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Borrowed From The Boys Party

amason@mytrinkettes do you guys have any rings that are bigger than a size 6?
mytrinkettes@amason yup! We have some. We also have rings that are adjustable as well :)
biancajett@jennyvic2010 hey sweet heart. Are you interested ? Buy these An I'll bundle with half off any other item ? :)
biancajett@mollygolner are you still wantting these love ?
mf_beauty_space@djgiles53 sure, thank you! I can bundle with my other friends closet, will you like bundle anything from their closet and save shipping fee? Please check @beauty1181 @mfbeauty
mf_beauty_space@djgiles53 thank you for the purchase! I will ship it out tomorrow!
jguest17LOVE these!! Thank you very much!
chicandfrugal@jguest17 - I'm so glad you like them!! Thanks for shopping with me!!! 😄😄
van85@alicia84 Hi 😊 interested or any questions let me know thanks
van85@lilbea thank you for your purchase will ship tomorrow
biancajett@dxresale thanks girl. These will be shipped within 1 to 3 days :) thanks for your purchase hope you enjoy :)
dxresaleThank you. I look forward to my goodies. :-)
elisaj@wilcoxa04 I want them to go to a good home! 😁 I hate seeing them hanging in my closet looking all sad 😂 haha
wilcoxa04Hahahahahaha trust me I know the feeling
van85@ are you interested in this wallet? It's free
van85@2many let me know if you have any questions thanks
mytrinkettes@colt I added a pic so u can see the backing. It's the wire kind :)
coltThanks so much ! I was hoping the we're posts and I might be able to use earring converter!!
sugarbarbie@mak0204 received these today!! They're sooooo cute!!! Thank you so much!! 💖💖💖
kezzyHey! @sugarbarbie, if you're ever thinking of letting these go, PLEASE let me know! Thanks! xx
shopkinshops@mf_beauty_space Thanks for shares, and welcome to my closet. 1 week of Poshing and I'm hooked, eager to make first sale to see how it works for Seller. Have the buying side down pat! Love your scarves ;)
mf_beauty_space@carlyb24 hi dear, interested? I have lots colors for choose 😃
angelineAwesome! I'll let u know as soon as I receive them :)
angelineThanks gurl I received the boots yesterday
lc198529R these sold I wanna know if u can hold for me till Thursday
study_break@lc198529 Yep! Ready for purchase!
chicandfrugal@traceyj - it automatically uses your redeemable funds and then it charges your card for any remaining balance
traceyj@chicandfrugal as I knew they would, jeans fit perfect! And ring is as adorable as can be😍 thank you & look forward to business in the future! Happy Plundering!😊
mf_beauty_space@maeganmae hi dear, interesting? I do bundle and save your shipping cost 😊
ziendhaThese look Hot @mf_beauty_space. I can't work with $25 though. Nice!!
kmh528Ok I'll buy thanks!
leahisloyal@kmh528 thanks so much for purchasing!! I will ship out on Wednesday at the latest! 😊
jordandoeshair@mytrinkettes how heavy are these? Also could I get a picture of them next to a quarter to see how big they are
mytrinkettes@jordandoeshair I'm on vacation now but the earrings are about 2 inches long and they're pretty light!
amonty17@mak0204 - do these have black in them or is that a dark brown? They haven't been delivered yet so just curious :)
mak0204@amonty17 dark brown... Shipped a day ago :)
terry23Do you have these in anymore colors? I would really like one in pink or baby blue! So cute for spring white pearl necklaces light colors & sunshine?
halliebear204So cuuuuuuuute!(:
van85@missjanne If you like I can take some pics from the back..so you can have a idea
van85@alexsmithblah Thank you for your purchase 🎈🎈
mytrinkettes@megkav95 I see 10 items that you liked. We ran out of the whale ring :( Can you confirm if this is correct so I can calculate it? 1. Angel Wings Earring 2. Silver Giraffe Necklace 3. Gold Elephant Necklace 4. Gold plated baby elephant earrings 5. Gold plated giraffe earrings 6. The Simple Life Card Holders (white) 7. Life Is Better with Milk Tea Journal (Blue) 8. Silver plated giraffe earrings 9. Silver plated elephant earrings 10. Kitty Kitty Cat Necklace
mytrinkettes@megkav95 I can give you all 10 items for $140 (10% discount!) all my items are brand new. :D
mytrinkettes@jayaielel starts at 2.99! :)
theindiekatCould you tell me the length of this bracelet? I suffer from tiny wrist syndrome. :P & how does it clasp?
luckyonejewelryHey doll .. do you do trades? I can't post on posh till next week when i get my iphone but check out my shop at www.etsy.com/shop/luckyonejewelry. My lines perfect for the upcoming gift giving season as well! Much respect Ash
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