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Chevron & Stripes Party

moreonzoeOkay thank you! :)
mytrinkettes@moreonzoe np, THANK YOU! We will ship out your items first thing 2m morning! :))
luvlsuPage has been liked, and now I'm really going to be in trouble!! VINTAGE COLLECTION. Uh oh!!!😉😍
mytrinkettes@luvlsu ur awesome! I changed the listing price for you here. This is for all 6 items :)
jbrown13@mayrabus Thanks for 'liking' this gorgeous sweater! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 😊
jbrown13@midawn65 Thanks for liking this beautiful sweater and the bright pink Express shorts. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask or if you're interested in a discounted bundle, just let me know. 😃
staceylane@kurtney3 - Yes, just got to my new home today. I was thinking that I can go ahead & purchase & if you can delay shipping until Monday so that I can get a PO box & just have PM support update my address @ that time so that when you ship, it gets to my new address. 😊
kurtney3@staceylane yeah I can do that! And congrats on the new house! I'll change it so you can purchase
ananj@haileydr - changed price if u want - I'm out the door so wanted it to be ready for u!
ananj@haileydr how were the shoes? Wanted to follow-up
dianasilva05@daniella oh my gosh, thank you so much for the sweet compliment!! Made my day!! I'm so glad to know you are happy with your items!
maxray18@pookiebeau , just wanted to let you know how much I loved these. I wore them so much, maybe too much! Thanks again! :-)
pookiebeau@Thanks so much for letting me know, I'm soo glad to hear that!
chainsawrascleIf I'm 5'6" could this reach my ankles?
dianasilva05@tmbates hi..just checking to see if you've received your dress? If so, can you mark it as delivered? Thx!
emmequinnSo sad I missed all this cure stuff!!
roadtovegan@emmequinn aw...not to worry! I post things all the time! But for sure snag what you can when you can because some of the items go quick! :) I do bundle and usually can give deals on that too.:)
pomona@pookiebeau there is an elastic band underneath the bust area but it is still a small size. The entire dress is jersey though so it is a bit stretchy
pookiebeauThanks, so cute though! Guess its back to trying to lose more weight! Thank you
coltSorry I forgot to thank you! Everything is great!!!
dianasilva05@colt fantastic! thank you for letting me know!
brittanyy120And 25 sounds great
pomona@brittanyy120 ok I changed the bundle for you. Let me know if you change your mind or these are the wrong items. Thanks!
pookiebeau@cutie11 Thanks for your purchase! I'll get these out ASAP😊
pookiebeau@cutie11 Hi👋I'm so sorry for not checking to see how you liked the shoes! Been busy with health issues with my mom. I usually keep up and see how people liked their items. Please let me know and if you could leave a comment on my feedback page so others know how your experience was! Thank you😊
pomona@lnikodym ok I. An do $30 for you. Will reserve it by tomorrow so please let me know if youre still interested!
pomona@lnikodym still interested?
jbrown13@tdhoov Your items are on their way! I just dropped them off at the Post Office! ;-)
tdhoovThanks so much! I can't wait!
ananj@cruiseline the shoe says 51/2 but will also fit 6 - I bought when I was a 6 & never wore - there new
cruiseline@ananj ok thx!! I'm a 6, didn't know how j lo items run but I'll find out lol
frankiraYou sent me the wrong item. I got a gray skirt instead of the dress
pomona@frankira, oh no! We do apologize for that! We sent the wrong items to the wrong persons!! :( We're getting it squared out and will ship the dress to you as soon as we get it back. We do apologize again!!
agillman@amartin56 thanks for the like 💗 all of my prices are negotiable so feel free to make an offer if interested!
agillman@chloeintheknow thanks for the like! Prices are negotiable :)
ahoherI need to wait until I get paid next week!
agillman@ahoher ok I move in about a week and a half so I may take some things to a clothing resale store before I leave. If you're interested, make sure you get them as soon as you can!
jeliagrynn@jhayne this is pretty i guess we just need to wait. Baka may magbenta pa ng mga ganto kaganda..
ananj@jeliagrynn this is sold but I have other Gucci, Fendi & raybans up
ananj@smilynh maybe for DVF bag partial or if I can see pic of black jacket- let me know thanks!
pomona@hjh722 @mray interested?
mrayI'm but a bit concerned about size. I am 5'7 and am a 36 C on top so worried this will not be big enough for me. I do like it though very much. :)
thesexyknitterHi there! I received this today and was excited that it fit absolutely perfectly. So, so cute! Sadly though, I did not find it to be in good condition as stated, since there are at least 5 holes in the fabric and stains on the back. I am sure that you will be able to find a vintage buyer who will be thrilled with this, but in the meantime I have filed for a return with Posh. Sorry for the hassle, but I do wish you had mentioned or pictured the damage that this dress does have. :(
pomona@thesexyknitter alright no problem. We usually double check all our items, especially the vintage pieces. We don't remember seeing any stains or else we would have definitely taken a shot of it like we do with a few of our other items. We try to do our best to advertise exactly what we are selling so it's Sad to hear that this didn't work out for you :( but I believe PM has taken care of this cancellation. Maybe next time :)
gardner1097Jodi- got the set Omg beautiful! Looks GREAT on Thank you so much!
jbrown13@gardner1097 Wonderful! I'm so glad you love them! ;-) Thanks again!
hibby519@chell761 awesome!!!! Thank u so much!!! That is awesome..... I needed to save a little more $ than I did for my new home I'm realizing! We move in a week so u r totally helping meet out and I so hope u enjoy... And please anytime u see anything of mine u like I will take care of u!🆒👍😱😘thanx
hibby519@chell761 I'll have it bundled and tag u in it soon:-)))))))
rntwilsonThe medium Gap denim jacket that I also liked. Thanks.
aecraw02@lionsclub16 interested? ☺️
lisalarsenAwesome .... I will take it ... Would you be willing to take $30 ??
sarahmichelle@lisalarsen sure thing! Price adjusted for you :)
aecraw02@xljenlx3389 like I said i can't just take the $10 off the dress. Poshmark can cancel your order if you want and start over but you need to contact them so they can cancel the order.
xljenlx3389They canceled the order on my end so you should be able to adjust the bundle now
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