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Darci's Closet


dixiebella64So, as I was looking through your closet, I kept thinking "where have I seen so many of these outfits and where have I seen this young lady?" Then it occurred to me that it was a blog so I looked back at the beginning of your page and recognized the name of your blog then it all clicked. Love your blog and your closet.
dw_style@dixiebella64 wow! Thank you so much Regina! I always appreciate the love and support, thanks for checking out my blog and closet! I'm always listing pieces as my closet is always growing! ❤️
amandaw143Holy he girl that's amazing 😍
nadineasberryLookz like mine!!! Luv ur closet!!!
dw_style@nm1081 I'm wearing in the covershot photo too if that helps for reference
nm1081@dw_style great thank u for all the info! really appreciate it!!
amandaxlawrenceHmm the most I could pay is $20! This sold for less than that in stores and is used 😏☺️
dw_style@amandaxlawrence sorry girl there is no way I could go that low and have poshmark take fees. This bag has been used for 5 minutes just to take pictures and I priced as this is how much I paid for the bag with taxes. After fees I'm losing out so trying to make my money back but thanks for your interest!
amandaxlawrencecan you take a picture with this on you? we are a similar size does this fit you?
dw_styleI can't take a picture now but yes this fits me perfectly, not too short or tight. 😊
cleanfreak68Love these!! Really sharp AND my size, lol
dw_style@cleanfreak68 thank you! they are my absolute favorite! I have them in black and wear them too often haha just selling an extra pair I have....
dw_style@alejandrarios total for shirt, jeans, heels is $115. Heels are size 8-$45, Jeans from Zara size 40 euro/8 us- $40. You can see the separate individual listings in my closet.
alejandrariosThe pants and shoes won't fit :( too bad you have cute style tho
lilyk991Please make an offer if see anything you like in my closet. I'll do the same :)
dw_style@missperfume I can't fit them or else I would try on to see but these might be more of a straight leg-skinny measuring about 5 3/4" at the bottom hem. Hope that helps!
missperfumethank you for getting back to me, but I am looking for skinny's ,thank you again.
dw_style@tinee328 it is approx 15 inches, however my calf measures 15" and I'm able to wear these with jeans and stick my finger into boot at top with room. Hope that helps!
s_m_sWhats ur lowest
britt555Aw okay :/ what about the pants?
dw_style@britt555 sorry not selling those! :( I may be adding some gray boots soon but they will have a heel instead of being flat. I constantly add and have tons of shoes if you want to check back!
emilytbIs this a small or medium?
dw_style@emilytb I'm between small/medium and this fit me as shown in the last picture, however was a little snug at arms like when trying to "hug" so may fit better for a small.
dw_style@jaydasmama06 here is the listing for the jeans I was wearing! They are Fossil.
jaydasmama06Thanks doll 😕 i am a 29
sunsunlili_posh👏👏Congrats on your Host Pick 👏👏 I have shared this fabulous piece with my followers 🌹🌹👍👍Cheers! 🍷🍷💃💃🎆🎆😊😊
fifig23Belated congratulations on your Best of the Best hp!! What an honor and so deserving! 🎉🎊🎉
barelythair567Thanks for getting back so quickly. Maybe I could do after xmas
dw_style@barelythair567 okay, hope they are still there for you!
missautumnmaeTrue to size?
dw_style@missautumnmae yes I would say so, although I'm a size 8 and these fit me too, with a little room in the back but I didn't flop because of the straps.
shirjazzThe lowest for both 🙏
dw_style@shirjazz sorry to disappoint but cannot go that low due to posh fees, best I can do is $70 for both
confidentcloset@dw_style ugh these are gorgeous!😍 I've never worn Zara shoes, in almost all stores like forever 21 or H&M I'm an 8.5 how do you think these would fit?
dw_style@confidentcloset thank you, these are definitely beauties! Zara has weird sizing as they don't have size 8.5, just either an 8 or 9. I would say these are true to size 8 but sometimes I vary in sizes 8 and 8.5 since I have a wider foot.
dw_style@amandaxlawrence nope it's actually forever 21! 😍I may be selling it, might list it this weekend so check back!
amandaxlawrenceomg tag me right away or hold it and I will get it if you do :)
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