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Guess, Express, Bebe & Steve Madden Party

cw_closet@loriwgalloway thank you for sharing!!
rebecca_beauty Hi, please come to my closet and take a look. I just added Some new items. You will find things you like! Thanks. :)))
jbrown13@bohemiia Thanks for 'liking' these Bebe yoga pants and the Express pink shorts! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask or if you're interested in bundling, just let me know. 😊
jbrown13@darindagreen Thanks for 'liking' these Bebe yoga pants! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 😊
mrs_manning@soposh13 I can no longer hold the item. If you want to purchase let me know or else I will be accepting offers from other poshers. Thanks! :)
soposh13Thanks for holding the dress. I'm going to pass for now.
steponmeeeee@madisonkeene1 sorry hun I'm not trading but I can give you a discount if you bundle items in my closet :)
piinkbarbiieAll the belly rings are sold ??
jbrown13@piinkbarbiie I only had one belly button ring listed and it has sold.
petite_shopgirl@kadesbully088 thanks for the offer but not sure I'm ready to part with them for that price. Will let u know if I change my mind!!
kadesbully088@petite_shopgirl no problem, thanks for responding.
poohsarangThanks very much for your detailed reply! Unfortunately, I'm looking for a specific model (no.69), so I will have to pass...
melodycalla@poohsarang no problem! I figured you were looking specifically for that :) I hope you find some!
cimage23@michellelinnn Oh definitely will. I'm sure we'd agree that this app is addicting 😁!
tinsleymarieI want these in size 8us. How much?
angelcouture@tinsleymarie sold out! I have no more my dear! Sorry:(
jbrown13@gmonroy0520 Thanks for 'liking' these shorts, the Hollister skort and the zebra print pouch! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask or if you're interested in bundling your likes, just let me know. 😊
jbrown13@mascaraas Thanks for 'liking' these Express shorts! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! 😃
mbohlfsI am ready to make a purchase in the next day or two, that's a promise. So could u please hold onto it for me so that nothing else gets sold? Thanks, I'd greatly appreciate it and I won't be letting u down!!
cinthi88@mbohlfs ok I have made the bundle for u and this time will def make sure nothing else gets sold as I added a 0 to the price so let me know when ur ready to buy and lll change the price for u... Thanks again
jaclyn_lee@joanneva the body of the cami is stretchy but due to the beaded detail around the top there's very little give up there....I have to be honest that I do think this medium runs small
joannevaI'd better wait then. Thanks
ameliagrace@brooxies463 Yes! I love it, thanks :)
brooxies463@ameliagrace - I'm so glad you love it!! Please can you leave feedback in my listing "feedback is important". I would appreciate that! :)
dnichole88I haven't been home yet. But will do the second I get home tonight.
alfarle2Okay . Sounds gr8 :) @dnichole88
sassyhill1224@jlgonzo1 thanks doll for checking out my closet. Let me know if your interested in bundling your likes:)
jbrown13@katelynrolling Thanks for 'liking' this Express dress! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 😊
jbrown13@jennsacc Thanks for 'liking' this Express dress! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! 😃
paolaaahI love my jacket, thank you hun :)
mamavoom@paolaaah yay! I'm so glad!! Thanks again for your purchase! Enjoy!
trishabb1I was wondering if we still have the bundle for the squence top and the black guess skirt for 30 I was going to pay for it but don't see it
melodycalla@trishabb1 sorry hun! I held it to Monday as agreed, but I didn't hear from you so I figured you changed your mind. I'll make your bundle, and I'll tag you in about 5 min. ☺
nayely01I wanna buy
jackiieeee@nayely01 To purchase, just click "buy now" :) I will ship tomorrow morning.
amithewaffleGot them in today. Fit perfectly. Thank you for the wonderful shoes
skyeyas@amithewaffle yay!! Glad they worked out for u!! Pls don't forget to "accept" ur purchase thru the the app under ur purcahses. Thx so much!! 😉
monkezz@dslaurita23 - thanks for the like!! Interested?
monkezz@arasfu - thanks for the purchase 😊. I will ship tomorrow am!!
ashbobash13Yeah I was shocked to see how small! I plan on losing some weight this month so it'll work out, and very clean condition which is always great!! Thanks again so much!!
jaclyn_lee@jujufbaby hi girl! Thanks for the like! Since this sweatshirt is sold let me know if you like anything else in my closet and we can negotiate a good price 😃
petite_shopgirl@zvm28 they're new so they're slippery as all soles are when new but not more so than usual
arogers32Yes, I received it this afternoon. Thank you! It's a cute top!
alfarle2@arogers32 you're welcome ! I'm glad you like it ! Enjoy and stop by my closet anytime ! Discounts for reg consumers ❤🎀
scanon@vtrouth thank you 😊. Mailing purse today
vtrouthThank you!!! Really cute purse
lauraboOka I'm going to tho about it :)
moncan2@laurabo ok, just let me know. I can do $8 for both if that helps👍
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