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Boho Babe Party

arianna2496@shopcaitscloset Are you still interested ma'am? :-)
shopcaitsclosetI am but at the moment I cannot spend. I will check in with you when I can:) thanks
finelife@savoyjen Hi, thanks for the like! let me know if you see anything else in my closet, I love to bundle & will give 20% discount. HAPPY POSHING! 😃💗
zulyr@chemy Many thanks for the share!!:) Lmk if you're interested, prices are not fixed and I trade:)
rachelpan808@natadulce Hi lady. Thanks for interested, and sorry about the late reply. This final week is going crazyyy lol.. I'm more than happy to model this but unfortunately I can't fit in this anymore. sorry.. but it is really cute and a little bit cropped
rachelpan808@misshappyvirus Hi lady, Thanks for interested. I don't do trade. sorry :)
thestylish1@emhjun were you still interested in seeing the back? Just seeing this comment. It looks pretty much like the front without the buttons.
thestylish1@emhjun added new pic!
bentleyclothing@kristyd Sorry I must have over looked your comment! I can do $62 for both?!☺️💋
bentleyclothing@tarm1375 thanks for purchasing! What size did you want?!?☺️💋❤️
__melissakay@jshiner I've reduced this a few times already - this is my lowest unless bundled, sorry! 😬
jshinerIt's totally fine I get it! I don't think I'm going to buy now but ill keep it in my likes
roadtovegan@genematas I'm out of town right now, so I'll let you know when I get home.:)
roadtovegan@genematas the inseam measures 2.5" but because it's a looser fit, they would be longer than say denim shorts that are 2.5" Hope that helps! ☺️
justbecauseiam@lkmanning Thx for your likes. 20% off and 30% off all bundles. LMK? Happy Poshing in the New Year. Be blessed
justbecauseiam@reggaemeggae Thx for your like. Be
stephstewsOkay deal! 😀😍
sshaltermanHi! What is your return policy? I am interested of buying this skirt for my engagement pictorial but I am not sure if it's what I need.
allyd86Ha! I was just about to stop by and share 💜
ilovesunset@allyd86 Haha, great minds think alike *wink wink*
mollydolly@shaylaeubanks you would need to attach a bank to your account, so when u sell something, and after it got delivered, ull have a balance in your account and u can transfer it to ur card at any time or use it on here!
shaylaeubanksOk . Thanks a lot 😊
oceanjewelersFor a limited time everything in my closet is buy one, get one 50% off. I hope you get a chance to browse and find something you like. I took a look around your closet and really like all the work you put into it! Great Job!
eolvgar@oceanjewelers I truly appreciate your comment! You have an awesome closet :) !!
asvallesExcellent I want this, are you able to hold till Friday?
sirenbabeWould you be interested in trading?💜
herparallax@kenzieboerger are you still interested in purchasing? Packing up a couple of items for mailing tmr. Need to know if I have to pack up this bag too! 👍
kenzieboergerYes, I will in the next 45 minutes :)
stylemint@jtwomey1 no probs hun!!!
stylemint@zaradinero thanks so much for your like! Please let me know if you have any questions on this stunner :)
lpdesigns@mdupass I would think so or maybe just an inch above.
lpdesigns@rondajorgenson @bexrrex @dolltx @mdupass @mighty0bean @jarvisma thanks for the like. I am having 10% off this weekend if you're interested in buying ;)
annaadler369What do u have left in this
vivacouture@annaadler369 hello Anna this one I have a medium left but it runs big so would fit a large because it is a very loose style ! Let me know if you have other questions !
blondeasabattI'm in love with this bag!! Thank you so much!!
lula44@blondeasabatt yay I am so glad it worked out!! Thank you so much again for being so understanding. Enjoy the bag! 😘😘
tamarismwhat happened, did you refund the money?
flaca1991@tamarism i tried shipping but label didnt work because it said its been cancelled already
eugenia21@ashnuge thank you so much for the rating 😊
ashnugeit's a cute skirt, thank you for sending so quickly!
czepeda_77@erikame Would you trade for something in my closet??
erikame@czepeda_77 I don't trade but I will be happy to sell you these😊
ceebees_closet🌸CONGRATS!🌸 Your Host Pick is anything, but basic for tonight's 🎉Back To Basics party!🎉 Cute!👏😃👏
eburkettOMG! Congrats on your awesome HP!!! Well deserved!!!😍💓🎉🎊🙋
nila5Thank you Hun for letting me know I thought it's Tiffany 😊💖
ginap7777No problem, I will cancel your order then
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