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GAP, Banana Republic, LOFT & J. Crew Party

calygirlYou've been shared🎈Be sure to pay it forward💖Sharing is Caring💖
laceymayDoes anyone know why this item says reserved. I never put that on there?
mariannedel@amschelling hey gf! These shoes were much more than $100.00 back in the 90's. Ann Taylor was a REALLY high end name back then...only a handful of stores around...still a great name but they have been growing over the decades into more of a med - upscale name. These shoes are a STEAL at $80.00....the $140 price on similar AT shoes today on their website do NOT match the quality of these. Just FYI! Xo
amschelling@mariannedel Ha thank you! I'm thinking they're closer to "near-vintage" than "vintage" so I'll update next time I go through my closet, but yes, they are a steal. Thank you for the feedback! Hopefully someone else agrees!
camille315Can I see this on?
amschelling@camille315 Sorry doesn't fit me that's why I'm getting rid of it - looks like you'd expect it to :)
blondiekk@kayf Thanks for the interest! I would say that it fits like a Medium. Let me know if I can do more to help!
scollins28Okay, I'm really interested in buying it...
petite_shopgirl@kimjacoby13 sent u an email with the info u requested and some bundle prices. Lmk your thoughts. Thx!!
skajosborn@petite_shopgirl Can you tell me your measurements as well? Or your normal size in clothes? Would you be a 0/1/xs?
jbrown13@candibobst1 Hey girl! Just added some new costume jewelry to my page. :-)
candibobst1@jbrown13 Hey chickadee! Sorry it took me until now to reply (Superbowl busy Sunday lol....YEAAAA RAVENS HAHA). Your such a sweetheart! Thanks so much for letting me know 😃👍. Going to check the goodies out now 😊. Thanks again girl! ❤😉
susan12345@anastasia1994, sorry I was just selling the top and someone already bought it. I will let you know if I decide to sell the skirt though! :)
anastasia1994Thank you!
17thandirving@lana33 dropped in the post office box after work today...on its way to you!
17thandirving@lana33 hey Lana! Just wanted to give you a heads up I added a ton of new items today! Thought you might be interested!
jbrown13@cyn60 Thanks for 'liking' this beautiful blazer! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 😊
jbrown13@jessd83 Hi! 😃 Thanks for your purchase. 😊 I'll get this blazer wrapped up and sent out to you ASAP!!! 👍
manymurraysCute closet!!! I just wanted to say thanks for following! 😘 Interested in anything? Make an offer or check out the rest of my closet & bundle with a big discount! 🎀👠👗🎀 Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again!
tastebluebookThanks so much for the follow lady! I'm in my first month here and finally getting the swing of things...I appreciate you! If you see anything you like, or think your followers might, please feel free to share! 😊
splendeurCongrats on your  HP tonight!!!! Shared ❤️ and then some :)
dawnpeerCan you give me the length please. 😘
petite_shopgirl@dawnpeer the dress is 30" long and about 22.5" from the waist. Thx!!
jbrown13@pinkmnms1212 Thanks for 'liking' this turtleneck sweater! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 😊
jbrown13@sokoeurnkim Thank you for your purchase! I'll get this sweater packed up and shipped out to you ASAP! ;-)
claudiaalfordGreat, thanks so much :)
trombonechick56@pegster67 thanks for the like! This item is Already sold but check out my closet!:)
katien30Can I have the tracking number please
jeannewelsh@katien30 : sure thing! Shipping from MA and tracking number is 9405510899359000659898
lyndee8This is so cute!! Do you happen to know its measurements?
petite_shopgirl@lyndee8 thx it really is cute!! Not sure of the measurements but I'm 5' tall and it hits mid thigh for me so maybe you can gauge from that. The rest fits like a true xs from jcrew. Lmk if u have more q's. It really is a great versatile piece for fall!!
jbrown13@cam1212 Good Morning! 😃 Thank you for the purchase. This is a gorgeous coat. Stains should come out at the dry cleaners. I'll get this packed up today and shipped out to you tomorrow.
jbrown13@cam1212 Your jacket is on its way. 😃 I mailed it earlier today. 👍
petite_shopgirl@rachelkmcclella $110 works for me. Will change price on this listing for u
petite_shopgirl@rachelkmcclella Did u receive your package? If so please accept the delivery within the app so the money can go into my account. Hope u love your new items. Thanks again for purchasing!!
jbrown13@jleebean11 Thank you so much for your purchase! Yes, I'll get the skirt packed up tonight and shipped out to you tomorrow! ;-)
jleebean11Wow thanks!!!
jojobobolagoI'm sorry you're choosing to do that. I didn't want to share your closet it you didn't want it shared! 💜✌️
sassyhill1224I appreciate you asking. As I said Im not sure however, you dont have to share back. I just logged on to share some stuff and respond to a few comments :) Thanks love.
law994@ashley1985 I just got this shirt and I absolutely love it! Thank you!! Love your packaging as well!! -Candy
jneriaThanks for giving it a good new home @law994 💞
emcmanus1970@katnflorida so glad this did not sell and I got to snap it up' its adorable! You are awesome. Thanks so much ;)
katnflorida@emcmanus1970 So glad you like it! It really is a cute top/coverup! :)
src112770Lol. It is! Thank you. Got the shirt today and it fits perfect. ThAnks for the cute note and the pretty Sephora sack. :)
wenrellaI'm so glad u like. ✌
jbrown13@girlgotglitter Thank you for your purchase. I'll get this swim top packed up and hopefully shipped out to you today! ;-)
girlgotglitterYay thanks! :)
shabbychicnyc@songbirdvp hi hun! Sorry for the late response. I packed this tonight and will drop at the PO first thing tomorrow am. Thank you for your purchase!!!
songbirdvpNo problem! Thank you so much! :)
zshadi@ab80 will get it in the mail ASAP! Hope you love it. :-)
ab80Thanks a bunch! I'm sure I will!
leesaashDo you know how to return it?
shabbychicnyc@leesaash nope, never done it before. I think you have to wait for Posh to send you a shipping label...
xzuckertThank you! I got the shipping confirmation today:)
sherenem@xzuckert Yay! I noticed these arrived today! Could you please accept? If there's any problems please let me know. Hope you love them!
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