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Handbags & Carry-all Party

blueeyedaisy3@stephaniebandy great! Here is your bundle (and I took some new pics of the wristlet, your not the only one that thought it was green lol)
stephaniebandyGood!! At least I know I'm not completely crazy yet!!!! Lol
jkimWish I could highlight you or rate you as a top seller! Your listing was exactly how you described it, and you were so great with "customer service" haha. Hope you sell lots of stuff, I know I'll buy from you again :)
sarahmichelle@jkim awwww, you're the sweetest and have made my day!
angelmaria@ibbutterfly564 😊😊🎉🎉Awesome I'm happy your satisfied. I threw sunglasses in because I truthfully would have discounted purse some but you were quick to buy(not a bad thing at all :) so I felt it was fair :) happy poshing, Cheers. AngelMaria
mfoxhollow@angelmaria sorry I missed this one!
evylape86My birthday is on Nov 17
tracy0815Happy birthday!!!! I know I am both late and early for you guys, but I wanted to extend you your birthday discounts! Please let me know a couple items you are interested in so I can find you the best deal @patkelley @sbrya001 @ricancoqueta @mpiniol @pyar @sarahbeth78 @ecomello @rbravo8
hepzidennis@khey is the pink still available
khey@hepzidennis only blue, black and red left
pattycoo17@angelmaria As soon as you can post a pic carrying it; that would be great!!!!
pattycoo17@angelmaria Just wondering if you will be able to post a pic?
binxTrade? Will bundle if you can't find item equivalent to it :)
special_stuff@khey Does this come with a longer strap too?
austingirl76Would you consider 45
stephii_k@blackdov1982 there I lowered it for you. Sorry it took so long
blackdov1982No worries. Thank you!
stephii_k@treysgrandma well I'm glad you like it! Enjoy I did
treysgrandmaI love it!! I appreciate your honesty!!! 😊😊😍
differentstyleIf you would like a pair of sunglasses or an adorable bracelet look at my closet! I have good prices!
scrubfitPlease let me know when you lower your price? Michelle@scrubfit.com
mizzprettyinredAlso I checked with coach the style number doesn't exist in their catalog. It's not authentic
mizzprettyinredJust in case anyone reads my last post I do not want to tarnish her name. I went into coach personally and the bag is AUTHENTIC. She really is a great seller ladies do not hesitate to buy from her.
sylverarchI want a Burberry bag so bad!!!!!
angelmaria@sylvearch This was a BEATUY!!!!! I may have another (not exact style) coming in later next week, I have a scheduled closet clean out and in her preview pic she sent me she did have tons of Burberry so lets see if she decides to part with any <3 @ljacob4811 <---- is the poshie that purchased, I know she was looking for a larger one so she may consider posting <3
angelmaria@kelseykuntz hey doll have you received package yet?
kelseykuntzGot it today!! It is beautiful! Thank u so much!😍
jmcgillicuddy@almoyes bag came yesterday. I am in love😍!!! Thanks so much!
almoyesThank you taking this off my hands. I appreciate the feedback as well. 
bilek@ is this still a listing??
bilek@ this makes me very suspicious since you don't answer or post pic of inside. Whatever the problem is I feel your not reliable and shouldn't be on posh if you won't respond. I have seen several people have asked the same questions and you haven't responded
mchelThank you.😊 Thought it came with a longer strap. You have so many beautiful stuff. I'll look through your closet again.😊
porteroiSize in inches please looks like Chloe Marci bag
blueeyedaisy3@blossom4263 hi, do you want to make the bundle or do you want me to send it as is or do you want me to exchange the tree w/ the starfish necklace only? I need to know soon because Poshmark is going to get on me for not shipping. Thank you!
blossom4263@blueeyedaisy3 hey. so can u make a new bundle with the items.? so i can purchase that one. i already contacted posh to cancel the purchased one
krystined@sangon thanks for the purchase. I will send it out tomorrow. :)
sangonYour welcome..8)
gcobb38If you new me to e-mail you about the order I need a large pinkish color one
gcobb38My e-mail is gennessacobb@att.net
hannahoI still haven't received the tracking info from poshmark to let me know that it was shipped
krystined@hannaho I'm really sorry for all the mix up. they are definitely on their way to you now.
lefleurrouge@emmequinn your email said that you would get back to me, but your never did so I assumed you didn't want it :/ sorry
emmequinnIt's ok.. My fault for waiting!! Gorgeous bag. Now I love your Chanel.. Do u know dimensions?? Supposed to be buying LV Speedy 30 today but love black Chanel! Is it decent size for everyday wear? I need a decent size bag.. Not too big but not small!
christyvo123Hii. The pink still available
bienthuyI would like to buy for 60 if you agree.
balletnet5678Love it! Will you let it go for 55? Thanks and do you have a wallet for it too? 😍
tracy0815@balletnet5678 unfortunately, I do not have a coach wallet that matches. If you buy right now, I will lower it to $60...
romiedDo you have any black purses?
almoyesI do have black purses @romied There is a black leather Marc Jacobs bag posted now. Let me know what particular styles and specific characteristics you seek. Also, knowing your brand preferences would be helpful. I have lots to get rid of--all authentic! Thanks for checking out my closet!!
tracy0815@patkelley interested in a bundle? If you buy now, I'll honor $8 and if you bundle I'll lower to $5.
patkelleyBought it! Thanks!
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