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Heidi's Closet


lucinha@crypticvault is the purple sweater available?
lucinha@crypticvault hi I need to know the color of the sweater (looking for brilliant purple) before ordering.
hilleliza*sadness* really wanted these, but it seems like these were sold in @sarayscloset some time ago. 😩😩
sarayscloset@hilleliza yes they are sold :(
crypticvault@mteisa yes it does it's a really nice dress. The pictures aren't that great. It's does stretch and fit nicely. NWT
mteisaI'm primarily worried it won't fit my chest (34DD) 😐
hillelizaAre you still active? I noticed you had the same photos as @rollingwaves . I'm interested in these shoes as well as the other pink VW pumps on the rollingwaves account. Please let me know more details on them if you can.
meredith0709Still available?
cakescutieOne of you guys are scam artists @rollingwaves @sarayscloset @crypticvault all you guys have the same picture of the same Gucci shoes with the same marks on it one of you guys are a liar
crypticvault@heyitsirene hey I'm so sorry babe but I had to cancel your order. I lost one of these shoes. I'm sorry it took a while to cancel I was really trying to look for it :(
heyitsirenehmm, that was a little unexpected. thanks for the heads up, and let me know if you ever find the other shoe.
jordanashe7842I was wondering if you were willing to trade? I'm new and there's a lot of listings I haven't put up yet. Just tell me what you would be interested in and brands you like and I can work with you!
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