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Bold & Beautiful Party


Brand-spankin' new. Shop a great selection of listings with tags attached.

jojokaka@sardarbur shipping is $4.99. I can do $45 for you and plus shipping its gonna be $49.99 😊😊 will have it shipped tomorrow morning if you purchase it tonight.
sardarburPerfect! That sounds good! I will purchase now
jojokaka@shanahan9 hi hun, your bag has been shipped this morning 😊😊
shanahan9Awesome! Thank you so much!
bentleyclothing@irachelle See you received your bag?! Your mom is going to love for Christmas!!! 😘❤️
irachelleYa thank u so much! I know shes gonna be so happy! Happy Holidays ⛄️❄️😃
rockwallaceBuying now. Thank you!
jessica2_lynne1Hey just relaying a message for someone!! @lovelm wanted me to check with you as to why she's blocked from you 😁
dpuslI received the bag today it isn't suede? Was I sent the wrong bag?
jojokaka@dpusl sorry hun, I forgot to mention that this is not real suede, it's faux suede. You can request return thru poshmark if you want to. I'm so sorry 😔😔
marmaHello dear! Any update on this?
jojokaka@marma sorry hun.. No more brown tassels 😔😔
wenrellaThank You again for all the HP's🎉 PM didn't send the e-mail of congrats so I'm going to make a post. ❌❌⭕️⭕️✌️ have a Merry Christmas
lorilee11I wish u still had that tie dye dress in the picture <3
jackiieeee@thull295 It measures 33" from shoulder to hem and 18" from armpit to armpit. Let me know if I can measure anything else :)
thull295Thank you. I just purchased it :)
sw33tt@elsiemarvin sure Lmk what else I can bundle for u
sw33tt@hannah_adamz thanks for the follow and all the likes. Lmk if u have any questions
mini56890Whats the designer ? And if no-one special why is the price so high ?
bentleyclothing@rachelw Sure I can do that!
rachelwOr was thinking of bundling w/mint stripe maxi dress. The 2 for $100? Lmk :)
kadiemarie17So I actually j/ bought this bag & it's super cute but b/c I'm new to the sight I was not aware of how cute ALL of ur stuff is & I certainly wasn't aware of the fact the u would have it almost $10 cheaper!.. I have really mixed emotions & now looking at everything id like to use u as a vender due to fees back but at the same time I want to ask for a price reduction tho I know it's prob too late, plus it's the holiday season & I couldn't!...so I told them to send it anyway... But kinda feel like it wouldn't be a bad idea to show your acknowledgment to this issue by rewarding someone who would be a great customer w/ something like discounting my next item/purchase.... Thanks KDV
gail64Is this genuine leather or vegan
skoepfle@artemisof3 thanks for the like warrenton friend! One I my members owns a busienss there Fauquier Hearing Services!
medstor@branmonroe4 Thank you hun. This is a really cute piece. I wish i could take better pics :-)
medstor@star1028 Thank you for the love Hun. Lmk if anything interests you.
medstor@marie65 it just a regular brand hun.
medstor@marie65 if you are interested, i can do $15 for the case hun.
susan_nah@nikki1512 thank u Hun ;)
nikki1512Hello!!! Thank you so much!!!! These shoes are amazingly beautiful!!!! I put it on for one party I received so many compliments on it!!!!! 👠👠 I just love them!!!!!!
jojokaka@kaiyanam sure! I can create a new listing with the picture and tag you there :)
kaiyanamAwesome, thank you!
solsticeloveAlso, will you be getting more black bags anytime soon?
jojokaka@solsticelove I will have more in about 2 weeks 😊
19782000@bentleyclothing Hey Hun.... Thk you I'm still waiting for my tax return as soon as I get it I can pay you..... 😊🌴
bentleyclothing@19782000 Okay sounds good! ❤️😘
lovelmHappy Saturday! Shared your listings! - Jodie
blossomingmami@lovelm Thanks so much! Have a great one!
steffy_fashion@jamielove123 hey girl! Thanks for liking my outfit. If you have any questions let me know. I'd love to sell this to you.
steffy_fashion@greencookie23 thank you for checking out my closet. Let me know if you have any questions about anything.
jojokaka@oliviakomanduri yes I can do $35 😊😊
kimbeleescloset@jojokaka hello I have noticed several girls selling these bags ! Do you mind telling me where y'all get them ? :)
imakemyowntrendHi.. What exactly is included.... ? And is this a perfume...?
caraschicstuffStill abailable
cuteclothes13@karina1293 really?! My lowest would be $25? Do you want it?!
karina1293I will think about it n get back to u!!!
romanticheartWhat color in large do you have?
bentleyclothing@romanticheart I have teal, white, burgundy, purple, I also have the leopard print ones listed in my closet ☺️💋
mia282$60 i Will get it right now 👏☺️👍
gabrielle1030Hi @mia282 The lowest I can go is 65 since it`s still new w/ tag. Let me know if you're still interested okay Sweetie.
jojokaka@marma thank you for your purchase. I will have it shipped today 😊😊😘
lovezDo you have anymore of this bag
suesue8811@irley .. Any chance that this runs big!
irley@suesue8811 I wouldn't say it runs big, but it definitely stretches
susan_nah@hakngan yes Hun lmk if u r interested then I can start u a new customized listing :)
susan_nah@kristinannie Hun could u cancel this so I can put this and the cardholder together for u so u don't have to pay two shipping :)
dayz3@hollynoel25 ✨OK...I have taken a measure BUT it's not going to tell you true size of shoe. Measured sole is 8" long and 2.75" at widest point. If you see curve of wedge...it extends beyond sole and toe beyond where the sole ends. These run a pinch large.
hollynoel25@dayz3 ok, Ty for those. I will remeasure my foot before bed. They're Sooo cute!!! That was a 7? Or a 7 1/2?
susan_nah@vbudiharto Hun I won't cuz I will go in a euro trip soon so I won't stock anything for a long time. Not trying to sell it but honestly I don't feel it won't accommodate 34C. My roomie is this size maybe I can have her try it on in a week when she comes back :)
vbudiharto@susan_nah that would be great! If she's 34C then it would be the same as me...
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