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Preppy Glam Party


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susan_nah@mrsstorer oh really didn't know that. But strips are always a celebrity love ;)
nickybrattinaThose shoes!!! Love.
dizzyy@mrserica777 I'm sorry, I do not. If I ever do get any I will tag you!
s_rosebud🎉🎉🎉Shared🎉🎉🎉You have an amazing closet😆
seducing@tuesdaymundy dude I'm dancing! Haha thank you so much chica💕you made my night✌🐯😘 this emojie is for you! ❤💚💛👏👏👏👏👌✌ amazing partaaaay👍
tuesdaymundy@seducing haha dude I literally have pictures taken by my loving boyfriend of me dancing when I got host picks. I totally understand that inclination!! 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
ash_baby@khey this grey top is it stretchy kind of? I don't like that smushed boob look when a top isn't to stretchy. (If you read this post first the first part of it is under the pink blazer)
khey@ash_baby sorry dear, no more large
ringleaderCONGRATS!!! 💥⭐️💖⭐️💥 ON YOUR HOST PICK!!! 🍃🌸🍃
swissmistressCongrats on your fantastic Downtown Romantic HP!😻🌺💕👏🎉
tuesdipedrazaI'm sorry sweetie but I'm not going to be able to get those items from you :-/ Thanks for your business !!!
tinalalinaa@tuesdipedraza oh well that's too bad. You said you were going to and I was holding it for you. Thanks for letting me know.
veronica30@susan_nah love this piece! Let me know if you ever have a sale!! 😊
susan_nah@veronica30 I will Hun ;)
godsgirl4evrLove this
amalia84Thank you very much for sharing my closet
twobrokefriends@xjac12 thanks for the shares! We appreciate it:) Have a great evening:))
xjac12@twobrokefriends thank you to you as well!!! 😊💙💜💚
shaynanicole95@melissalaurennn thanks for the like ♥️♥️♥️. Are you interested?
shaynanicole95@haileylauren252 thanks for the like ♥️♥️♥️ if you're interested lmk !! ☺️☺️☺️
bunny_luHey there! What's the lowest you could do for these shoes, the tommy flats, and 2 bb shirts? Thanks!! :)
ahsieh@@bunny_lu The total of the items you mentioned come to 90 (two pairs of NWT BB sandals, the Tommy flats, and two BB shirts - I only see you liked one shirt though, which is the other one? Could you like it too please?), and I will discount 25% on bundles of 3 items and more, so the total come to 68.
candyapples09@highondiamonds - Love the shoes. They are perfect. So adorable! Thanks for sending them so fast 💐
highondiamonds@candyapples09 I'm glad you love them! If you need anything else or have any questions let me know :)
bevinmHow large is the purse? Like large enough to hold notebooks?
berenice714@bevinm it is a medium size definitely fit a medium notebook😊
mjaime3@lakishaakadiva this price is firm, it's in excellent condition.
lakishaakadivaOk. I am still interested.
girlalu@gjdjaj cluster? .... This one is for 9
girlalu@gjdjaj thanks a lot! Will ship this hunger games bracelet tomorrow☺️
leilaaqNooo not any that I'm willing to get rid of :(
jasminenugget@leilaaq Aw okay well lmk if you ever decide to purchase!
ehmlaHi @crmnrcks Is there another listing for these shoes with regular pics? Thanks!
crmnrcks@ehmla yes - i'll tag you in it :) had to show all the angles since it's an intricate design ;)
travelgrl@civanna love your hight!! I would go with the small but if you want a loose fit the medium would also fit you.
civannaWould you take 20?
samarudaSOOO CUTE! I love your closet! So nice to meet you Hun!💕💕😘😘😘
shoedazzlexo@katef Would you consider $20?
yleach442Will u make a bundle for me with a big discount for 1st time buyers?
thecute1@yleach442 What items do you want bundled? I don't normally discount items separately unless they are bundled 😉just FYI posh takes 20% so it's really hard to give huge discounts on brand new stuff😁
tara_picks@samaruda I love yours as well!
beccalynn97@tara_picks I looooove your closet! I have been improving my closet and trying to get host picks. Do you have any advice? Thanks for looking at this! Congratulations on co-hosting tonight's party!😘
krimmerI want this in an x-large, but I'm looking at the rest of your closet for a bundle deal! Get back with you with other item(s) I may want,
bentleyclothing@krimmer Okay sounds good! Just let me know :) I do great bundle discounts :)
bentleyclothing@heathersha Is this the batwing top you want? Also which maxi skirt? Sorry I can't seem to find your likes☺️💋
heathershaYes in a large and the black and white chevron maxi in small
mamatasha@magster111 hey Hun so sorry so late went to have my hair done and it was disasterous:( lol but she finally got the color to take 4 hours later😬 the day I have had haha - well I added the pic hope it helps😍
magster111@mamatasha Ohhhh thank u so much. However, the bag is a little n the small side for my taste. It's beautiful but will have to pass. Hope your hair turned out great!
clister1920@4778toni That's perfect, even easier if you want to buy the Poshmark shipping label
4778toniWon't be able to until Thursday transfer $$ unto paypal acct takes that long..so if u still hv I will buy..sorry!
cocosimplelifePrice and listing adjusted for you @christinevinell for when your ready to purchase and I can have this shipped out today it only 9am here so I have plenty time :)
christinevinellI forgot about the huge time difference. So funny 😊thanks !!
emilyybyrddI fell like maybe we should wait a while then and I will message you when I'm ready so you don't have to hold anything back ☺️@tinalalinaa
tinalalinaa@emilyybyrdd okay, if that's what you would like 😊 hope to speak with you soon! 💕💕
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