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! nelly's Closet


ceagreenCheck out the Somedays Lovin Fighter Rigid Denim Parka Jacket! It's almost identical and after reading the reviews of this coat on free people I was a little turned off by it, buyers weren't thrilled. I got the somedays lovin "scando" coat which is similar but cut a little different.
iv_vintage@ceagreen thank you!! I didn't even know this brand existed i love their coats
kittyda21hi. i was just wondering if you could tell me why you havent sent this to me yet?
iv_vintage@kittyda21 hi, I didn't noticed that you purchased this. I'll ship it out today, sorry for the inconvenience
iv_vintage@bratallie hi I'm really sorry I've been off poshmark for a few weeks and I just noticed you purchased these. Let me know if you still want to get them I'll ship asap! I apologize about the inconvenience
bratallieIt's okay, I understand. I actually bought some from j crew, but thank you anyways 😊
souldripsOmgggggg I wish these were my size
taylorionaDo you happen to know what brand these are? Sadly not my size but love them!
jacquelyn_rizzoLove this!! I'm 5'7" do u think it would be too short?
stunndayWould you be able to do $30? If so I could buy ASAP. Please let me know and thank you in advance!! :)
iv_vintage@sazzduhnuh hi I'm really sorry I literally got home late last night Im shipping your order today. Tracking will be added by tomorrow! So don't worry. Thank you so much for your patience I apologize about the extremely long wait.
sazzduhnuh@iv_vintage Posh canceled the sale :( I still would really love to buy, happy to use p a y p a l if you prefer or rebuy through Posh. Thanks!
onyxandorchid💣Congrats on your Rule Breaking Fashion Party host pick!!! 💣
hazeldreamsCongrats!!!!! On your rule breaking host pick!!! Well deserved!!!
lkramskyWill you take $30? I'll buy right now!
caitlinbrishellomg. I love your clothing items ✨💕💛 can you please check mine out too? I'm actually really new to this website, so if you have tips lemme know ☺️
jaismeenCongrats on your ethic Host Pick!!! 🎉🎉
pehangWork Week Chic for sure📆✒️✏️📙☎️👓 Your HP is perfect😊 from one Posh sister to another Congratulations👏💗👏💗👏 I hope your item $ell$ $oon🐰🐰🐰
iv_vintage@taylorann298905 yes love I'm not sure why your tracking hasn't showed up yet but I've had similar experiences with USPS and sometimes they just don't process it fast enough, I shipped these on Friday give it another day and it should show up!
taylorann298905Alright thanks love!
whitnaaaaasty🙈 Oops lol but why is it more on pp??
iv_vintage@whitnaaaaasty I cover shipping and tax through pp so it's actually lower than the posh total!
hayleyhuaaaIs this still available?
blackcherry7🎀✨ 8/7 Girly Girl Party 🎉HOST PICK🎉 yay! ✨🎀
starshadid you ship out yet? im sorry to keep bugging you, i just would like to wear one of the dresses this weekend
lkramsky@iv_vintage how much to bundle the summer feeling size 4, hot ice skater dress and this one through posh?
squeeeks22@pespinal hey love, you have a cute closet and we see your new here. Just be careful it's against posh regulations to advertise in others closets. Just take the names of the people and tag them in the listing in YOUR closet that you are wanting them to look at. Better that way. And it brings them to your closet so they'll tend to end up looking anyways. Have a beautiful day!!! Happy Poshing!!!
iv_vintage@rushisill not at all babe the dress is actual tv pretty long the model is about 5'2 @rushisill
sophzillaHi hun i love this dress! Would you possibly trade for a NWT never been worn dress in my closet that retails for 75? 😊
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