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CHANEL, Valentino & Christian Louboutin Party

blueamoreOoooh beautiful sorry I missed these
jessicadeluiseI'm lookin for navy shoes for my wedding like this-- if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it
reddmergeNot my size 💖💖💖 👠👠👠👠😘
villageluxeHi! Beautiful closet! I run villageluxe.com which is an invite-only platform in NYC to rent designer pieces to and from top closets (think Airbnb for Chanel, Louboutin, etc.). Lots of Poshmark ladies rent out their pieces before they are sold or other pieces in their closet they aren't ready to sell yet. Would love to send you an invite code if you ping me at Julia at villageluxe.com. Have a great week! Xx Julia
chloeskyeOmg yay! So happy. Take my email cskye.gordon@me.com and I'll send you my number.
andreinagiron@messiyah21 hey girl! I've been trying to check out your closet but for some reason I can't see any listings😔
weisserLook at this on eBay: AUTH CHANEL Gold Metallic Quilted Leather Strappy High Heels Sandals Sz 37 7 http://bit.ly/X4cBUt
jazminemonrealWould you be willing to trade for my items ??
studioposh@jazminemonreal: Thank you for your interest but these are currently unavailable for purchase or trade.
teenwithskills@mhelie23 hi! I'm giving feedback to this awesome seller :). A while ago I bought maybe 4 or 5 bundles of skylanders in one night haha! She shipped them so quickly, and wrapped them perfectly everything was honest and just as the description. I trust this seller on posh! She is definitely an A+++++ seller 💜✌️
mhelie23@teenwithskills Doing business with you was a most excellent experience ~ Your So helpful in my sons goal to purchase his 3DS XL , which he loves and was great gaming for a long summer road trip Thanks for your positive feedback and wish you the best these coming holidays Take Care Keep in touch 
jennyvogueWould you do 40 I'll buy now
rdesigns85@jennyvogue no. This is an original Valentino that sold for $900 and $85 is my lowest. Thank you.
rsmith@yaritza9 I'm glad to got and like them. Did you accept on posh
rsmith@yaritza9 disregard the question. I got the email.
zoedandreaOkay 175 that sounds good! I think you just accept the offer and I will be charged automatically? Let me know and these are authentic right? Any proof
zoedandreaOh wait there are the same exact ones on ebay selling for 84 with bids ending in a couple hours so I will try this first I think it may come out cheaper.
jakaralorraineOk I kmow this may sound weird but I live in fort lauderdale by the beach is their any way we can meet at aPUBLIC AREA THAT YOU FEEL IS SAFE inside GALLERIA MALL like the foodcourt where there tons of ppl so we both dont feel awkward id pay full price I just want to try them on id hate to buy have shipped and dont fit
jakaralorraineReady to buy btw
icegirl14500More pictures?
mightymahreeAre u selling the skirt or the shoes? I can't even see the shoes, lol.
browndymen@connorbug hi! If interested I have the matching Chanel sunglasses to the bag you purchased from me up for sale in my closet.
browndymen@n1kk11 I sold this Chanel bag through PayPal on here and @connorbug was very happy with the transaction. I totally understand what your saying because there are a lot of people that makes it bad for the honest sellers...
hillelizaStill thinking about these boots. I do hope you become active again, so I can but these, hehe.
bbapplezCondition and heel height?
giatinaSerial number?
opusmamaIs this bag authentic? What color is it? Seems like a deep grey, gun metal/pewter.
dalberma@distad1 I'm usually an 8-8.5 and these fit fine. Some of my Loubis are big in a 9 and some fit perfectly
distad1Ok, good deal. I'm usually an 8.5 or a 9 but heels run smaller for me so they should be perfect!
karysb@gettumgirl you are sweet, but I figured that trading a bag that I don't use anymore for one that I will is a good thing, like getting a new bag without spending money😉
gettumgirlOkay then...that makes perfect sense😘😘😘
mcb0925No case, but I have an extra dior case. No scratches.
mom27@mcb0925 hi, I bought something a week ago from your sister and she was going to ship the next day and hasn't yet and she's not answering, is she okay, she was really sweet when talking with me said busy at work, just wanna make sure that everything ok, Thanks
kristinafromnyI tried this one on in saks.its gorgeous.thay didnt have my,size.it,was a huge salevon it.whats ur best price?
mands13🎉❤️ What a perfectly lovely date night host pick. Congrats! ❤️🎉
cody7150Congratulations on your Fabulous Host Pick! 👏👏👏💃💃💃🎉🎉🌹👑🌹🎉🎉💃💃💃👏👏👏
anadinaHello, would you consider 200$ for these?
diamond900k@anadina price is firm on PM but you can email me to negotiate for PP:)
ritafashion🌸I will share yours am also very new here. Please share mine too. I'm going to also copy your pic if that's ok 😊
sandyjo68Great posher! Wonderful closet and great deals. Hope many read this and enjoy your closet!
coloratura81Awesome! It's beautiful, thank you!
pim@coloratura81 Hi am having moving sale in our $5.00 closet spend $25.00 and get something equal or less for FREE😘
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