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Print Party

photofresh@asianone02. Love this! Wish it was my size.
asianone02@yanapetya hi Hun I am sorry but I am going to have to cancel this order. I cannot find this dress anywhere. I am in the process of moving and things are at different locations right now. I did send over the shoes already. Again I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Let me know if you like anything else in my closet and I will give you a great deal. Thanks!
zuccheroclosetI love this blazer. I could totally do done photo shoots w it!
artiffact@zuccherocloset it's really nice but you can't really tell in the photos!
susannicole@enigma here u go! Thanks so much 😘
enigma@susannicole YAAY!! This totally calls for a house exiting party!!!! 💋💋 thank you! I will send all out tomorrow!!
klynnOk @splendeur I do exactly the same. Believe it or not, I even iron them, even the rand new ones (if needed). But juz FYI (see my comment to u)
mrsontheriseHey hun, check out my closet!! Its really good.. Please follow or share, I would appreciate it ;D
annacondaIs it machine washable
susannicole@annaconda the tag says hand wash but I have put it in the washing machine on gentle with woolite and then line dried it and it is fine
emsky@victoris17 I might be interested, let me just look at your items
emsky@victoris17 Sorry I'm not interested in a trade, but I am willing to negotiate the price. I can go down to $50
star@thesexyknitter thank you again I will be listing other vintage piece this week if you love vintage come back and check them out. I will pack and ship Monday
christinareyI want the other one!!!!
em83058Got these items yesterday, thanks again, these dresses fit me perfectly!
susannicole@em83058 yay! So happy u like them 😄
sheelagohThank you SO much! @artiffact When she gets here, I'm going to try to make her a tad punk and/or goth :)
lisamarueHow long is it? I'm about 5'2" , like tops to cover hips ! Lol
klynnI updated it with more pic @lisamarue I honestly think its long enough not to show any skin 😁 let me know if I can bundle anything else so I can save u shipping💰
sammihopeI will be able to take a picture of it on in two days
sammihope@ecomello I just realized I forgot to take the picture sorry about that! Thanks for purchasing, I'll drop it in the mail tomorrow! :)
fancy514@sammihope Do you have any idea when you might be shipping the purse? Thanks
sammihope@fancy514 I shipped it today!
klynn@melva changed for u
shaeshaeThis is adorable! Would you plz model? I'm a size 6... Do you think it would fit me??
sammihope@xljenlx3389 I will not be able to ship until Monday is that alright? If absolutely needed sooner I can
xljenlx3389It's fine
tishsDoes it come with the belt?
klynn@tishs sorry no, but you can do any skinny belt, even wide ones; even any colors
mommyabeeyoOk @keonas_closet just sad they've been sitting in the closet 😁🙈😣💔😳 maybe I'll freeze my toes off and wear them for my birthday on the 19th 😋
keonas_closet@mommyabeeyo Or you can buy another pair of shoes as a birthday gift to yourself 😉😱👠🙌
makeupmaryHi divagirl I can bundle the belt and cross nk&earings for $14 that's for 3 things
makeupmary@divagirl i can bundle the cross set and the belt for $14 that's for 3pieces:)
cheyyAre you selling those sunglasses😍?
sharonmackeIs it one for 16.00are 3of them for 16.00
tickles4gigglesHey So I'm thinking the soft floral dress, the green vintagy necklace the skinny jeweled jeans and maybe the jcrew tan 3/4 sleeve top, but I'm kinda tall 5'8" so is it kinda long? Cuz if shirts are short they look funny on me like it would need to hit below the hips
klynnYeah, the other 3/4 jcrew top is probably not going to look good on u 😔 @tickles4giggles juz because ur tall😁 I'm shorter than u r, and the top sits just right. Actually, I feel like I can use more fabric 😝
artiffact@closetfreak no sorry! If I decide to lower ill let u know. I'm kind of in love with them again.
micheleann❤❤❤Way cool!❤❤❤
artiffact@roadtovegan yes I think that Poshmark resent a bunch of reminders because I got them too for old stuff. I'm so glad u like them!! Now u just wait for the rain!
roadtoveganOk good! :)
asianone02@alynn sorry that's too low. How about we Slit it down the middle at $18?
epark1123@asianone02 can I see this from the front and back?
bellafashionJust bought sorry for the hold up! Was goon through breakup w boyfriend :(
makeupmary@bellafashion no problem shopping therapy is the good for that lol
stuartlilThanks do much was trying to figure out bundling myself lol
sugarysweet@stuartlil...my pleasure :)
nesceeDid u mail the necklace and earring w/ the watch
jennmilliganThe purse one the earring I wasn able to send I apologize I thought I said the one necklace I could the other set I wasn't able to but sent the other one with the watch
makeupmary@alilam1 omg I don't know why this posted so many times I'm sorry. It kept saying it was not going through
sweeetkristenHow funny the print looks reeally similar to a pair is Steve Maddens I have listed!
klynncan I interest u on a bundle discount? @apetitéqueen let me know so u can save shipping fee as well
maidmarian@klynn Love it! Pricey for right now but really cool!
stormydollyYes!! Thank you :) I will put my tips for the week in the bank Friday so by Saturday I should be all clear to go!! So excited :)
outwiththeold88@kaylee37 hi will u be purchasing tomorrow ? Cause I am going to post office on Friday so I can ship it out for you right away :)
kaylee37Yes I will I'm sorry.
artiffact@siennethreads believe me, I wish I could fit them too.
siennethreadsThey're the prettiest lil shorts! And kudos for supporting bay area designers! 
outwiththeold88@adriana89 hey girl I've added a couple more items recently just letting u know lol
adriana89Thanxx! I'll check them out!!
musicangelOkay, let me think on it 😉 if you change your mind, I can bundle for ya ❤
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