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Stefanie's Closet


rubysbeautyCongrats on your Glitz and Glam Party host pick 11/6/14!
leliluvCongratulations on your Host Pick! Well deserved!!
thestylesafari@lns295 the other side is white actually. But I don't think it will stain easily- I think it's coated?
sae7787Lovely bag..! I just saw Anna Wintour carry the same bag in a different colorway at Milan Fashion Week : )
thestylesafari@horans hi Stacey- I'm so sorry, I had to cancel your order and delete the post because when I took this dress out from storage it had little marks all over the front of it. I don't want to send anything faulty so I apologize!!
horans@thestylesafari no worries hun, thank you for your honesty!!
thestylesafari@sandynguyen627 I'm sorry I just realized I missed your message. I changed the price if you are still interested!
smallwonder2003Can you hold this for me I am waiting on my funds to be release...should be Thursday....please I love this dress.
cindygadsOkay posh said they cannot do the refund because it's past the 72 hour window ): would you be willing to purchase the item back if I listed for $18?
thestylesafari@cindygads if you want me to, sure- but it seems that you would lose much more money that way than if you just washed it to see if the stain comes out. Even a dry cleaner would be cheaper, right?
thestylesafari@margozoeller packaged and shipped! I apologize about the packaging though- I forgot tape!
margozoellerNo your fine thanks for working with the price!
mariagonzales@thestylesafari only until today when I get settled into work :) just made it a host pick and didn't want anyone to snag it up before myself (^_^)
thestylesafari@mariagonzales ok no problem! It's held!
mslucy12Hi I received an email stating that the package was forwarded because the address was incorrect on the label I will wait a day to see if I receive it or not if not will have to cancel it cause I don't see how the address was incorrect if the label was printed out
mslucy12Ok thank god I got the pants today & I love them thank you for being an honest posher they're in perfect condition as listed & your payment has been released
thestylesafari@tlhartley just sent your shoes, but I apologize for the way it's packaged. I ran out of packing tape so had to get creative!
sanfranstyleYou have a beautiful closet! Will you please follow me too? I am following you and will continue to share! Happy Poshing!
pinky44@thestylesafari, Im A HUGE Rachael Zoe Fan, you have her style, love it@
whittyb958Love!!!! And what a cute combo with that skirt! Too small for me but I'll share!
tbenton183Oh not a problem! Enjoy your weekend! šŸ˜
tbenton183@thestylesafari thank you for the shoes!! Their very cute! Fast delivery too! šŸŽ€
thestylesafari@cusebasketball what else are you interested in?
cusebasketball@thestylesafari love your closet šŸ’• but just getting this one for now. Thanks!
feather88@thestylesafari hey there- were you able to ship this out yet? I can't wait to wear it! :)
thestylesafari@feather88 yes- shipped out this morning! Again, so sorry for the delay!
anathaly18Hi, I received the pants. They're cute but not a silky material at all, it has more of a feel of cotton pajama pants...
peaceandlove111@thestylesafari I see the sweater sold can you tell me what brand it was so I can try and find it. Thanks
thestylesafari@peaceandlove111 im sorry it was a gift! I dot know the brand :(
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