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Girly Girl Party

aconstI really like this scarf will u accept $18?
annaisaacsY'all still have this?
troe@lotusrose Hi hun ☺thanks so much for the like just lmk if ur interested or would like to bundle 🌺
troe@haileyjayyy want to bundle ur likes :)
stephaniebandySorry, I've been really busy with work today. Yes I do want to bundle!!! :)
troe@stephaniebandy here ya go got everything set up for ya :)
troe@erinn want to bundle ur likes? Tonight is the last chance for the buy 2 get 1 free
erinnHi! thanks, I'm brand new @ this... trying to figure it out! didn't wanna pass this one up, if it doesn't fit I can always sell it : )
gordomom@judicutie Thank you very much for your purchase! I just dropped it off at the PO so hopefully they will be delivered on Friday or Saturday. 💝
gordomom@judicutie Thank you for accepting the delivery! How do you like the shoes? 💝
danie8280Can you put up a few more pics? No dirt etc is there? Thanks
danie8280@justiceaegis these are very cute!
royaCan i buy them for $5?
jessicayflores@roya As it states in the title, these earring have been sold. Perhaps something else in my closet may interest you.
melle@alicia84 - thank you for your purchase. I've dropped this off at the post office so it's on it's way to you. I hope you love it :)
melle@alicia84 - I see this delivered, could you please mark it as delivered on this app? That would be great! Ty :)
eedeeslove18@ooofah1 I'm only selling the cross bracelet. 😊
eedeeslove18@ldub311 this item is back in stock... If you're interested! 😉
sbr@melle thanks!
melle@sbr - no prob hun! I'll ship tomorrow because I sprained my ankle and could use my hubby's help to get it done :)
tmai1@brit_tany3 yes I am! Sorry. Can you change the price to $14 and I'll pay in the morning. Please. So sorry about the delay.
brit_tany3@tmai1 no problem! It's ready for u when you are
swt@lmwest so let me know if ur interested prices are negotiable when bundled 😉
twins1Hi is this stretchy?
jessicayfloresHey there @wowwildfox ! Interested? I offer bundle discounts if you buy more then 1 item from my closet (not to mention you only pay for shipping once).
jessicayfloresHey there @linzluvslabels ! Interested? I offer bundle discounts if you buy more then 1 item from my closet (not to mention you only pay for shipping once).
styleluxe4less@jerseygirl67 This is going on in tomorrow's mail!
jerseygirl67Thanks so much! My daughter loves it, and needs tops to go on interviews and such. She will love it.
melle@arletofs - sorry hun didn't see anything I need
ashleyflugCute shoes! To bad I have big feet! I have to ask what kind of dog you have and how old it is! So adorable. I want one!
silvahhhShared! Love you closet and thanks again for the Host Pick!! You are too great. Hope you are enjoying your vacation!
brandie27021Shared @tinalalinaa love your closet 💕
mf_beauty_space@aznmouse hi dear, interested? I can bundle items and ave your shipping cost 😊
jencarpio858The motif of this top reminds me of the Korean drama I'm currently watching. Edgy, rocker, and chic all rolled into one.
luxelor@mrs_segerrrr thx! whereabouts are you? shipping for me on this would prob just be a couple bucks since it's so light, and you can prob use a flat rate box actually.. I'm in philly :)
eedeeslove18@zaphara18 thanks for the like! Interested? I can bundle this and the ring you liked! Both or $20! Let me know! 😉
andypandy22still for sale?
melle@jamiehaag - hey no worries! I'm glad you found what you were looking for
hannahjayy22You have a FABULOUS closet! Keep up the great work! Happy poshing💋
styleluxe4less@valzey Hi Valerie! So glad you love your stuff! You should see the refund tomorrow. I actually complicated the process. :( I had cancelled the pink skirt order fine. BUT, then I accidentally used that shipping label instead of the one for the ring, so it put the order back through. I sent them an email explaining my mistake, and I expect to hear back from them tomorrow. PS- I'm glad you got the shipment so fast, too!
valzey@styleluxe4less yeah me too it was super fast. Ok robin Ty sounds good. Have a great nite
luxelor@greenshoes0 hehee :) I love those pink shoes!! used to wear to work, they pair well with any neutrals, or any other almost-pastel colors :)
luxelor@greenshoes0 just tagged you in a bunch of things that will prob fit you that I think you might like :)
manymurraysCute closet!!! I just wanted to say thanks for following! 😘 Interested in anything? Make an offer or check out the rest of my closet & bundle with a big discount! 🎀👠👗🎀 Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again!
tastebluebookThanks so much for the follow lady! I'm in my first month here and finally getting the swing of things...I appreciate you! If you see anything you like, or think your followers might, please feel free to share! 😊
bbryantI received them today and I do love them. Fit and look great. Thanks!
melle@bbryant - oh yayyy! Thanks so much for letting me know hun. I'm so glad they'll be used 😊
eedeeslove18@gail71144 if u want to add this one I will give bundle it at $65.
gail71144It is a beautiful set but not something I will were. Very nice vintage item
swt@poohvolent thanks for all ur likes let me know if ur interested n bundling all ur likes 😉
swt@nikki2183 thank u for ur like let me know if ur interested all my prices are negotiable 😉
leann4194@susie26 ok sure thing, as you can see I'm already picking out what my next bundle might look like! I'll let ya know when my funds are replenished 😉
susie26@leann4194 lol I know!!!
cutiepie2001@pnaifr3nz3 I am using neighbors deco den is ur profile pic u
mashhadd@pnaifr3nz3 Hi can you email me some pics from inside your MK that i like and do you except other payment ?
dramaless👏👏👏Congrats on your Awesome HP!🍷🎉👍😘💃💟👯🌻💖
amandajean4589🎉Congratulations on the perfect girly girl Host Pick🎀
styleluxe4less@slrice23 Thanks for your purchase! Let me know if you want to pair something else from my closet, and I'll give you a discount!
styleluxe4less@slrice23 Hi Stephanie! Let me know what you want to do about the ring you purchased. I left the details for adding the other rings on the listing of the ring you liked. Otherwise, I want to get this one ring out to you! I'm happy to do whatever, but just let me know what you want to do. Thanks, and Happy New Year!
jbrown13@cam1212 Good Morning! 😃 Thank you for the purchase. This is a gorgeous coat. Stains should come out at the dry cleaners. I'll get this packed up today and shipped out to you tomorrow.
jbrown13@cam1212 Your jacket is on its way. 😃 I mailed it earlier today. 👍
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