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Flirty & Feminine Party

sheelagohThis is an exquisite dress @bebegirl
bebegirlI will post the perfect shoes when I get it. My Mom was an Art Major and had an eye for color. Loved to shop with Her 😊👠👗💍
mary_reid@jfonfo4 Great thanks! I don't think there's mail tomorrow but it's all ready to go. Happy 2014 and I hope to see pics when you wear it!! ;)
jfonfo4There's no rush. Whenever you get the chance. I'll def post some pics. Thank you again!!!! I can't wait!!
janicegwCongratulations on your Host Pick tonight!🎁
pamelam👏👏👏💥💥💥Yippee!!!! Congratulations on Host Pick!!💥💥💥👏👏👏
alagaceLove this!!! I hope u get more!! I want one!! 😊
mytrinkettes@alagace I do have more! I can create a listing for you now I'd you'd like :)
kianalbthanx. I'll be shopping with u again ! take care.
mytrinkettes@kianalb thanks so much! You too :)
marypalI just purchased these shoes I need a 5 1/2
khey@marypal we'll have to cancel your order, could you please email gift_finder07@yahoo.com. Thanks
patkelleyThank you, too!
gordomom@patkelley - Hi Pat, just wanted to check to see if you have received the necklaces and that they were not damaged along the way. Thanks!! 😃
mf_beauty_space@cpaz12ch sorry, we don't do trades 😊 the items are brand new for sale here.
mf_beauty_space@tess13sanko hi dear, interesting? I can bundle items and save your shipping cost. 😃
kimcornetteHey , hope had a great weekend. I received my sweater and shirt today I love them . Thanks so much. And I will be shopping with u again.
melle@kimcornette - oh yayy! I'm so glad... It makes my day to know you liked them.. Thanks for letting me know ❤
amysolchWhat size do u think is the biggest chest size that could wear this?
mf_beauty_space@amysolch it is a cape, no sleeve, 1 size fits all, so it could fit mostly from size S to L 😃
posh@littlemissbloo thank u for your purchase! I'll have this packaged up and in the mail for you first thing tommorow morning.
posh@littlemissbloo hey girl just a friendly reminder to hit accept when and if you received your dress. Thank you I hope you enjoy.😊
pinkcrazy6@shopaddict it's ready for you...if you decide you need a bundle while I'm running my 50% off all but coach bags sale let me know
pinkcrazy6@shopaddict ok your coat bra bundle is ready
swissmistressCongratulations on your Classic Chic HP!! 👏🎉💕👏🎉💕👏🎉💕👏🎉💕
kyliebriennA girl must be two things: Classy and Fabulous! –Coco Chanel ~ Congrats on your Host Pick last night! Time to celebrate! Xo
chicandfrugal@jajuice - sorry we aren't the same size to trade. I can do 15% off a bundle though if you're interested
jajuice@chicandfrugal ok I'll think about it
kitsunemaki@aecraw02 thanks, but I'm not buying at the moment.
marroquin11Hey I have a wii fit! And the price is negotiable. I saw you were interested in one of them :)
melle@mindy_reviczky - thank you for your purchase. I'll ship it out tomo and confirm once done 😊
lidojoeybeanI such a cute dress! have the same one in XL - need to post ☺ thx for the reminder. Looks cute on you!
sarahlynTrade or partial trade?
styleluxe4lessPerfect! Thanks. I'll share some of your other listings for you. Good luck with your sale.
biancajett@styleluxe4less Awwww thanks girl. Will do yours too :)
margozoeller@suiexd I can do that price , if your purchase the items now and I'll send it out tomorrow :)
suiexdOkie dokie :) can u just bundle it up and I'll purchase it immediately. Thank you
styleluxe4less@monteskids That wild be great, Sandra! Just let me know what you're interested in, and I'll give you a discounted price. :)
styleluxe4less@monteskids Haha! *would not *wild
tracy0815@janice829 if you buy now ill sell for $29. Ill update the price and change back tomorrow.
tracy0815@acissej83 Hi! The other dress you wanted to bundle with this just sold.... Let me know if you're still interested in this....
bremcdougaCan you bundle the hope Capris and the raven shirt and I will purchase them together?
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