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Huilin's Closet


swissmistressCongratulations on your beautiful Laid Back Glam HP!!👏💗😍👏💗😍
lhoude👏👏congrats on your Host Pock, so exciting!! I hope it sells soon!! 👏🎉👏🎉👏🎉👏😊
drizzymizzylove🌟 CONGRATS ON YOUR #LaidBackGlam HOST PICK 🌟
maureen888congraтѕ on yoυr laιd вacĸ glaм parтy нoѕт pιcĸ!! ✨💎✨💖✨✨
adayday@vone20014 sorry $10 is too low, and price is firm for items under $10, but I can do a bundle offer for these two you commented on for $25 if you like?
adaydayThank you @pinkmas :) I'm actually a photographer myself, the camera I'm using is Canon 5D Mark III
pinkmas@adayday thank you~ Lovely pictures:)
fashiontraineeAre these true to size?
adayday@fashiontrainee hi sweetie, yes they are true to size, plus the back belt is adjustable!
stephstannyCute closet!! 👍 I'm also obsessed with all your covershots 🌹
yelin0000Beautiful dress. Do you have measurement? you look so thin, I don't think I can fit but just in case. Cross fingers
kattongHi can u measure from armpit to armpit. I'm a 34 b, would that fit. I'm usually a 2 on Jcrew.
adayday@kattong emm...I'm doing a remodeling at my house now, this coat is packed and piled with other boxes in the garage...there is no way I can find it until the remodeling finish. I'll close this list for 2 weeks until it's ready, sorry about it😔
adayday@deyzie it is, can be worn in other occasion too, one of the best quality dress I have other than my own wedding gown :P
caffeWhat's your bottom price? This dress would be perfect for my mom!
adayday@little_bit_hp you are so welcome😘😘😘😔!
jaaayneeyCongratulations to your City Chic host pick! :) 08.01.14 xx -Posh Princess
kyliebriennA big and beautiful congratulations to you on your awesome Host Pick at last night's Back to School Posh Party. Cheers to many MORE sales and even MORE followers! Great job, girl.
adayday@tami_merworth hi love, the inner length is 9.5", and the width from the widest part measured 3"
adayday@tami_merworth but the length was measured from the point to heel, from the toe area to heel is about 8"
adaydayThank you @myin2828 @dollface86 @read247 @splendeur @isabellascloset and all the likes and shares!!!
swissmistressCongrats on your Pretty, Flirty & Girly HP!!🎉💗🎉💗🎉💗🎉💗
elledoggQuick question: are the flowers pure white or off-white? Thanks!
adayday@elledogg 😊the flower on this short vile is creamy white, but the other 5 flowers set is pure white.
adaydayHi @bethgugli92 Thanks for the like! I'm doing a 50% off bundle sale right now, let me know if you are interested!
mikaclarkHi are these red or pink? I'm not 100% sure from the pics.
mikaclarkSorry, I just read your listing again, hot pink :)
emilyeckesSo cute! Will def keep in mind!!!
adayday@emilyeckes thanks love! Just a little reminder this dress will be take down from the closet once the sale period ended 😘😘😘
maaly212Can you please bundle this, the pink shorts, black dress and bcbg pants?
adayday@katching28 awwww thank you!!! Yes everything went well and I was busy with the house, now finally got time to post some new stuff. Thank you for thinking about me 😘😘😘😘
katching28You're very welcome! 😘
lcardone5891Anytime! I knew my sister would enjoy this skirt! Thank you for the shares 👗👍👗😀
adaydayThank you so much ladies @lcardone5891 @cmcardone58 😘😚😚this skirt will be mail out on Monday!
mercedez12@adayday By the way, these are a 6.5 not 6.
adayday@mercedez12 oops!! I'm so sorry for making such mistake! I'm a 6 but run small to 5.5 and these fits me well, so I guess the whole time I kept thinking they are 6 but forgot to double check if they are correct. Can they fit tho?
maaly212Ooo that's pretty awesome....no wonder why all your photos look like they were professionally done haha
adayday@maaly212 awww thank you so much 😘
adaydayEmm~since I pretty much give out the shoes for free, if you wanna bundle the 3 item, the lowest I can do it $28~@legitcass
adayday@petitbot @ambrugioni @legitcass thank you all for the likes! I'm doing a 50% off bundle sale on jeans and pants right now, please let me know if you are interested!
ball_mom😭😭😭 Hate I missed this! 💋
adayday@ablake03 Hi April, thank you so much for purchasing this! My husband actually helped me to package this shirt & he forgot to wrap up the shirt with tissue paper (;( boys are not as care...), and I didn't know till we dropped all shipping boxes to the mailbox. There is nothing wrong with the package and everything is in perfect condition, but please be careful when you open the package and don't use knife to cut through the box. It's a normal small flat rate box you can easier tear open with hands. Sorry about the inconvenience about this /_\...
adayday@dclopes Thank you dear! I will make the bundle now & package & ship right after I get off work, that way the shipment tracking info should email to you by tonight :)
dclopes@adayday ... Great! Just tag me. I am on and off PM, obsessed about this dress!
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