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Endless Summer Party


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jerlisaAre you planning to order more?
mytrinkettes@jerlisa we probably will but it wont be for several months :( were you still interested in the other items?
mytrinkettes@littleleah13 thank for letting us know and I'm sorry again. We usually inspect each piece but the necklace may have just been loose. I'm not sure what the next process is but if everything is good on ur end then I'm glad. Let me know if u have any other questions and thank you again! :)
littleleah13@mytrinkettes nope, I love everything :) thanks :)
melle@bearbot - thanks for the shares hun
jacquelynramcheck out my account really trying to get ride of everything out of my closet (I only post the things in great shape)
swissmistressCongratulations on your Classic Chic HP!! 👏🎉💕👏🎉💕👏🎉💕👏🎉💕
kyliebriennA girl must be two things: Classy and Fabulous! –Coco Chanel ~ Congrats on your Host Pick last night! Time to celebrate! Xo
jay_xo@l4uryl $12 is the lowest because I have already reduced them
cabogirl@alm0414, thanks for the shares😉
cabogirl@lora22y, Thanks for sharing but it was sold, Lol😄
myrioPlease let me know if and when you receive the package back. I would still like to purchase these items if you are going to sell them again. Thanks
kates0441@myrio . I hope I get them back as well. :/. My post office is moving locations and I think they are loosing my items. I have other people who haven't received there's as well.
styleluxe4less@dollslife Yay, Doll! So happy you're so happy! :) Come back to my closet and do somemore shopping soon! PS - I just decided to list a green Izod Lacoste green sweater. I'll tag you when I list it.
motastiicCongratulations on your super CHIC host pick tonight💕
kyliebriennA girl must be two things: Classy and Fabulous! –Coco Chanel ~ Congrats on your Host Pick last night! Time to celebrate! Xo
kates0441Would you take 5 for it?
myfashionjuice@kates0441 ok. Changed the price for you :)
tanitabonitaCan u post a back picture?
anaceja33@tanitabonita I added a picture of the back of the skirt.
mrsschoonoverWow! I would have killed for the nyx bronzer!
leahisloyal@ladyrobledo hey girl shipped it yesterday made sure everything was careful wrapped with lots of bubble wrap 😊 hope you enjoy! Please "accept" the item on Poshmark when you receive it! 💜
cabogirl@acarpenter, I see your top was delivered, I hope you like it:-)
acarpenterThank you. I love it!!!!
styleluxe4less@hilwag Yes, sure. I lower the price right now. Let me know if you want to bundle it with anything else to save on shipping. :)
wendalina61@jcb_asb I can't lower this much because I got it for 300:/ but keep it in mind if you have an events to go to. :)
jcb_asbTotally! This dress is absolutely stunning!!
troe@stealthina hey hun it's not a tight top so the small would fit a medium lmk if ur interested
redfemaleWish this was in my size
styleluxe4less@psandrew I'll look and let you know, Patty! These are great shorts! I wish they fit me, but I'm a size 4 now after the baby.
psandrew@styleluxe4less Great thanks! You'll get back down to your size! My baby is 26 and I struggle to stay at or above a size 2! 🌼
cabogirl@ladyjai, thanks for the like😉interested? I give great bundle discounts!
cabogirl@hfleenor, thanks for the like😉interested?
lgibson95Crosses forever ring, star crossed lovers rings, unicorn earrings, heart skips a beat earrings, and this ring(btw how is it "adjustable"?)
mytrinkettes@lgibson95 So i only have the unicorn earring (1 left), heart skips a beat earring (1 left), and this ring, and the star earring you were lookin at is about 1cm length. Let me know which items you're interested in and I'll calculate them, thanks!!! :D
caitlin_cataldo@armengolt87 I can do $12.00 ... And if you add another item, I'll do $10.00 and discount the second item also. :-)
caitlin_cataldo@armengolt87 Still interested?
lovedanaDo you know the original name of these?
tayy0123wish this wasnt sold 😩 lol
ahoyitsamermaid@hopper0779 Sure, I'd be happy to reserve this listing for you! Welcome to PM, btw! Payment is simple. You just select whichever credit/debit card you want to pay with just as you would on any online shopping site. After that, I would send out your order and once you receive it, that's when your payment would clear. I hope that answers your question! 😊
hopper0779You can take the reserve off, I found another bag I like and thanks so much!!
jay_xo@mellysweets interested in having the items you liked bundled? :)
jay_xo@evitadelgadillo interested in either or both of the rompers ? :)
mytrinkettes@litzybella hey! Sorry. I actually don't build websites since I'm just wayyy too busy. There are alot of easy to do websites you can try like wix.com that may make it easier for you!
tbrandt78Omg really!?? That is sooo neat!! You should be posting pics of famous people on here!! That is so cool!! 😊 You should try and get your hands on recycled famous peoples clothes and sell those too! 😃 hehe. Ok going to bed...I'll connect with you on Linkedin tomorrow...you do neat work!! GN
styleluxe4less@tbrandt78 Great ideas! I'll look for your invite on LinkedIn, Tamara.
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