. Just wanted to touch base and let you know I will mail out this week, probably after Wednesday if that's ok. Thank you!
hanecc@melyfloyd. Hi. Thanks for ur purchase. I just wanted to touch base with u and let u know I will have ur shaw mailed by Wednesday of this week. Thank you
hanecc@melyfloyd. Hi, did u receive the shaw yet?
hanecc"@laylatink". Thanks for liking my jewelry. Let me know if you would like a bundle discounted price on it :). Thanks!
hanecc@jenijenisand thanks for the purchase! I'll get it out to u ASAP. I've gotta work the next 6 days but im going to try to squeeze the post office in there somewhere, lol. Thanks again!!!
jenijenisandGreat! I'm excited to get it!
kenedayvonne@hanecc thank you so much for the input. :) I will be seeing my beautiful coat soon. :)
hanecc@kenedayvonne Thanks! I'll get it in the mail tomorrow :)
ally_foster@hanecc yeah but when I canceled it, it refunded you back the money!!!
hanecc@ally_foster Lol, ok....took me a minute. Let me look at it...if still available I'll reorder.
hanecc@lace1130 Thank you for your purchase. I'll mail it to you this week :)
lace1130Awesome...thank you!
ayanary@hanecc hi Hun just got my bundles , I love every thing , thank you .!
hanecc"@ayanary". Yay! Great, thank you
twenty47sugarI would but I have to wait 2 weeks to purchase so if they are still available in 2 weeks ill message you and see if you can bundle them for me...how much will the bundle be?
trendyfashion@twenty47sugar Sounds good to me!
megsclosetPurchased😊 let me know when on its way
megsclosetThank you got it today😊👌
skinkin23@troe sounds great! Ill take them both...just let me know when they are bundled and then ill purchase them! Thanks!!
troe@skinkin23 here ya go hun sry for the delay I was in class
troe@jdurb I did that sale last week but I can do $25 no biggy k
jdurb@troe thanks!
laurenkendyStill have this and what's the lowest?
mochicI especially would like this one!
troe@hawkins26 yes mam will send to ya today :)
msthingForgive me for not getting back my bag
luxelor@jessiebear316 hi there! I liked your crochet-trim shorts, want to trade both eyeliners for them? let me know thanks :)
sharongcrnMed is ok for the lace cardi alsp the bronze bag. It would be nice if u could bundle the 3 items
troe@danniellevrk want to bundle ur likes ?
reginakarmaDo you mind me asking the brand of this shirt? Thanks.
valenciagirl66Would you have it again?
troe@pim they have a little toe room to spare because of the style but are btwn a 8.5-9
troe@cnbillman here ya go Hun
6420stacey@steffm23 They're both under the shoe listing! Price is changed on that one!
6420stacey@steffm23 I didn't add a shirt pic under that post - accidentaly deleted a bunch of photos on my phone, but I did note shoes and blouse under description!
kelbellaThanks for the quick service Hun can't wait to get these!
thesexyknitter@kelbella My pleasure. Enjoy!
yogajlcAny opportunity for trades Im still posting ...
troe@yogajlc sry Hun this item is sold and I'm trying to make some money for Christmas I need to make some so I can get my son and husband at least something small lmk if ur interested in anything I would be happy to bundle u a great deal
mf_beauty_space@roseangelica thanks for offer! it is already sale price, but I can do 18 if bundle with other item. 😃
mf_beauty_space@kkemp17 hi dear, interesting? 😊
smailebaby@lauren_taylor hi, thanks for stopping by... This salmon dress is SOLD OUT!! But, I still have the cream military jacket in large and xlarge LMK if you are interested!! I have a Halloween sale going on BOGO half off till 10/31 midnight!!
lauren_taylorAh nah, I just love the dress!!
trendyfashion@madcasandra Hi there & welcome! Are u interested in a bundle of ur likes?
trendyfashion@sommer83 Hi there! 20% off today! Intetested?
kaykay@afulwo01 @van85 Any one of you ladies interested?
kaykayThanks for sharing @ricdian!
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