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Tiffany's Closet


bj31Hi. What is the material, and how does the size run compared to other brands like bcbgmaxazria? Thank u!
tlee@bj31 i don't have any bcbg, are there other brand you can compare against?
projectrunwayᑕOᑎGᖇᗩTᑌᒪᗩTIOᑎᔕ Oᑎ YOᑌᖇ ᒪOᐯEᒪY ᕼOᔕT ᑭIᑕK...
dclopes✨ Congrats on your Host Pick! ✨
iamkacieNp! Thank you! @tlee
tlee@allthingsnovel @mememartin @shyrley @racheltindall interested? willing to come down some on price! =) super flattering on the ankles and your legs will look miles long! especially great now that it's starting to warm up a little! can wear with a lbd and a winter coat!
tlee@cleoyeh aw you must be SO tiny! glad you like it!!!! =)
cleoyehI am :'( it's really hard to find proper fitting clothes, it's always such a gamble for me I wish I was as tall as you!!
tlee@shopmelsclosetx hey girl, sorry, already sold Through another site!
shopmelsclosetx@tlee alright thanks! Lmk if any other in the same or similar style becomes available ;)
tlee@sofigot hey girl, i'll try them on for you later tonight when i get home =)
tlee@sofigot i left my other grey ones at my bfs apt, but here are the exact same black ones modeled for you! let me know if you want other shots!
tlee@deestay i second what @madameofmusings says, get them while it's still cold enough to wear them! =)
deestay@madameofmusings @tlee so true 😏 thanks ladies 😘😘
ootammieoo5@tlee I'm waiting for ur new posts 😜can u tag me when u post new stuff? 😁
tlee@ootammieoo5 of course! Have a bunch more stuff to post when I get some time! :)
stephstanny🎊Congratulation on your fabulous host pick🎊 Apologize for the delayed note😊Hope it sells soon for you 🎉👍🎉
tlee@sgjz0905 hey girl, dropped off at my doorman this morning! =)
iisa_xc@sgjz0905 please let me know if you ever decide to sell these doll!
aspen1994U r so awesome! Thank u so much again! Merry Christmas:)
aspen1994I just received the jacket..it is beautiful and in perfect condition.. I'm very happy..I left u a five star rating.. Thanks again! Happy holidays:)
tlee@laurachristine5 just went out, had trouble figuring out how to pack the box haha but you should be getting them soon, sorry for the delay!
laurachristine5Thank you!
tlee@ootammieoo5 hey girl, sorry, yesterday was kind of crazy but this just went out now!!!
ootammieoo5Thank u! Appreciate it!
tlee@pinklove1092 top is from Zara, I may post the pink version here eventually!
pinklove1092Ok thank you please tag me if you ever do!😃
jbird1923Hello!!! When can I expect to receive this? It's been a long time since I ordered it!
tlee@jbird1923 sorry about that, was out of town! Just shipped! :)
puraolividaAre they loose on you? Ur way smaller than me, worried these wouldn't fit me :P love ur listings by the way!
tlee@otamster they are definitely not loose! Thanks, love to hear that others appreciate clothing the same way I do!!! :) :) :)
kikiwspIs this still available??
tleeStill available! I'll do $60! Sorry for the late reply!
jaqyuan@mack10988 : such a great find with the red DVF! If it doesn't work out for you pls tag me!
mack10988@jaqyuan sure thing!!
tlee@laurrr3 dropped these in the mail this morning! Included original box and the Brian Atwood replacement heel tips in the little Brian Atwood heel tip baggie. I don't think I got a dust bag with these :(. They're in absolute perfect condition, hope you enjoy! :)
laurrr3@tlee wonderful! Can't wait ☺ thanks again
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