✨PS1 Med leather smoke satchel✨❌SOLD❌

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✨PS1 Med leather smoke satchel✨❌SOLD❌NWT

🎉Host Pick 3/6/13 & 10/5/14 🎉Stunning, Sexy New with tags Proenza Schouler smokey color leather satchel bag!!! *with dustbag*Leather flap front satchel bag with brass-tone foldover closure and leather pull-tab straps and zipper pocket at exterior back. This amazing satchel offers dual carrying options that include top handle and detachable/adjustable shoulder strap. Jacquard fabric lined interior with leather-trimmed zipper pocket and snap tab closure over interior topline.🚫NO TRADES🚫
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Jul 09 09:13AM
sassysushi5@livlovesyu hello! Not looking for trades but maybe a partial trade will work. Let me know what you had in mind. Thanks!
Jul 09 01:17PM
livlovesyuDo you see anything in my closet you would partial trade for? Or is there anything in particular you are looking for?
Jul 09 08:27PM
sassysushi5@livlovesyu hi, yes iPhone case and purse but I see you mostly have clothes and accessories which I have too much of :/ i should start a closet of my own! Haha. Anyway, I will have to decline the trade deal. I do accept PayPal for a lesser amount. This bag is brand new so def a deal!
Jul 09 11:15PM
bunny8238@sassysushi5 hi:) love your bag! Would you be willing to trade or partial trade? Thanks!
Jul 14 07:59PM
sassysushi5@bunny8238 hello! 😁 yeah thanks, so much! , what do u have in mind?
Jul 14 10:11PM
bunny8238@sassysushi5 do you see anything you like for a trade?
Jul 14 11:24PM
shopgirl05@sassysushi5 hi there! Do you mind sending more pics to my email address? Where did you buy it?
Jul 21 08:15PM
sassysushi5@shopgirl05 hi! This was a very generous gift! Sure, I can def provide more pics. what is your email? also, I absolutely adore your closet! Beautiful items! 😍
Jul 21 09:40PM
shopgirl05@sassysushi5 aww thank you! So sweet of you!😉 It's shopgirl0005@hotmail.com would you know if its authentic?🙊
Jul 21 10:10PM
shopgirl05@sassysushi5 why are you selling it btw, it's a beautiful bag!👍
Jul 21 10:15PM
sassysushi5@shopgirl05 thanks, pics sent! Along with answers to your questions and additional info about the bag😁
Jul 21 11:38PM
shopgirl05@sassysushi5 hi there, still thinking of this , if ever do you do partial trade/ trades? Just asking, thanks!
Jul 23 08:30PM
sassysushi5@shopgirl05 hi, hmm...you do have lovely items in your closet. what did you have in mind of partial trade? How much could you do?
Jul 23 08:55PM
shopgirl05@sassysushi5 haha! I don't know yet, I'm still on the fence lol!!! Just wanted to know your stand on a partial trade/ trade or what deal you can offer☺ what's the condition of the bag? Is there any minor/ major flaw? 😉
Jul 23 09:22PM
sassysushi5@shopgirl05 oh! Haha! Heck yes, I def would be interested in a partial trade. I would have check to see what items and go from there as far as difference in payment. Condition of bag is brand new its been in my closet with tissue inside to keep it from creasing or flat and covered in soft cloth. Like I said just waiting for a new home. 😉
Jul 23 10:41PM
sassysushi5@shopgirl05 ill send you more pics of different angles of the bag to put you more at ease of condition. 😊
Jul 23 10:44PM
shopgirl05@sassysushi5 yes, that would be great, just look first at my closet and see which ones you think you might consider for a partial trade then I could decide from there😉 do you still have the tags attached or the tags that came with it so as the original dust bag? Sorry if I ask too many questions, the last time I bought a second hand bag did not give me that good of an experience. Oh and if ever I need some added pics ill let you know. Ty!😄
Jul 23 10:47PM
shopgirl05@sassysushi5 and this is the smoke right? Awesome, thanks!!!
Jul 23 10:49PM
sassysushi5@shopgirl05 so...I can't find dust bag hope that is not a problem if you decide to purchase. =/I have looked online to see where I can retrieve one and sometimes they have extras at major dept stores that sell the bag so I will be looking into that. But I do have original tags it came with and color is SMOKE. Thanks!
Jul 28 01:06PM
shopgirl05@sassysushi5 would you do a partial trade? Ill be listing some bags and clutches but if there's anything you might want to trade with in my closet pls let me know😉 it's okay if there's no dustbag. I don't mind.
Jul 28 01:11PM
shopgirl05@sassysushi5 hi sassy! Let me know if you want to do a partial trade so that I know my options😉if not, it's okay! Thank you!
Jul 28 03:15PM
sassysushi5@shopgirl05 I would not be opposed to partial trade! Please give me some time to go through your closet once more and ill give you a definite answer by tmw. Thanks so much!
Jul 28 04:09PM
lavery_k@sassysushi5 would you trade for a prada saffiano?
Jul 29 03:29PM
sassysushi5@lavery_k hi there! No, not looking for trades on that purse. Thanks for the offer though.
Jul 29 04:36PM
jesseeccaaHi! Was wondering if you would trade ? Ill bundle as many of my items as you'd like. Let me know !
Jul 31 09:13PM
sassysushi5@jesseeccaa hi, I'm not looking for anything to bundle with at the moment. Thanks so much for the offer though! You have an awesome closet 😊
Aug 01 12:33PM
Aug 18 05:26PM
sassysushi5@xxkatiexx227 hi! Thanks but not looking for trades.
Aug 18 06:09PM
sassysushi5@sooj917 hi there! Thanks so much for the like and share! ;)
Aug 18 06:11PM
sassysushi5@jnyfr thanks for the share!
Aug 27 12:18PM
jnyfrI. Want. So. Badly. Wish I had the dough for one of these.
Aug 27 12:55PM
sassysushi5@jnyfr thanks! it's a def beauty! 😊 I'd be willing to work with you if you were to do payments?
Aug 27 01:15PM
jnyfr@sassysushi5 wow, fantastic offer!! Let me mull it over. I have been wanting a PS for the longest time.
Aug 27 01:18PM
sassysushi5@jnyfr if course! Sounds good. If you have any questions or need more pics please let me know!
Aug 27 01:55PM
0chel_001Congrats HP for tonight party🎉🎉🎉🎊🎈
Oct 04 08:54PM
jnyfrI love this bag! Host pick for Pretty, Flirty and Girly!
Oct 04 08:54PM
ametzger🎉🎈Host's Pick for tonight's Party!!! CONGRATS!!!!:)<3 XoXo🎉🎈🎉
Oct 04 09:13PM
badz16🎉🎉congrats HP🎉🎉
Oct 04 09:29PM
sassysushi5@jnyfr @badz16 @ametzger BIG thanks!!! I'm honored and happy to have been picked! Happy Poshing ladies! 😘
Oct 04 09:35PM
splendeurCongrats on your 🎉💖👏 HP 👏💖🎉 tonight!!!
Oct 05 03:25AM
Oct 05 03:38AM
Oct 05 05:38AM
biddybayhow much lower would u go via paypal?
Nov 13 03:09PM
sassysushi5@biddybay hi, can you please email to work pricing and details? Sassysushi5@yahoo.com. Thanks! 😁
Nov 13 04:04PM
biddybay@sassysushi5 okay i did! Thanks
Nov 13 06:18PM
ftheoHi, would you be willing to do a partial trade if you like anything in my closet? i'd even trade my whole closet for this lol
Nov 13 09:30PM
sassysushi5@ftheo hello! I do have @biddybay inquiring about this item so I'll keep you posted. But Yeah, I would consider your offer! 😍I'll browse through your closet and let you know!!Please email me so we can go over details at sassysushi5@yahoo.com thanks!!! 😁
Nov 13 09:37PM
ftheo@sassysushi5 thanks so much! :)
Nov 13 09:38PM
sassysushi5@ftheo 😉 no prob! I replied back to your email.
Nov 13 11:40PM
mferr042Hiiiii! I'm SO interested in this bag!! Would you be willing to do a partial trade? I have beautiful things in my closet and most BRAND NEW 💖 Let me know :) you can contact me at macareinaa@gmail.com if you'd like!
Nov 26 01:35PM
sassysushi5@mferr042 hi! I emailed you 😁
Nov 26 02:00PM
rsiltonhi have you sold this yet?
Dec 18 04:39PM
sassysushi5@rsilton hi there, item is avail sweetie. :) let me know if truly interested. You can email me at sassysushi5@yahoo.com. Thanks!
Dec 18 05:10PM
jennabunHi, how much through PP? This is the exact work bag i have been looking for.
Jan 29 07:39PM
sassysushi5@jennabun hi! Really?! That's great. send me an offer to terriberri5@yahoo.com and we can work out a deal to have you in your new work bag! ;)
Jan 29 11:00PM
jennabunHi, I would prefer if you email me with a price. My email is jaguilar0783@gmail.com.
Jan 30 03:37AM
sassysushi5@jennabun email sent! ;)
Jan 30 07:27PM
judith328Will you take less?
Feb 14 02:37PM
sassysushi5@judith328 yes, send me an offer to my email with pp it's always less too :)
Feb 14 02:40PM
sassysushi5@judith328 yes, send me an offer to my email :) it would be through Pp!
Feb 14 02:43PM
judith328Can't get thru to your email....
Feb 14 02:58PM
sassysushi5@judith328 email is sassysushi5@yahoo.com
Feb 14 05:55PM
sassysushi5@judith328 please let me know if you have any issues! If so, I can email you! Thanks! :)
Feb 14 06:29PM
rosedewittIs this bag still available? :)
Feb 21 02:47PM
sassysushi5@rosedewitt hi, yes still avail :)
Feb 21 03:32PM
rosedewittwhat would be your lowest price if paying through PP? :)
Feb 22 01:48PM
sassysushi5@rosedewitt please send me an offer! You may email! ;) sassysushi5@yahoo.com
Feb 23 10:17AM
cscott7322Congrats, I chose this fabulous item for tonight's "Back to Basics Party" host pick! 🎉
Mar 05 08:18PM
sassysushi5@cscott7322 hi! Thanks so much!!! 😱Happy Poshing😘
Mar 05 08:28PM
Mar 05 08:31PM
sassysushi5@noy2312 thanks a bunch!!! 😄
Mar 05 08:32PM
swissmistressCongratulations on your Back to Basics HP!! 👏❤️🎉😊👏❤️🎉😊👏❤️🎉😊
Mar 06 07:05AM
newlocklover Hi can you send me your lowest acceptable price in email? tnx
Mar 08 07:08PM
sassysushi5@newlocklover hi there, sure please provide me your email and I can send you an offer :)
Mar 08 08:10PM
newlockloveroops sorry aglaia2009 at gmail dot com
Mar 09 04:35AM
sassysushi5@newlocklover no worries, email sent :)
Mar 09 12:52PM
annessaduHello! I'm very interested in your PS1! Can you send me an email with your lowest asking price and also more information regarding the authenticity? Annessa_du at yahoo!
Mar 26 10:34AM
sassysushi5@annessadu hi there! :) Due to the frequent price requests I prefer to make just have an interested buyer send me their offer. Please email me at sassysushi5@yahoo.com with your questions and price. Thanks so much! 💕
Mar 26 10:48AM
jildotebo@sassysushi5 hi. Were you interested in trade?
Mar 29 04:30PM
sassysushi5@jildotebo hi there, not at the moment. Thank you though. Let me know if still interested. :)
Mar 29 11:24PM
jul8is this still available?? would u trade or partial trade?? lmk 👍
Apr 02 02:04PM
sassysushi5@jul8 hi, yes still avail. No trades. Pp ok! :) you may email me if truly interested.
Apr 02 05:16PM
jul8would u do trade or partial trade for Philip lim pashli?
Apr 02 05:17PM
motastiicWhether it's L.A.🌆to the Bay🌉,your listing is super chic! Congratulations on your host pick for tonight!🌷💕🎉
Apr 02 07:24PM
lnp916Congrats on hp
Apr 02 07:25PM
Apr 02 07:25PM
herparallaxWorthy of spring in L.A.! Congrats on your host pick! P.S. I have this bag in yellow and it's my favorite bag ever!
Apr 02 07:27PM
emilyblack33✨🌷🎉 Congrats on your beautiful Live From LA: Spring Fling Host Pick! 🎉🌷✨
Apr 02 07:28PM
treasuresbytracCongratulations On Your Fabulous Host Pick! 💕💐💐💕👏👏💕🎉🎉💕🎈
Apr 02 07:35PM
Apr 02 07:48PM
Apr 02 08:02PM
sassysushi5@efacha thank you! 😊
Apr 02 08:13PM
sassysushi5@herparallax wow! Amazing! Thanks so much! 😁
Apr 02 08:13PM
sassysushi5@vmtshop thank You!!!!
Apr 02 08:14PM
blingbabe10Congrats on your fan spring fling HP tonight🍷🍷 cheers!! 🎊🎊👏👍
Apr 02 08:18PM
swissmistress❤️❤️Congratulations on your Spring Fling Host Pick!!😊🎉❤️😊🎉❤️😊🎉❤️
Apr 03 07:44AM
melindaaritterI wish!! :)
Apr 03 12:25PM
sassysushi5@swissmistress much thanks!!! 😘💕😬
Apr 03 01:08PM
sassysushi5@melindaaritter lovely, lovely, L💜vely!!! 😁
Apr 03 01:08PM
realmrsgrey@sassysushi5 just sent u an email 😊
Apr 06 02:10AM
sassysushi5@realmrsgrey hi! I didn't get anything :/ was it sent to sassysushi5@yahoo.com ?
Apr 06 12:12PM
realmrsgrey@sassysushi5 just sent it again. 😔 i made a mistake the first time.,🙉
Apr 06 12:15PM
realmrsgrey@sassysushi5 hi, did u get it?
Apr 06 02:35PM
sassysushi5@realmrsgrey I did! Did you get my reply?
Apr 06 07:53PM
realmrsgrey@sassysushi5 got it. :)
Apr 06 09:16PM
yvonneshiuHey hi I sent you an email!
Apr 10 12:03PM
sassysushi5@yvonneshiu hello! Message replied :)
Apr 10 12:27PM
Apr 10 09:10PM
sassysushi5@aishakazi 😍 thanks!
Apr 11 03:00PM
fashionista0731@sassysushi5 I emailed you :)
Apr 29 06:03PM

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