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Kate Spade, Anthropologie, LOFT & J. Crew Party

chicandfrugal@brazx - sorry I can't reduce by half. I can do $6 off to cover shipping. Let me know if you are interested and I'll change the price 😊
chicandfrugal@510calirican - added a modeling pic. Just letting you know in case you're still interested!
vbjreese22Can I see a pic with this on pls?
chicandfrugal@vbjreese22 - sorry for the delay. Just got a mannequin today. Modeling Picture is the first one on this listing.
jbrown13@jessd83 Thanks for 'liking' this blazer! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 😊
jbrown13@cyn60 Thanks for 'liking' this beautiful blazer! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 😊
sgtjojoWhich collections are these from? And can you take a photo of the care label :)
jbrown13@sgtjojo I'm sorry. These items have already been SOLD. They were both from J.Crew.
jbrown13@jleebean11 Thank you so much for your purchase! Yes, I'll get the skirt packed up tonight and shipped out to you tomorrow! ;-)
jleebean11Wow thanks!!!
amrobson@neeicy It went through this time! :) Since it didn't go through the first time, I am confident you did not get charged. Never had a problem like that before! Will have it in the mail tomorrow!
neeicy@amrobson thank u sooo much can't wait to get it.
jbrown13@girlgotglitter Thank you for your purchase. I'll get this swim top packed up and hopefully shipped out to you today! ;-)
girlgotglitterYay thanks! :)
tanscwright@dardie sorry- I traded the jeans! Let me know if there's anything else you are interested in!
gus226@tanscwright hi I just printed out another tracking label.., how can I send it to you?? Your email address
erfreemanI got the bag today & I LOVE it! Thank you so much!! 😊
katjo@erfreeman Yea!!! Isn't it gorgeous?! I'm so happy you love it, it's a fabulous bag❤👍😃I would greatly appreciate if you get a moment if you will leave a comment on my Feedback board. It's towards the bottom of my closet. Thank you so much and enjoy your beautiful new bag!❤((hugs))
katjo@badillo Thank you!❤😃
katjo@candacenguyen Thank you for purchasing from my closet! I will box it up and ship it in the morning.📦📬👍😃
shannonbball@ladautorio Price adjustment made, ready for purchase. Thx!
shannonbball@ladautorio I saw your purchase was delivered... Hope you like! 🎀
ginamacI just got it today !!! Happy New Year to you 😊. I love it and its fits purrfect ... Thank you !!! 🎁
jessicarani@ginamac glad you love it! Enjoy! Xo
aqbritta@ashleykbell yay!! I'll tag you if I find any more 00/0 j crew or banana. My sister is your size.
ashleykbellI would love that thank you!!
aqbritta@stephaniebandy yes, it's stretchy, I wear a VS 36dd and it fits very well up top
aqbritta@stephaniebandy let me know if you'd like to bundle ur likes for discount :)
annathorn@katjo can you create a bundle for me?
katjo@annathorn Sure! I'll make it right now and tag you in a few minutes when it's ready.👍😃
lhurst500And you shared for me! You are truly such a nice person. Thanks!
katjo@lhurst500 You're welcome😃
lmhocking@aqbritta got them today! Love!!!! 😃👍👏
aqbritta@lmhocking yay!! Glad to hear it. That dress is so nice!
aqbritta@amejia awesome! I'm glad you like it!
amejiaIf you have any more like it let me know @aqbritta
mistyswayneThank you sooooo much for the super fast shipping I am in LOVE with this lil cutie 😍💗😍😘💗
camille315Oh yay @mistyswayne 😊 sooo happy that you love it!!!
bluved@bad4goodnow sorry haven't been on PM in awhile, sure $20. Ill change the price.
bluved@bad4goodnow Thank you for your purchase! I sent it out today 😊
2babygirl81I love it can't wait to wear it :)
aqbritta@2babygirl81 awesome! So glad to hear it.
crvegaHi Camille, I'm new to poshmark and interested in this. Is that the actual asking price you have posted and bundled with what?. thanks for your help
camille315Hi @crvega! Welcome to PM! Unfortunately, this one already sold with other items in my closet.
camille315Thanks for understanding @jennaferbg 😊 $130 ok now?
jennaferbgYes perfect thanks and no problem!! I appreciate your shares!!
cvz15@camille315 : Hi, Camille! I received my order today! Thank you very much for sending my order so quickly! 📦 Everything was perfect, and I love the earrings. 😊❤👍
camille315@cvz15, I'm so glad you love them!!! 😄
caviszeIf you could please bundle them for me then, I can purchase it either tonight (after sundown) or tomorrow? I am not supposed to make purchases on Saturdays for religious reasons.
caviszeHi! :) Whenever you are able, I can purchase the bundle now <3
bethanncarolina@rachelcasey I hope skirt was what u expected, thanks again for the purchase
rachelcaseyLove it! Thanks! :)
buttons_pockets@herbst the lowest i'll go is $30. Major discount for pants that were only worn a couple times
herbstI do really like them...will think about it and check back to see if still avail. Thanks!
mika320@nicoleybowen thanks for the likes hun! Interested in a bundle?
mika320@stylzoo thanks for the like! Interested!? 😊
pim@holly_has_it what happen???
holly_has_itThe gold had come off most all the small beads showing grey plastic underneath and the clasp was VERY obviously tarnished.
katjo@shanas_closet Thank you for asking but I don't trade.
katjo@tommish Thank you for purchasing from my closet. This is so cute, you're going to love it! I will box it up and ship it today.📦📬👍😃
pim@supastarmg Love you to lol:) Cali Sense of humor
pim@ttrust I see you received your ring I hope you love it:)
pim@prettyinpink123 Thank you so much ill send it out today:)
pim@prettyinpink123 Hi Hun I see you received your rings a few days ago I hope your enjoying them:)
nicholejThanks for following! Buy one get one 50% off!!❄⛄💙
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