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ecollins1988Have the shoes been worn?
diordiva@ecollins1988 good morning ☺️ these have never been worn, brand new in original box.
ilovesunset💗Congrats on your host pick💗
ceebees_closetSo pretty!🎉CONGRATS!🎉 What a fantastic Host Pick! 👏😃👏
leylamariexoThanks for the shares beauty! Let me know if you're interested in anything! Everything is negotiable and will be shipped out next morning! ❤️💋
ddolivo@leylamariexo Same here doll! Thank you!! ;)
hautethreadsToo small :( just liking!
mminwah@linlen thanks... Lmk if I can help you with anything💗
bekah11Congratulations! So Fresh and Fab! Shared! :-)
kyliebriennCongratulations on your Host Pick at last night’s Fresh Fashion Posh Party! The co-hosts did such a wonderful job selecting beautiful items to share with all of us! Cheers to many more sales!! Xo
katz2Hi, nice to meet you.🙋 I'm Clara. Welcome to our Posh Family & Happy Poshing! 🎀 Thanks for the introduction @tdkbkt6
cvc1230Hi Dana and Clara!
kclark312@ecko_alyse hey! They are just about 5 inches with a 1 inch platform in front
ecko_alyseOk thanks!!
ddiannee@hearons no, an iPad And other things I would keep in my purse like my clutch wallet, phone, a little make up bag, etc. Also my iPad has an otter box case on it so it's bulkier
hearons@ddiannee No problem.
melodicsagaHi @liliana13 would you like to buy this pair? I can send it out tomorrow morning ;)
melodicsaga@kodack would you like to buy this? I can ship it out tomorrow
threeftyladyoh ok, cause i noticed some of your shoes are 8, so i thought it runs small. thanks though. @camsells
camsells@threeftylady yeah I sell my own items as well as my family members so that's why they vary in size! :)
chenlalalandYAY!🎉🎉CONGRATS on your beautiful HOST PICK!🎉🎉😄👏💐💐💐✨✨✨🌸🌺💞 💕💞I hope it sells fast!!😊💖💕
mojifI hope so too!!
martinecjb@hopewynne when I've sent shoes it usually costs $5+ because of weight, so I would only get about $7 compared to about $10 on here
hopewynneOh ok... Thanks tho:)
lvidal1997Love this Just started so please check out my closet!!
judaraa@graciescorner interested.? Price negotiable.
princeszjasmineHi there @elizabeth3374.! 😃👋 Thank u for ur love in my closet.!!😄 Ask away if u're curious, or let me know if u'd like a bundle.!!!😊💗
princeszjasmine@tracy @maria @fashionableeme @katef Possible HP for Sneakers to Heels party.??😁
angelisab28@magster111 @vondiefish @whirk .. I will drop these down in price to $16 and ship ASAP if till interested! Let me know
mixedchick@angelisab28 hello maam, can we please trade? i love this, please visit my closet!! I can ship today-tomorrow :)
sweetpea1313Great color!
claudiapop@awhhbbynikki thank you for the like! I think you have a few stuff you liked in my closet, would you be interested in a bundle price?😊
nkhob@dresswithsteff thank you for all the shares💕💕will give them back in a bit😊
dresswithsteff@nkhob your welcome! Happy poshing 💖💜💛
nkhob@hydrogirl They are doing well thank you!! How are you doing health wise?
hydrogirlWell, we found black mold in my work space at the office today, if that tells you anything😬
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