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Spring Preview Party

daniellehunter@mrssword How can I get one of these in 2XL
mrssword@daniellehunter Hi Danielle, unfortunately this sweatshirt is only made in XS-L. 😊
lizzydrew22You were such a fantastic hostess!! We're sure to see your name on the marquis again soon! 😘
poshkristen@lizzydrew22 Thank you so much for that sweet compliment!!
maxedout🎉Congrats on your HP!😉
nikongirlrocksCongratulations!!! Adorable Spring Preview 🎀***HOST PICK!!***🎀 💐🌸
djmarcinkieiwczHi can I see them on your face or on someones face I would like to see placement and size.
megan185Haha and everything is long on me! Such is life. You have an absolutely wonderful closet :-) when will you be able to ship?
kmwhiten@megan185 I can quickly get it in today's mail the post man hasn't come to the house yet
lhoudeCongrats on your Host Pick!! 👏👏👏 I hope it sells and I am so excited for you!! 👏👏👏👏
mandysue@leslienaomi92 this is the same dress in a different color so you can see the full length on me. 😊
miami_wifeCongratulations to your host pick at tonight's party!!! I smell a sale real soon!!!:) <3
swissmistressCongratulations on your Flirty and Feminine Host Pick!!💖💕🎀🎉🎀💕💖
makennaexchange@tevavold hi! Just wanted to say thank you for choosing this as one of your host picks! Much appreciated! 😘❤️😉
rbillings2Is this sheer?
ariane23@qbangirl7 hi, so I had her try it on, but she is actually a 36 D and she still had space in the breast area and it was not tight at all. Let me know what you think :)
ariane23@qbangirl7 the material is 100% polyester, if that helps.
mizfabulousity@nancy_vbaby hi up late ? It's Still available 👍 would u like to bundle it w anything else ?
mizfabulousity@vvpink thank you! Will mail out tomorrow 👍😃
jojo@modesque_city I know what you mean about impluse buying i do that all the time!! Then I realize why did i buy this lol! I also have a big shopping problem & I'm trying to downsize as well. I need room for the new spring and summer clothes. :)
modesque_city@anniejerz Thank you for your purchase :) Will ship tomorrow or Thursday morning! Will message you once I shipped it. :)
shelly592🌸🍃Hello Spring🍃🌸 Congrats on your fabulous HP!
chuchala99One moment can change destiny and the envelope please ✉️...the winner is 🎉YOU🎉👏👏and your fabulous host pick.Now, take that Sandra👊Amy👊Meryl👊Jennifer👊 🏆🏆💋😘👏👏
kjlachico@shoogal82 I just wanted to let you know that I can get the frames did to my face. They are out of shape and that can be corrected by optician. Hooray! I really love these frames. Thank you so much.
shoogal82@kjlachico Karen! Fantastic news! Thank you for updating me. I really wanted to make sure you were happy with your purchase! 😊 Great news! Happy ending 👯
moonbunnytoo@mizfabulousity yup yup!! 🎉✨😁 time to save my pennies for the food, drink and fabulous outfits!!
mizfabulousity@moonbunnytoo I know ! Looking forward tomeeting you .
mogiiie@sheelagoh I believe you are a good posher and this is an exception but I can't risk another 100 dollars on it. I should have inspected the dresses more closely before I accepted the offer. Also one dress was a small and the other medium. You listed the measurements with each size so I ordered two smalls as te measurements were appropriate. If you were listing the small size as what you believe should be called a medium I wish you had told me just to avoid confusion. As to why listing the actual brand of the items vs calling them indie/ no brand would cause confusion... I can't say I understand where you're coming from. Still I think you have great stuff in your closet and I wish you the best of luck with future poshing.
javagirl1Hello it is 354am. I wanted to tell you the Chloe wedges are beautiful. I almost think I could go down a half size possibly but they will def work for me! Thank you for the belt. The dress is pretty. Fits really well across my chest & waist. I may wear spanx & I have never worn those in my life! I think because it is such a fine fabric & I don't want any bulges ☺️
vivacouture@javagirl1 oh wow you must be do tired and I hope you are catching up on sleep ! Well I am happy to hear that . And yes sometimes with wedges you never know .. I had made an extra hole on the strap for me as well . I am sure you will look fabulous in them for many seasons to come ! I love spanx because after turning 30-35 gravity took over my body and so spanx are my best friend !!!
catcardenasok so how do we do this? It says sold?
poshkristen@catcardenas Hi there! Are you the same person as @catdancing? If so there is a new listing created that I tagged your @catdancing account in that you can purchase.
i3shoppingOk. Thanks! Can't wait! Can you please post a picture of you wearing it? I'm XS and I'm petite I just think about that and I will love to see how it suppose to look
chuchala99One moment can change destiny and the envelope please ✉️...the winner is 🎉YOU🎉👏👏and your fabulous host pick.Now, take that Sandra👊Amy👊Meryl👊Jennifer👊 🏆🏆💋😘👏👏
htcarsonThank you everyone!! 😘🎈🎊🎉
epark1123@lovejookim hi! Do you trade? 😊 please check out my closet @epark1123 😊 I have brands like on teaspoon, all saints, free people, and blackmilk! 😊
stephanielovese@lovejookim if you accept do you think you can change the price and tag me so I can get discounted shipping. Let me know 😊
shelly592🌸🍃Hello Spring🍃🌸 Congrats on your fabulous HP!
mrsdiva703This is AWESOME!!! Well deserved SPRING PREVIEW HP!
mands13@hmb8787 when you track it does it show as delivered to your house? I would try contacting the post office and give them your tracking number. They should be able to try and locate it. Let Posh know all details and that you have contacted the USPS. Hopefully it wasn't delivered to the wrong location 😩 . For your other packages to have arrived though it seems like something happened along the way to it! Let me know what happens. Best of luck ! 💕
mands13@hmb8787 what ended up happening with the bag? Did it get lost or delivered? 💕
kmdavies@kmesserl-- thank you so much! I JUST missed the mail today, so I will send this out first thing Monday. You'll love it!
kmdavies@kmesserl- I'm SO glad you like it!! I didn't know that was your first purchase! :) Please let me know if I can help make your experience any easier! Also--- all my returning customers get an additional 10% off. Thanks again!!
cindytengCan you do lower than $100 by any chance?
cicadianI'm sorry but can you decline my offer? (If you were not going to already)
rubysbeautyCongrats on your Date Night host pick 7/18/14!
hopesparkles💗💄💃🎉 We're going on a double date! We both were picked tonight! Congratulations and have fun, fun, fun! 💐💃💄💗
jentuckerSo happy to see this sold (and also totally jealous because I'd had my eye on it for a while!)
fancybows@jentucker thanks:) I'm happy too, someone needs to be getting some good use out of it!!
vivishiuhLove it but sadly too big. Thanks for fast shipping and lovely package. And it's in great condition!
vivishiuhSorry I wanted to give 4 stars but somehow system went wrong. Not sure how to change it tho
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