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Preppy Glam Party

susan_nah@monicawei yes I remember u. Hun I only have this one size. It's not right at all so I think maybe it could fit a small medium but I don't have a way to confirm for sure sry ;)
monicaweiThanks dear. I think i will pass. But can i get some items from you please? I will comment now which ones i want.
marypalNo there's nothing else I'm ready to purchase
marypalI'm not home when I get back I will.accept
lana_88🎉👏 Congratulations on your City Chic HP! 🎉🌟
brittanyroyal@estorms65 let me know if you're interested in bundling your likes for a discount. 😊
tinalalinaa@cindyspieces hi!🙋 thanks so much for your likes!! Would you be interested in a discounted bundle?! It was my birthday last week and I'm giving out extra discounts! 😊
classyjassy60 and I'll buy them today?
shelshelronI can give you $50 for these right now. This is all I can afford and is comparable to what I would pay at a high end consignment shop.
ginger71Congrats on your fabulous Host Pick!👏👏🎉🎉🎀🎀
cody7150Congratulations on your fabulous Host Pick!
susan_nah@lorazybeth hun I will write email to poshmark now to see which person has ur item because no other people are saying they got a wrong item now. Please be patient and sorry about this mistake!
lorazybethOk thank you
victoria64@ashleyslats123 thank you for the like!! Interested? I will accept a reasonable offer. I'm just trying to clean out my closet. Thanks giro👏💚💚
shaynanicole95@melissalaurennn thanks for the like ♥️♥️♥️. Are you interested?
shaynanicole95@haileylauren252 thanks for the like ♥️♥️♥️ if you're interested lmk !! ☺️☺️☺️
bunny_luHey there! What's the lowest you could do for these shoes, the tommy flats, and 2 bb shirts? Thanks!! :)
ahsieh@@bunny_lu The total of the items you mentioned come to 90 (two pairs of NWT BB sandals, the Tommy flats, and two BB shirts - I only see you liked one shirt though, which is the other one? Could you like it too please?), and I will discount 25% on bundles of 3 items and more, so the total come to 68.
candyapples09@highondiamonds - Love the shoes. They are perfect. So adorable! Thanks for sending them so fast 💐
highondiamonds@candyapples09 I'm glad you love them! If you need anything else or have any questions let me know :)
girlalu@gjdjaj cluster? .... This one is for 9
girlalu@gjdjaj thanks a lot! Will ship this hunger games bracelet tomorrow☺️
crmnrcks@misscmd hi - thanks for your interest! Not sure if you're aware, but posh takes 20% commission off what i sell.....so $20 is too low (unless this was bundled with something similar or greater)...
crmnrcks@murdockr hi - thanks for your purchase! Just shipped today :)
dayz3@trub ❤️Thank you for the 5 star review! It was a great purchase!
trubDo you have any Eileen Fisher or any more Citron?😊
travelgrl@civanna love your hight!! I would go with the small but if you want a loose fit the medium would also fit you.
civannaWould you take 20?
katef@nsm56 yay! I'm so glad you love it :)
nana23ntn@katef I have accepted your invitation to your Posh jewelry party. I'm fairly new to Posh and have attended many parties, shared closets of others but have never received a host pick. Can you please give me pointers on how to make this happen? Any help you can give would be AWESOME
geegee_33Could you also make a bundle for me also
thecute1@geegee_33 yes if course...lmk when you have picked all your likes you want bundled
tara_picks@samaruda I love yours as well!
beccalynn97@tara_picks I looooove your closet! I have been improving my closet and trying to get host picks. Do you have any advice? Thanks for looking at this! Congratulations on co-hosting tonight's party!😘
mamatasha@yurica5592 thanks for your purchase 💕 I'll tag u tomorrow once I send it😍
yurica5592Thank you! I really appreciated since I'm pressed for time! ; )
dariel_michelleHi 😊 I would love if you'd check my closet for a possible Host Pick. I follow all Poshmark rules and have several new handbags and pre-loved items. I would greatly appreciate your consideration. Congrats on hosting! 🎉🎉
cocosimplelife@xomaegan what the back looks like 😘
lusfashionfinds@brunetkov I can pick them up from my parent's house tomorrow, im on EST so its already 10pm (i keep most of my stuff there for space reasons). So tomorrow if you need them ASAP or saturday morning the latest.
lusfashionfinds@brunetkov thanks for the rating,
faribao@leysaypiza Hi there! This ring is not marked 925. I'm not sure if it's Sterling silver. Thank you
faribao@melanieduzyj Thanks for the like, happy to answer any question you might have
luckymegLove it so much! Im even giving up wearing green right now because I just do not want to take it off lol.
darlingkim@luckymeg Yay!!! I'm so glad you like it so much :) Enjoy it up! <3
luv2shopkimxoWhat ur lowest ? Do u take pp?
ashlee2121@luv2shopkimxo hey girl! I'm sorry I don't do paypal but I would lower to $18 for you and include a VS Pink perfume vial :-)
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