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Darci's Closet


thestarrynightJust a country girl from the land of cattle and cowboys :). What about you?
dw_style@thestarrynight oh I'm in San Antonio, so a little country/cattle but not too crazy! Lol
unfoundtreasureOmg.... a size 9??? In love lol;) i will gladly help u;)
dw_style@unfoundtreasure thanks girlfriend! 😘I'm a size 8-8.5 but sometimes will have size 9 in my closet!
ajceraso🎊🎉🎊 cOnGraTs on your 💥⚡️💥 edgy 💥️style 💥⚡️💥 🎉🎊🎉
naqtnnvd525Do u have a pic of someone wearing this item?
dw_style@naqtnnvd525 uploaded the only pic I had wearing the shirt for a photo shoot, hope that helps!
dw_style@hollyhowell please use the offer feature to make any offers, however I would not go that low for this sorry.
adjoahendersonWould you accept $85 if I bundle the Kenzie slip on shoes with these?
dw_style@adjoahenderson no I'm sorry that's really low, especially after posh fees. I just told girl above I wouldn't accept $45 on these, so I'm sorry I cannot bundle for that price, I can do $100
scikateI just bought a pair in black in medium and long and they were perfect length. With heels. I'm 5'6" ugh I wish I could get these!! Amazing concept tho right??
dw_style@scikate yes great concept! They are so comfortable!! Well sorry these didn't work for you girl 😢
emart018So cute! Too bad they wouldn't fit me... But adorable.
dw_style@emart018 aw that's too bad, they really are a great pair of boots! Thanks tho girl 😊
yellowalisonAre they yellow
dw_style@yellowalison yes the pants are for sale in my closet, new with tags $35. Yellow with like a tan zebra print.
dw_style@rchlshw83 waist measures 15.5" with an elastic waistband
kyliebriennSo many incredible Host Picks from last night's Posh Party... so many beautiful listings to shop through! A huge congratulations to you as you celebrate this accomplishment! XO.
mshbic@dw_style hi! How much to bundle the shoes and the shirt I like?
dw_style@mshbic I saw your offer but somehow missed your comment, sorry about that! I did not see what shirt you liked, can you let me know which one or relike it please?
dw_style@knoverr hi! It's approx 18" in length, hope that helps!
girlwithdriveHi! How do you clean this? Dry clean, hand wash?
dw_style@missautumnmae yes I would say so, although I'm a size 8 and these fit me too, with a little room in the back but I didn't flop because of the straps.
dw_style@alexrid my lowest for a temporary sale
dw_style@missperfume I can't fit them or else I would try on to see but these might be more of a straight leg-skinny measuring about 5 3/4" at the bottom hem. Hope that helps!
missperfumethank you for getting back to me, but I am looking for skinny's ,thank you again.
lilyk991Please make an offer if see anything you like in my closet. I'll do the same :)
britt555Aw okay :/ what about the pants?
dw_style@britt555 sorry not selling those! :( I may be adding some gray boots soon but they will have a heel instead of being flat. I constantly add and have tons of shoes if you want to check back!
dw_style@alejandrarios total for shirt, jeans, heels is $115. Heels are size 8-$45, Jeans from Zara size 40 euro/8 us- $40. You can see the separate individual listings in my closet.
alejandrariosThe pants and shoes won't fit :( too bad you have cute style tho
miriambmWould you post a pic wearing the dress
dw_style@miriambm I'm sorry girl I wish I could but it's too small for me
dw_style@jaydasmama06 here is the listing for the jeans I was wearing! They are Fossil.
jaydasmama06Thanks doll 😕 i am a 29
sunsunlili_posh👏👏Congrats on your Host Pick 👏👏 I have shared this fabulous piece with my followers 🌹🌹👍👍Cheers! 🍷🍷💃💃🎆🎆😊😊
fifig23Belated congratulations on your Best of the Best hp!! What an honor and so deserving! 🎉🎊🎉
joellenmack@dw_style I honestly do jot know how or when they were purchased, I ironically have these sneakers, and I am a size 7. I noticed my balance was lower and I contacted customer support. I did not place this order. I am dumbfounded what happened.
dw_style@joellenmack yes that's really strange, well I contacted them too cause I can't sell them as they are showing available cause I no longer have them. I tried to ship it out quick cause I wasn't going to be available later but that was my mistake not waiting until you had time to cancel. Well they may be reaching out to you soon, but if you get them please just write return to sender and send back, thank you!
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