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Neutrals Party


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mytrinkettes@rachael35 I have 2 left! If you're interested I can create a listing for you
rachael35That would be great 😄
mlalfaro1126Hi! Is this lovely necklace still available? And if so, do you PayPal?
emcellisDo you have any more of this one?
lcpincHi yes I received them I was out of town when they came hence the delay. They worked out well Ty for the great deal
karashawn@lcpinc wonderful! Thanks for the purchase! Come back to my closet again!!!
missmyaHow high is the heel?
stephii_k@missmya I wanna say 4 in the back with 1 inch in the front
jyoung2001Omg I want it how low can u go
mahaldhita@klynn interested to trade this one?thanks..
chicandfrugal@edeneden - also I just checked the tracking and it said the package is expected to get to you by tomorrow 😄
edenedenYes I got it today thnx so much 😉😉😉
mia01@karashawn hi. Could you possibly measure the sole, toe to heel, just to make sure. I'm super interested, but I need to make sure they would fit. Thx :)
staceylane@kurtney3 - Yes, just got to my new home today. I was thinking that I can go ahead & purchase & if you can delay shipping until Monday so that I can get a PO box & just have PM support update my address @ that time so that when you ship, it gets to my new address. 😊
kurtney3@staceylane yeah I can do that! And congrats on the new house! I'll change it so you can purchase
samarudatoo bad not my size! but super cute! btw you have a cute closet! happy new year darling!
lynntranThanks Judi same to u mery Christmas ho ho ho :)
jbrown13@lynntran 🎄Merry Christmas 🎅
chicandfrugal@mmazarie - 15% off if bundled and bought today. Let me know if you want a listing!
mmazarieCheck out my shorts and maybe we could trade?
jas1@seabrznsun thanks I'll ship out Friday 
seabrznsunThat's fine. I'll be looking forward to it.
nrobletoIts ok..Were they sold to me or someone else?
aaaaannnnnThey were sold to you but I never received notification until today
tannercCan also wear a 7 1/2
kzattoWhat is the smallest size that u have in yr shoes? Cause I'm wear 4.5...some brands 5 :/
alinab_23@karashawn worth the purchase! I freakin' love these!!!! 😻Thanks so much!
karashawn@alinab_23 oh good! Glad u like them!
jbrown13@peaches33106 Thanks for 'liking' these Jessica Simpson heels! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 😊
jbrown13@bohemiia Thanks for 'liking' these heels! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 😊
stephii_k@stateoftheheart still interested in trading? Because I already purchased mine
stateoftheheartJust got it. Sorry I use my iPod touch for this and I was on my way out and wasn't able to respond to you but I will get this out to you today. Thanks for the trade=)
karashawn@mac40 hi interested?
jyizzleHi I have two fendi iPhone 4/4s cases in my closet if you are interested!
jas1Hi @maddie_mak this is still available  She decided to purchase some pumps instead
jas1@maddie_mak you're going to love this! I'll ship tomorrow  thanks doll
cherryberryHey hun, were u able to ship? Just wondering..
cutebutloud@cherryberry yes I did, thanks u for being so patient. I sent it yesterday just haven't been able to get on my phone. :)
anniehgnguyenDo you do trades?
kaitlyneboo@anniehgnguyen I do, but I don't see anything I'm interested in at the moment. I can bundle and save for you though!
ajatierraHi @michellelynna! Interested in this or a bundle tonight? :)
ajatierraHi @grneyedbeauty77! I can give you all your likes for $43... Worth $80!
bremcdougaCan you bundle the hope Capris and the raven shirt and I will purchase them together?
karashawn@kswscloset @jfs Bundle any three items for $13 each or less and get all three for $15!
karashawn@lorriann interested?
chicandfrugal@annieon - did you want any other items with it? 😄
annieonThat it is. Your size are too small for me haha
tammysuarezWould u consider a trade?
madimillerLove your closet,great style! I hold a promotion in my closet every Monday and Friday. Monday is #FashionWeek and I pick a outfit a fellow posher composed to feature in my closet! Friday is Look Of The Day were I pick an item from another fellow posher's closet and grate it in my closet! You should check it out,I'd love to see what you could come up with and feature something for you!😘💕
binxTrade? Will bundle if you can't find item equivalent to it :)
jbrown13@tdhoov Your items are on their way! I just dropped them off at the Post Office! ;-)
tdhoovThanks so much! I can't wait!
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