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Casual Friday Party

tifmarie00Awesome!!! Can't wait thx!!!
caseilyn09@tifmarie00 I see your purchase was delivered, I hope you loveeeee your item(s)!! I now have a new feed back listing if you wouldn't mind leaving a comment there expressing your experience with the purchase and items that's be very helpful for poshers to feel comfortable purchasing from me.... But again I hope you loved your purchase!!
mytrinkettes@jilld2505 it should've been $22. Is it ok If i cancel the order and re-price it?
mytrinkettes@jilld2505 i cancelled the order and created a new listing for you. It should've been $21 instead if that's ok. Ill tag you in the other listing
bluevirgo@brucebride this is also another listing... Im sorry im not sure what you ment by matching
brucebrideDo u have like the shoe and the purse look alike is what I meant
jessicayflores@cd519 The fact that they aren't crazy CL heels (in height and structure) make them much more comfortable then most. Just know your CL size. It's also important to note that not all CL shoes are created equal - some run small/smaller than others. If you can try the shoes on before you purchase that would be great. You should maybe also discuss returns in case the shoes don't fit. I hope that helps.
hillarybrooke@caddolily hey girl, I was looking to see what louboutins are selling for on PM, & saw your screename. My fiancé & I just moved to Jefferson. So cool to see local people with great fashion sense. We are missing Austin a lot...honestly I don't think I've worn heels since we've been here. Is there anywhere to "go out?"
karenvrgasHow are you so productive in sales?
pookiebeau@karenvrgas Honestly I've been on here for over a year and compared to others who've sold hundreds of items I don't think I'm quite up to that level lol. But I've learned quite a bit, first important thing is cover shot pics! A great picture will catch people's attention. Sharing others listings is a great way to get your items seen as they share back, usually! Posting to posh parties your items fit the themes of. Good ways to start off on a good foot!
polkaparm@kupcake_121 I could bundle them for you at $33. Let me know if you'd like me to do this and reserve them.
hkxnycwhats the lowest you will go on this?
tammyk289✨💞✨Congratulations on your Party Host Pick last night‼️ I couldn't attend but it looks like the Hosts made some great Picks!✨💞✨
jessicayflores@tammyk289 Thank you! Please make my birthday extra special by voting to make me 1 of 4 Lucky Magazine's New Voices of Beauty today. Just go to the link in my profile and bite for Jessica Y. Flores. You don't have to sign in/up of anything. Takes just a few seconds. Thank you! 🙏❤️😘
llbabydoll@ I am so sorry I was out of town didn't see your message earlier yes I have the tracking number it's 9405510899359000029561
llbabydoll@steffimiesha ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆
bluevirgo@dcb pic posted! This is at the shortest length and can be adjusted to make it longer. Hope this helps!
bluevirgo@meami13 i mean bag 😊
xovickiiix3I got it!! both me and my sister loves it! Thanks!!!!
pookiebeau@xovickiiix3 Yay! So glad you both liked it 😊 Thanks again!
classicnoraHey I got the tees, but I have a problem with them.. One of them is stained and they all are covered in hair.
polkaparmWhich is stained? Can you email me a pic?
ussms1107@carolyn1972 If you have anymore jeans in a size 28 with a 36 or even a 35 inseam let me know. I am interested. 😊
carolyn1972@ussms1107 I will let you know ;-)
elizmulPerfect choice!! ♡ CONGRATS on your " GLITTER & GLAMOR" worthy Host Pick! ♡ Every girl NEEDS to shimmer and shine!! ♡
myrucca876✨Congrats on your HP✨💕
iamblessedSorry to hear that but fit great thanks
pookiebeau@iamblessed Great, I'm glad! If you wouldn't mind, could you leave a comment on my feedback post! Thanks😊
styleluxe4less@aellaraine Yes, I can do that for you! I get off work in a few hours, and will set up the bundle and tag you then.
styleluxe4less@aellaraine Here you go, Joyce! It's all ready for you.
mytrinkettes@ginger2952 we actually don't accept returns since it gets complicated with poshmarks transaction fees :( maybe u can try selling it on PM?
amyivyGot my bundle today, that was so fast! Love all of it!! Thank you!!
emsky@amyivy You're welcome! I'm glad you like it!! :)
karashawn@qt4less hey there. So I haven sent ur package yet because I've been looking high and low for the green dress and I can't seem to find it. All my things are at my moms so she might have taken it. I am so sorry. Is there something else ud like or I do have the green dress in the three other colors. Pls Lmk so I can ship out tomorrow. Very sorry.
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