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Sugar & Spice Party

hanecc@lace1130 Thank you for your purchase. I'll mail it to you this week :)
lace1130Awesome...thank you!
hanecc@jenijenisand thanks for the purchase! I'll get it out to u ASAP. I've gotta work the next 6 days but im going to try to squeeze the post office in there somewhere, lol. Thanks again!!!
jenijenisandGreat! I'm excited to get it!
hanecc@melyfloyd. Hi. Thanks for ur purchase. I just wanted to touch base with u and let u know I will have ur shaw mailed by Wednesday of this week. Thank you
hanecc@melyfloyd. Hi, did u receive the shaw yet?
hanecc"@ozuna". Let me think on it...$20 less than asking for all, plus posh takes 20%. I'll let u know tho, thanks!
gail71144I need some silver for my collection. I alway wear gold, so when I seem this bundle I just went ahead and purchased it for price you wanted plus shipping. I hope I did get anyone upset but it is well worth the price you ask. Have a great day! Gail
gordomom@krishosman Hi Kris, when you have a chance, would you please accept the delivery of the Slingdoodle? Thanks!
gordomom@krishosman thank you for accepting the delivery! Hope you're enjoying the lovely bag!! ☀
nipainumucHey I just listed some Burberry bags. Let me know if u r interested. Thanks
nipainumucHey I have added a Ton of things in my closet. Check it out and let me know if anything interests u. Thanks!
qiuyeeHi! :) I received the package and everything is AH-MAY-ZING! I love the fit of the shirts! Thanks so much! I will definitely be shopping here again! ^^
smailebaby@qiuyee YEY I am happy everything went well and you received and like your items!! ENJOY and have a good weekend!!
kjacob2002Lower price now and done deal
eshopper21@kjacob2002 hello! I can reduce the price for both tops to $35. That takes care of your shipping cost and more. 😉 Let me know if we have a deal and I'll change the price for the bundle.
jbrown13@leesaash Thanks for liking this zebra print pouch. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! ;-)
jbrown13@leesaash Thanks for your purchase! I'll get this pouch packaged up and shipped out to you soon! Our local Post office closes at 12:00 on Saturdays, so it's already closed for today, but I'll get this out to you first thing Monday morning! ;-)
kandice_brennerSorry for the wait I had to change my payment. One sec and it will be purchased. Please reserve it for me.
hershey@kandice_brenner thank you so much! Until next time ma'am! 😊
lilfoxxyJust released the transaction to u:) Just came home to find my shoes waiting for me on the porch! Great transaction! Great seller! Def would buy from again😊😊😊 Thanks Again!
laurenm44@lilfoxxy Great! I'm so glad you love them! Can't wait to make another deal with you :)
tkerriBeautiful top! Thanks!
pookiebeau@tkerri Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it😊 if you could please feel free to leave a comment on tour experience with me on my feedback listing. Thanks again!
exygirlAwesome! Thank you so much! Thanks for the discount. I appreciate it! 😍
caricole@exygirl Your Welcome 😄
nancy5688@cocong Your right about Salvation Army then they up the prices way to high. I thought its a place that are suppose to help the needy seems to me like they are trying to get rich off selling things at double the price. That's what kills me. I actually found a lot of stuff in those stores that other stores donate and the store price is cheaper? I don't get it. I go to the good will also its the same thing with their pricing. I go to them to look for clothing for people,friends and family that are in need. So I don't mind at all if you want to send any old clothing you have and don't want anymore. 😊 I enjoy helping others. I love to see the joy it brings to them, knowing someone actually cares about them.
skyry@thanhie I know this was sold but if u have any more dresses like this or anymore halter tops like ur black one please let me know
4sq@thanhie this is the one I missed - she has it listed in her closet for much more
mfesigWhat price can u give me for this shirt and the brown dress and the teal blue jogging pants?
thecute1@mfesig the total comes to $38...how does $33 sound? 😉
pookiebeau@kahlubear Sorry Hun, that's why I try to get people to buy what they like when they like it, they can be there one day gone the next!
valscloset@jamief1970 Yes, they're still available.
valsclosetJust a note to everyone, these shoes are available unless it says Reserved in the title or they're marked as sold. My apologies for any confusion!
jbrown13@bcflowers Thank you so much for your purchase. 👠 I'll get those packed up tonight and shipped out to you tomorrow. ;-)
bcflowersYay me! Thank you.
kelsb1230The second hand stops and it doesn't work
laurenm44@kelsb1230 😳 I am so so sorry! I should've looked at it before I packaged it up! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you aside from what pm is doing to take care of it! Again, my apologies :(
surferchic@roadtovegan Oh my goodness, you have completely impressed me again! Not only the speedy shipping but you remembered something I forgot about. I snatched up this skirt so fast I didn't even see who was selling it until after I paid...lol.. Then I remembered the ring...doh! But you're so sweet and generous you gave it to me! Such a lovely surprise! Thank you!
roadtovegan@surferchic yay! So glad it got there so fast and happy you're happy! :) enjoy those amazing treasures! :)
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