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Urban Outfitters, H&M, Zara & Topshop Party

chicandfrugal@waynerl 9405510899359001131270
waynerlI finally got ahold of someone at USPS and it looks like its heading back to sender...I'm guessing that's PM since their address is always written in the return address section
crecknet5428Yes! I love it thanks so much :)
lindsayjaggars@crecknet5428 Ok great! So glad you like it. When you have a chance please remember to mark it as received under your purchases. Thanks! 💕
folksparrowPerfect, thank you. :)
leahisloyal@folksparrow hey sweets I saw you got your package today please accept it under "my purchases" 💜 thank you hope you enjoy!
josienyc@zsazsa2789 thanks for the purchase! I'm out of town for work but will be able to mail first thing Thursday morning! Hope that is okay.
zsazsa2789Sounds good to me! No rush ☺ can't wait to wear these babies! 😁
apingaWould love to buy this but I'm petite 5'2". This might be too long for me. Ggrrr
amschelling@apinga They're the standard Urban Outfitters length and I know people of all heights who wear them. If you're familiar with the style then these are the same cut :) No pressure though
leahisloyal@annapelt thanks so much for purchasing I will ship out tomorrow!!
leahisloyal@annapelt hey girl saw you got the dress yesterday please go to "my purchases" clock the dress and accept it so the money will transfer to me thanks!! 💜
mbohlfsWould there be any way u could model this for me so I could see what it looks like on a person? 😄
jackiieeee@mbohlfs sure thing! I will upload the pic in a couple minutes 😊 and yes... Smock is the word! I couldn't think of the right word to describe it.
cindita9@rheath Hi! I was trying to contact you but for some reason I couldn't tag u on this post! I sent it out today :)
cindita9@rheath thanks for your purchase!! :) :)
camille315Thanks for your purchase @erinv! I'll ship it out tomorrow 😊 did you want a free beanie to go with it?
erinvIf you want, my daughter would love it!
michimochiThanks sweetie :) I love your closet btw~
camille315Thanks @michimochi! I love yours too! I'll ship this out tomorrow 😊
seasewoops sorry to share this item when its not for sale anymore.
camille315Np @seasew! It sold just minutes ago 😊
camille315@adeleman, yes! I'm so honored to be part of your first purchase! 😊
camille315Thanks @adeleman! I'll ship it out on Monday 😊
ecagle22Also is it black and white?
camille315Hi @ecagle22! I didn't understand your first question very well but it's an all over print and its like a bluish gray color 😊
whitlashI wish I'd known. I would have bid on them. I'm glad you were able to sell them! I'm bidding on some on eBay as we speak. *fingers crossed* I like your closet, so I'm sure we will interact in the future!
meg830@whitlash thanks so much hun! And good luck to you and your bidding! They are awesome shoes, so I hope your lucky enough to snatch up a pair 😉
she_jerTo be clear I would like to bundle them for the 220, sorry if that wasn't communicated correctly. Thanks so much, look forward to hearing from you!
she_jerHey @meg830 I'm ready to buy both shoes separately, please shoot me a message when your they're ready for purchase please and thank you so much :)
hipchickThanks girlie! I love them. Not sure I'll look great in them but still! I had one of my hip surgeries and another in four weeks. I needed longer shorts that would cover my scars and accommodate swelling! These are perfect!! 😍
lizzycortez@hipchick ouch!!! Get better
kparnell713What is the front of this like? Is this a button-down?💕
lenelynn@kparnell713 No it just has the seam down the front- the first picture is the front 😊
msmegan@michelethediva thanks for your understanding! The order has been canceled and a refund has been processed.
ellao4ever@erikavande hello, thank you for purchase! I also have 2 more ombre set! In purple and blue if u are interested I can do a bundle of all three sets!
erikavandeThat would be amazing😍 how much would it all be?
jentuckerI'm so in love with that sweater!! 🐶
s_doloI have the sweater 😄
jessy99Whichever u want it makes no difference to me thanks for asking
eleyel@jessy99 hi I shipped your shoes yesterday. While I was packing them and taking one last closer look there is a little wear on the heel and sole...I'm guessing from them being tried on at the store (our urban outfitters has a concrete floor). But I know for sure I have never worn them out--I bought them late last summer and didnt get a chance to wear them. Hope that is ok. I gave you a little gift but I want you to be happy with them so please let me know how they work out!
matth127What are the bust, waist, hip, and length measurements. Thank you :)
matth127Hello! What are the length, bust, and hips measurements? Thanks 😸
shopaddicted@jessposh the blazer is amazing ! Great buy the vest doesn't fit but ill definetly pass it on to my sister or sell it thanks again !!
jessposh@shopaddicted great!!!! glad you liked it ! sorry for the inconvenience again . :)
alyssaeye@kelseygross no problem girl
kelseygross@alyssaeye hey girl, i just dropped your package off at the post office! sorry for the delay and thanks again c: hope you enjoy!
kelseygross@porcelainjasmin i just wanted to let you know that my home's internet is down, so i cant print out any shipping labels yet, but it will be back up in 1-2 days and i will have everything shipped out then! so so sorry for the inconvenience.
porcelainjasmin@kelseygross oh dude it's all good :] take your time,you know I'm chill with stuff
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