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Date Night Party

bentleyclothing@kimberlydriskel Okay sounds good! Just let me know when your ready and I can get you your discounted price☺️💋❤️
kimberlydriskelThank you! I definitely will!
chaesmi2Hey girl! I am trying to think of some ways to get more engagement to my closet, do you feel like this contest worked well for you? Or are there any suggestions you may have that would even make it better. I want to do something but just brain storming for right now. Thank you!! I still love my necklace. 💜
crystaljos@chaesmi2 Hey girl! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I haven't been very active on posh. As of late, real life has become more of a priority of mine. 😂😉 Honestly, this giveaway didn't generate as much traffic to my closet as I would have hoped. I'll have to go back and count to be sure, but I don't think I had more than 30 people enter. I've found that the best way to get people to visit your closet is to share and share often. Share from old closets, new closets and everything in between. That way people will go to your closet to share back and they may see something they like. Or maybe one of their followers that doesn't follow you will like what they shared of yours. It seems like you're already doing this, but it's what's worked best in my experience. Good luck! Let me know what you decide to do!
sunnysty@dancer56301 I can go $30 and if you bundle something else I can give more discount :)
dancer56301Thx happy selling
ms88@shopping4usall hi there! Temporarily this lovely sweater is on sale for $19! Happy poshing.
bekah11Adorable! Shared!
sugarskull_⭐️Your closet has so much flare! I just had to share!⭐️
nai_gera@lindseytodd just bought it!! Thank you so much please provide me with tracking number
lindseytodd@nai_gera thank you, you will get an email as soon as it ships but if I happen to see if t before you I can give it to you on here 😉
michelle2345Hi would love this whole outfit, do u have small in skirt & medium or large in shirt not sure I'm 34D. What would you suggest? Thanks
bentleyclothing@michelle2345 I do have a small in the skirt but I don't currently have the top! Would you want to bundle with another item?!☺️💋
brookeharriss@rubyrz please let me know!!! I want this sooo bad! and if your putting snything else up let me know
rubyrz@brookeharriss I have a button up brandy top if you want to check that out & at the moment I don't but keep checking up I randomly post items
pearlltasticOkay cool, i would love to purchase all 4 :)
pearlltasticCan i also purchase the black bow earrings :)
fabicase@supersaenz I consider you a trusted seller and I love this item so much I added it to my Pinterest Poshmark Board! Find it at: http://www.pinterest.com/gloriabsantos/poshmark/ Happy Selling!!
momofllbdcould you bundle this with the pink hair clips and vintage bow earrings?
sunnysty@morgan36 hair clips + earrings + top + bundle discount = $55
shakulik@highondiamonds 🎉🎉CONGRATS🎉🎉on your Host Pick.
ball_momWho ISN'T obsessed with a vacation? This would be perfect! Congrats on your host pick! 🎉💕😁🙌
billie52Well hon thanks,but if u do in future please let me know good luck and merry Xmas to u and yours god bless u
gator45Just as described and the fit is perfect thank you so much:) stunning on:)
rosemaryatl@gator45 So glad to hear it! Yay!! Have a fantastic Valentine's Day ;)
gwennlei👏🎉👏🎉Congratulations! Great Host pick!😘👕👠
pamelajusino@jojokaka hi - was this shipped yet? If so please email the tracking information. Thank you.
smclondonIs this more of a white taupe than brown?? Just making sure before I purchase!
jojokaka@smclondon it's more of a white taupe :)
jojokaka@jeannietat it was delivered on Saturday, 2/1/204 at 12:46PM. The address on the label poshmark sent me is: 2075 Utica Ave, Brooklyn NY 11234.
jeannietatThanks it was left with the store next door !!! Smh ...
kennedymonroe@jojokaka Thank you! 💞💞💞
kennedymonroe@jojokaka Hi! Received the sweater and it is ADORABLE! I LOVE the feel of it too! Thank you!💖💞💞💖 Please tag me if you have more. I have 3 daughters whom I would love to buy this for😋😉
kristyblocker@stillafoxafter3 ok, said its in route to you. Can't believe it's taken this long. So sorry about that. All packages i mail out take 2 days
stillafoxafter3Thanks for the update 🌟 I hope it gets here ok!!
yogimooshyThank you
yogimooshyHey there, love the bag, but 2 small pieces came off of the strap, little gold ends, :(
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