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Weekend Favorites Party

janice829@alison71 hey thanks for the like ill accept any offer basically for this it's in brand new condition too I just never wear😃
janice829@ladybugger1965 u want everything u liked for 20?😀
troe@maddynoel here ya go I will Chang the other posts to sold after class
maddynoelThank you 😊😊😊😊😊
troe@dezi12 I will put them in when I ship out thanks for ur purchase :)
dezi12Great!!! Thanks!!!!! Xo
troe@azeneth everything is buy one get one half off thru Friday at midnight lmk if ur interested
troe@kkelley ready when u r :)
troe@stealthina hey hun it's not a tight top so the small would fit a medium lmk if ur interested
redfemaleWish this was in my size
troe@bjhaney I'm sry love ur more then welcome to re sell it if u don't like it
troe@pipud 😄hi there!! Thanks so much for the like! 💝I am having a buy one get one half off sale right now lmk if you are interested in anything 🎉this dress is for sale from the girl who bought it off me the color was to dark on her here is her closet if u want to check it out @bjhaney
laurabare@mytrinkettes..... I think it's so cute, and pink is my favorite color!..........
laurabare@mytrinkettes .... Is this still available (in pink )??
mwalkerfloodSorry my phone is being crazy. Lol the last part was a text I sent early. Lol.
mytrinkettes@mwalkerflood lol! no problem and thanks for shopping with us!! :)
tannercCan also wear a 7 1/2
kzattoWhat is the smallest size that u have in yr shoes? Cause I'm wear 4.5...some brands 5 :/
krzobelSorry took so long! The dress is great! Thank you :)
roadtovegan@krzobel great!! Glad you're enjoying it!! :)
minagerieAwesome! Thank you!
alexflowerz@minagerie you're very welcome! I'll ship it out tonight :)
annabellev@aleahlynn bundled for you here under this listing :)
annabellev@aleahlynn I have someone else interested in the AA skirt, pls lmk if or when you will purchase the bundle or if I should let the other person buy it. Thx!
jakey61712Trade for earrings you like and something else if mine
chainsawrascle@cmbrown1115 Interested?? Price is super negotiable! :)
chicandfrugal@specter1270 @gonzalito hi girls! Thanks for the like! Just wanted to let you know this item has been reduced and I'm offering 15% off all bundles bought tonight. I'm shipping orders tomorrow morning. Let me know if you're interested and ill make you a listing!
neyy_89@daniella your welcome & thank you for your purchase ! Shipping out tomorrow
kellyd5Such a cute top!!!
nkinseyLove the shirt!!! Thank you do much! 😊😘
jmislang@nkinsey enjoy hun! 😃
robin396Do you trade?
chainsawrascle@robin396 I'm sorry but I'm only looking to get rid of clothes at this time! Make an offer! Ill take anything!
debbbbbbsssHello will you please share some of my items? Thank you and have a great night
chainsawrascle@emleopardi Hello 😊 are you interested?? The design is absolutely gorgeous! ✨ Make an offer! 😋
mmangosimoneethis is cute! can you give me a good price ?
kaiiileee@mmangosimonee you commented on lots items, did you want all the ones you commented and I kinda updated all so they're all on top in my closet list. If you would take all the items you were interested, I can do the best is 15 dollars off. Poshmark takes 20% so that's the most I could do :)
jmislang@ka251 ur welcome! i will ship tmrw!
ka251Can't wait!!! Lol!! Thanks!
chainsawrascle@cristys Hi :) interested? Price is negotiable ;)
chainsawrascle@kutterbest Interested in any of your likes?? I offer discounts with bundles! 😊
dkjewelryI just bought it. Thank u very much.
roadtovegan@dkjewelry you're welcome and thank you! I'll sen it out Monday! :)
kaylyndawkinsWould you be able to do $12? I can buy it for 12 right now w/ the shipping ☺
mf_beauty_space@kaylyndawkins just update price👆😊
kmanconaJust got the shirt and shoes! LOVE THEM!!! Thanks!!!!
sammmmmy@kmancona I'm so glad you like your stuff!!!😃😃😃
katrae12We can go ahead and do 2 the same color, 2 are for my daughters and they need to be different colors the other for my daughter in law.
mytrinkettes@katrae12 ok sounds good! So 3 of these coin purses and 2 animal notebooks correct? Is there anything else you want to bundle it with? :)
alexflowerz@geminigreygoose let me know if you're still interested and I can change the price for you.
alexflowerz@geminigreygoose just did. It's ready for you :)
chainsawrascle@lajon Oh I'm sorry 😔 what is your size?? I might have something I could list 😉
lajon@chainsawrascle just looking right now😊
smartshopperldyVery cool! What kind of condition are these in? 😊
clearingout@smartshopperldy there are no major marks or scuffs. Worn a hand full of times.
kaiiileee@elai thanks you're awesome!
elaiIm looking ur closet right now
mf_beauty_space@tayswiftfan23 we might not able to get the size L in same style, but will keep tag you if we get similar item in L. 😊
mf_beauty_space@jennks hi dear, have you got the skirt yet? I sent it out on Monday 1/7. 😊
klasleySounds good, sorry it took me so long to respond. Let me know when it's ready! Thank You
shopaholic1@klasley here is the first
handanpalI may be. I'm very small (and in the chest) so do you think it would work.
zozo1202accept cash?
chicandfrugal@yuyi - changed for you! Please purchase today. Today is the last day I'm shipping until after Thanksgiving. Thanks!
yuyiOkay :)
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