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Date Night Party


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dawnearraiz@ilysalena how does it fit?
ilysalena@dawnearraiz it's fitted at the top and loose from your high waist and down. I wear an 8/10 in dresses and it's a little loose on me.
crystaljos@chaesmi2 No problem! Sorry it took so long. I've had kind of a hectic week! And actually getting to the post office is a lot more difficult than printing out Poshmark's shipping label, slapping it on a box and waiting for the mail man to stop by! Hahaha. Please let me know when you get it!
chaesmi2@crystaljos it's ok, we all have those wk every now and then! ;) Ok I will let you know girl!!
sunnysty@dancer56301 I can go $30 and if you bundle something else I can give more discount :)
dancer56301Thx happy selling
ms88@shopping4usall hi there! Temporarily this lovely sweater is on sale for $19! Happy poshing.
leggn@ohheyitsraeee Thank you for the likes😊💕 I have my first fabulous Buy One Get One 50% OFF big sale on everything right now, don't miss this awesome limited time flash sale!!🎉❤️❤️❤️
leggn@nanzie Thank you for the likes😊💕 I have my first fabulous Buy One Get One 50% OFF big sale on everything right now, Only 2 days left, don't miss this awesome limited time flash sale!!🎉❤️❤️❤️
nai_gera@lindseytodd just bought it!! Thank you so much please provide me with tracking number
lindseytodd@nai_gera thank you, you will get an email as soon as it ships but if I happen to see if t before you I can give it to you on here 😉
xjac12@allyabstract sorry no trades!
xjac12@tinalalinaa 🎉congrats on hosting!!!🎉 I hope you'll check out my closet for potential host picks 😊
brookeharriss@rubyrz please let me know!!! I want this sooo bad! and if your putting snything else up let me know
rubyrz@brookeharriss I have a button up brandy top if you want to check that out & at the moment I don't but keep checking up I randomly post items
pearlltasticOkay cool, i would love to purchase all 4 :)
pearlltasticCan i also purchase the black bow earrings :)
fabicase@supersaenz I consider you a trusted seller and I love this item so much I added it to my Pinterest Poshmark Board! Find it at: http://www.pinterest.com/gloriabsantos/poshmark/ Happy Selling!!
moorepatrice@roadtovegan OMG! I have this exact purse in black. Love it! Congrats on your party 4/11! I will be there with "bells" on! Thanks for the head's up Sharon. 😘@rad2474him
roadtovegan@moorepatrice thanks! The party will be a blast! I love this bag too...I almost got the black too!!
momofllbdcould you bundle this with the pink hair clips and vintage bow earrings?
sunnysty@morgan36 hair clips + earrings + top + bundle discount = $55
shakulik@highondiamonds 🎉🎉CONGRATS🎉🎉on your Host Pick.
ball_momWho ISN'T obsessed with a vacation? This would be perfect! Congrats on your host pick! 🎉💕😁🙌
billie52Well hon thanks,but if u do in future please let me know good luck and merry Xmas to u and yours god bless u
sunnysty@jjaindl 35 is my lowest, but if you bundle something else, I could give you more discounts :)
gator45Just as described and the fit is perfect thank you so much:) stunning on:)
rosemaryatl@gator45 So glad to hear it! Yay!! Have a fantastic Valentine's Day ;)
francesca27Are these true to color? Because they look gray
irley@francesca27 they're true to black
gwennlei👏🎉👏🎉Congratulations! Great Host pick!😘👕👠
pamelajusino@jojokaka hi - was this shipped yet? If so please email the tracking information. Thank you.
smclondonIs this more of a white taupe than brown?? Just making sure before I purchase!
jojokaka@smclondon it's more of a white taupe :)
cheybaby143Hi! Is this still available?
bekah11Beautiful! Shared! :-)
jojokaka@jeannietat it was delivered on Saturday, 2/1/204 at 12:46PM. The address on the label poshmark sent me is: 2075 Utica Ave, Brooklyn NY 11234.
jeannietatThanks it was left with the store next door !!! Smh ...
kellz0715🔥🔥🔥 @jojokaka
elleshriveyI just got the bag and I am in love with it!! Thank you so much, love!!!!!!!!
zoedandreaCan yu 90? I'll take it at 90
lluna0227🎉🎉 It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together. -Alexander McQueen Congrats! 🎨🎨🎨🎉🎉🎉
jojokaka@pinky1008 I just canceled the order Hun, you can repurchase it again here 😊😊
pinky1008Ok i did thank you.
kaekWho Doesn't Want To Want In Heels Made Of Gold?!
wowenypon@kaek I know right?! Lol. Love love these!!!
kristyblocker@stillafoxafter3 ok, said its in route to you. Can't believe it's taken this long. So sorry about that. All packages i mail out take 2 days
stillafoxafter3Thanks for the update 🌟 I hope it gets here ok!!
marimelz@messerac is a nice leather purse , not big at all , but enough room for all the stuff the I put on my purse lol ... I really like it
messerac@marimelz ok thanks! It's super cute!
yogimooshyThank you
yogimooshyHey there, love the bag, but 2 small pieces came off of the strap, little gold ends, :(
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