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Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson & Ed Hardy Party

tayyymb@sadenic86 217? That's with a 20% discount! I can't go lower because of POSHMARK taking their 20 %
sadenic86I gotcha! Well let me do the purse for sure tonight cause the other things I'm gonna have to think about.
vintage_shelby@marzenkapl85 thanks for the like lmk if u have any questions or if ur interested :)
vintage_shelby@bledbetter2327 thanks for the like let me know if you have any questions or if you're interested:)
sw33tt@sthawer I added a pic for you . Hope that helps. Its super cute its just that i havent gotten a chance to wear it yet. If ur still interested I can do $26, which is the lowest I've ever done. Lmk what u think
sw33tt@sthawer thanks for ur purchase! Ill ship Monday 😘
vintage_shelby@keymari hey hun thanks for the like! LMK if you have any questions or if ur interested 😊
vintage_shelby@lei1809 thanks for the like lmk if u have any questions or if ur interested :)
ness831@ellierudee possible trade ?
ellierudeeIf nobody buys in the next couple weeks, I will be donating! Sorry no trades.
sw33tt@savrich yes I can do $30 I changed the price for u
sw33tt@savrich thanks for ur purchase ill mail it out Saturday 😘
zandee@yeseniaobegon Ok luv thanks so much I will get them out today
zandee@yeseniaobegon Hi I'm just checking to see if you've received your bracelets yet?
sw33tt@sillyjun hi your package is packed up and ready to go. Will drop it off first thing in the morning
sillyjunAwesome. Thank u!
vintage_shelby@jenmcdiva069 thanks so much for the purchase!! I will ship out ASAP 😘
jenmcdiva069Thank you so much. Ill let you kno when I receive it. ;)
onebouzin@rhymestar thx I'm going to try to clean it & give it to my friend. I didn't read d book yet.. Thx item as described
rhymestar@onebouzin yay im glad u received it ok. Thanks again. 😘😘😘
byankaI'm sorry I forgot to let u know I got it yesterday thank its perfect my daughter loved it!👍😘😃
rhymestar@byanka Yay! So happy!! Thank you!!
jordyn_snider@rhymestar im so excited about this bag! have you shipped yet? I have bought so much stuff this week im trying to keep track of what has shipped and what hasnt haha
rhymestar@jordyn_snider yes hun I shipped it today. I had so much to ship out. 😌😬
zandee@austineg Wow what address was it supposed to go to? Didn't you put in the correct address on the shipping label?
zandee@austineg I won't get it back there was no return address on there. Let me know how I can help fix it.
taileen87@roseellina I am planning to rock it on xmas. Now I just hope it fits lol
roseellinaIsn't it perfect for the holidays? @taileen87 It'a true to size 2, I'm sure it'll look great on you! 😊
zandee@binx I'm so happy to hear that! Ill let you know when I receive mine😬
zandee@binx I received my pretty wrapped package today. Thanks again!
brickenhallowWarning: Do not do business with Dawnmonique. I saw that you had inquired about her White Strapless Dress, & I'd like to protect others from her scams & bad merchandise.
bff@zandee yes just tag me thanks
judyblueHi Any chance you have any other Betsey tea party jewelry? Lmk thanks so much :)!
atomchik@roseellina thanks for the fast shipping! I received the sunglasses, and I love them!! 😊
roseellina@atomchik that's wonderful! I'm so glad you like them!! Enjoy!!! 😘
ericamossIs it $129?
onebouzin@ericamoss yes that's d price for d new one.. I also have a used one I can let u have cheaper..
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