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Chloe Paddington satchel

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Chloe Paddington satchel

Classic Paddington bag in black leather with gold trims and signature padlock. This chic bag is funky, stylish and great for everyday use. It features zip and cellphone pockets in the interior. Excellent condition and no flaws. L 13.5 in x H 6 in x W 6.5 in. AUTHENTIC, NO TRADES PLS!
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Dec 30 05:12PM
pep@phoebescloset11 thnx doll, it's time for someone else to enjoy this timeless beauty :)
Dec 30 06:07PM
beccbootLove! Wish I could afford it!
Jan 01 10:15AM
gtonya1973Will you take $900
Jan 05 02:36AM
pep@gtonya1973 hi, sorry, that's too low
Jan 05 11:21AM
monicaah@whats the lowest you will go on this?
Jan 08 09:21PM
pep@monicaah sorry, not very much since it's in excellent condition, but since you're a repeat customer, I can do 10% off, let me know!
Jan 08 10:02PM
monicaah@pep okay thanks! I will think about it! It's a beautiful bag...
Jan 08 10:13PM
pep@monicaah it's a beautiful and classic bag hon! No flaws - lemme know if you want to see more pics, I can email them to you
Jan 09 08:31AM
Jan 15 09:08AM
pep@ehop interested?? Almost like new!
Jan 15 09:15AM
ehopI wish, just had a bday and lots if high $$$ gifts...just joined this site a week too late :(...
Jan 15 10:03AM
pep@ehop aww, well, lemme know when you're ready! ;)
Jan 15 10:05AM
ehopThanks babe! If you still have around Valentine's <3...;) I'll be watching :)
Jan 15 10:09AM
pep@ehop it takes a special buyer to appreciate pieces like this purse so your chances are good doll! ;)
Jan 15 10:32AM
ehopI hope, I was actually looking at a used one on another site in tobacco...for more...your bag is gorgeous babe! And a steal, I need to get my closet together and sell some stuff and quit giving it away to friends lol! :)!
Jan 15 10:55AM
pep@ehop what a nice friend you are - your friends are very lucky! :)
Jan 15 11:03AM
ehop@ pep you're sweet...have an awesome day!
Jan 15 11:14AM
pep@ehop you too!! Just letting you know that I'll be out of the country 2/6 - 2/16 so if you contact me during that period, I'll get back to you when I return
Jan 15 11:18AM
ehop@pep thanks babe!
Jan 15 12:20PM
bratfacecan you go any lower on pp?
Jan 22 12:03AM
pep@bratface I can do $1,375 on pp w/ S&H, let me know!
Jan 22 08:26AM
randilynwhat a beauty 😍
Jan 22 03:37PM
pep@randilyn thnx doll, I'm still having second thoughts about listing it!!
Jan 22 03:39PM
randilynthat would to be expected! this bag could last you a lifetime I'm sure.
Jan 22 04:17PM
buffy321369Would you take $1000
Jan 23 07:50AM
pep@buffy321369 sorry hon, price is firm - PM takes a huge cut and this purse is in mint condition
Jan 23 08:05AM
deedee555@leoandjoamme saw you were looking for a black one..well here it is :)
Jan 25 07:30PM
msmara18Love this bag!!! I have a couple and I keep eyeing them b/c they're just awesome.
Jan 29 04:57PM
pep@msmara18 I know, it's hard letting this one go...
Jan 29 04:59PM
msmara18Why would you part with it? Lol
Jan 29 05:00PM
pep@msmara18 I know I know, trying to make room for my other bags. What I need is a bigger closet haha
Jan 29 05:05PM
msmara18Oh I'm sooooo with you there!
Jan 29 05:15PM
t129cyCan you post a pic of the backside of the lock?
Mar 21 10:13PM
pep@t129cy sure, pic's up! Interested?
Mar 23 11:38PM
finchen@pep : Hi Christina! I was just looking at some Chloé purses and when I saw yours I realized that another person has exactly the same pictures as you do! And when I say exactly the same, I really mean it! You should better check this, I think somebody might be using your pictures unless you didnt ask a friend to post this for you as well! The user name is littled!
Jun 11 06:39PM
pep@finchen thanks for letting me know, that seller is using my pictures, and I've notified PM! Thanks to honest sellers like you for looking out, I really appreciate it!!
Jun 11 07:33PM
finchen@pep : you are welcome! I'm sorry this happened to you! I hope you have a great evening and Happy Poshing! :)
Jun 11 07:59PM
pep@finchen this is frustrating, he's not planning to remove the pics even after he has fessed up to stealing them! At least, potential buyers would be aware... though I don't know why anyone would still buy the purse after finding out. Good to know that we've prevented from it being sold without the proper disclosure! You have a good day as well, and thanks again for being such a responsible member of this community!
Jun 12 08:08AM
finchen@pep : Hi Christina, I did a little research in his listings because I didn't believe him when he said that he has the same purse and was just "borrowing" your pictures. Guess what, his burberry scarf is a listing from @ropicado and his heart diamond pendant is from @marinaquinonez! Sorry, they have the exact same pictures, he posted and I doubt that he has these items and just borrows the pictures, if you have time to look up pictures and copy them, then you have time to make pictures of your own items! He is nothing but a liar and he needs to be removed from Posh!
Jun 12 08:40AM
ropicado@finchen @pep Hi, I appreciate your tag, can you please give me the name of the seller? If several people report that person to Posh I guess it will be very helpful for others, I agree that closet needs to be removed. Plus I'll like to know who is using my pics. Thanks a lot! 💗
Jun 12 08:51AM
finchen@ropicado : his user name is littled! I'm sorry guys! I will report him too! Hopefully Posh will do something about this so we all can enjoy using Poshmark! @pep : Sorry for using your wall for all the tags and communication about this! My apologies!
Jun 12 08:58AM
aesapperWill you trade for these? Diamond ring has a listing. , I have quite a special item to trade. It's an 18k white gold diamond and titanium men's wedding band. Bought at IDC in winter park originally for 1700 in '09. In great condition. See pics in my ad. Can throw in any of these items too- coach purses and wristlets, a small soft velvety juicy couture purse, size 27 never worn true religion jeans, and a tanzanite and diamond accent 10k white gold ring size 4 3/4.
Jun 17 03:57PM
pep@aesapper sorry, no trades, as mentioned in my listing
Jun 17 05:02PM
ceci1101@pep do you have pics of you holding?
Mar 15 12:40AM
pep@ceci1101 it's up (don't mind my pregnant belly in the background!)
Mar 15 10:52AM
ceci1101@pep what year is it?
Mar 15 10:54AM
pep@ceci1101 circa 2008
Mar 15 10:05PM
justwanttoshop@holidaylady Check this put in black!
Oct 11 08:51PM
thenotoriousbreDo you trade? :) I have a gorgeous Gucci Sukey bag that I'm looking to trade for something different <3
Oct 24 09:33AM
pep@thenotoriousbre sorry I don't, trying to clear out my closet
Oct 25 02:26PM
faithie3Show the number on the inside
Feb 25 03:27AM
pep@faithie3 pic's up, lemme know if you have any more questions!
Feb 25 08:23AM
mschloeHello, I see your measurements but is this consider the medium size? Just want to be extra clear. Thanks!
Jan 04 05:50PM
pep@mschloe I think so, it's the size that you see most on women, trying looking it up online
Jan 04 07:52PM
suchiruHello @pep lovely closet!!I am also from San Ramon. Please feel free to check out my closet - if you like anything would be happy to meet local and show in person. Happy Poshing!
Dec 11 12:58AM

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