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UGG, North Face & True Religion Party

gggina169@onebouzin Ok. It figures. They are great, but I wear size 8. Your closet is amazing!! And thanks for sharing mine! Will return the favor.
onebouzin@gggina169 aww sorry love.. If I find one size 8 I will let u know.. Thx
poosymeow@qt4less thank you for liking :) are you interested?
poosymeow@scarlettstained Thanks for the purchase! I will ship it out on the 26th since USPS is closed tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
poosymeow@chellebelle Of course haha! It is a great jacket and super great quality. So glad it could find a new home :)
chellebelleNow I just gotta sneak it in without the hubby seeing it! Lol! But he's bought them for me new, so surely he'll know it was worth it, lol!
lulabel5@brit_tany3 She flipped over them honey...and they fit her perfectly even with some room to grow!! Thank you and Happy New Year to you and yers for 2013!! ;)
brit_tany3@lulabel5 I'm SO happy she loved them!!
primandproper@loufair843 there u go! No stains rips or tears. I will ship all my packages tomorrow. I will schedule a pick up and my mailman usually comes around 10am. I'm in Ohio so not too far from u!
loufair843Sold !!! Thnx :-)
katecortHi, I was wondering if you got this shipped out?
christinam88@katecort yes I did. (: You will def have it before Saturday! Enjoy your trip!!
primandproper@amyjo1980 I shipped It! I live in Ohio too so it shouldn't be long. 😊
primandproper@amyjo1980 hi just checking to see if you received your package and if everything is ok with it! 😁
aklittleIs a 30 the same as a 9/10
kat1216@aklittle I'm not sure I measured it 14" across & inseam is 30. These jeans are low waist.
kat1216@lynncapri I've requested a new label & they sent me the same old address. Can u pls. Contact them so I can ship these jeans?
lynncapriThat ok sent it out to my old add then,,,thanks
saviekay@rachelgavrielov I owe you a million apologies Rachel. I'm freaked out over nothing basically. I started reading on the Internet about fake ones and my mind just took off with it. My mom bought my sister a pair very recently and I had her compare her new ones to your boots. I was just worried because my boots were from when they were made in Australia, and now the newer ones are made in China so the appearance varies slightly. I am soooooooo sorry to stress you out over me overreacting. I am keep the boots! And I am HAPPY :) promise. I need to purchase something else from you to make up for this big "oooops". Ill let Poshmark know I was wrong.
rachelgavrielov@saviekay aww no worries! Im just glad we cleared this up :)THANK YOU for being so polite the whole time! I'm glad everything worked out and am glad you are keeping the boots and are happy :) dont worry about it at all, I appreciate the apology! It's hard to come across such honest, mature and polite people on Poshmark! Enjoy them sweetie have a great day :) xo
lynntranGot my jean today I just love love it it fit fantastic lmk if u have more true religion & miss me jeans please :-) thank you so much :-)
babyboo8@lynntran I'm glad u love them!! I may be cleaning my closet again, will def let I knw!!!
xtine@goldy1234 thank you for your purchase! I will pack this up ASAP! I did just leave my house for Xmas festivities so ill ship this ASAP Wednesday since post office is closed tomorrow. Happy holidays!
xtine@goldy1234 hi there! i just wanted to check in! tracking says item was delivered on the 31st, so i just wanted to remind you to hit the accept button so I can get paid please :)
konalisaWell I already contacted Poshmark about this. I emailed them & they sent me a shipping label to send the jeans back to you & they will refund me. Basically what they do is just cancel the order but I have to do it right away so I will be mailing them back tomorrow. So if you could please accept them right away when you receive them back I'd appreciate it so that I may receive my funds back. Thanks!
bettyyys@konalisa of course! Again I'm sorry, from here on out I'll make sure I'm fully aware. Thanks for being so understanding!
simpyfashionOh ok cool thanks
onebouzin@leslyerika thx for the purchase.. I will ship ASAP.. Thx for checking my closet.. Happy new year..
yleach442My son's size!!!!! Umbelivable.
kimsikorskiWhat's the style number on these? It should be on the interior size tag. Thanks :)
emeree@gus226 I'm so glad. You got a great deal! It was such a waste to have it just sitting here. Hope you use it well!
gus226@emeree you really made my day... Such a great find... Again thank you and I will be using it ALOT👜
tonie@rosetc what are you looking for? I have a lot of premium jeans also. And a bunch of clothes.
rosetcI'm not really interested in clothes love. Mostly bags, wallets, or Tiffany, Chanel jewelry. 😊
primandproper@miramontes4 hi unfortunately I won't b able to ship today. I live near cleveland ohio and we r getting a severe snow storm. They have closed all city and govt facilities and ordered people off streets. I will keep u posted on when I can ship. Hopefully things will b back to business tomorrow.
miramontes4Ok. Thanks for letting me know. Keep me updated and good luck with the weather.
edgyxoxcheckout my closet, I think I have some designer jeans you'll love ☺❤ Im having a sale & im also willing to negotiate!
scanon@dapherdilly ok, I lowered price. Thanks and I will get them shipped tomorrow.
dapherdillyGreat! Thank you I can't wait to receive them
arcy6@sheepinajeep I am so sorry to hear about the fibromyalgia... The shoes can't be like a 5 I'm normally a 6.5 but Uggs run small so 6 for me perfect... I did have a few people that were really interested and I'm sure still might be... Would u like me to contact them for u? I want to help u out if u like...
sheepinajeepI don't get it...if they run small then you would take a bigger size, right? Thanks for trying to help...I'm going to wait it out a few days to see what pm says...
ccaatthhyy@eap crap I can't edit the listing to post a pic. Would u like me to email it?
eapSure! My email is emilypalasota@yahoo.com Thanks for letting me know.
amiwilliams@roseysela your package just got picked up and is on the way! Thank you and enjoy! 😘😘😘
roseyselaThank you, I'm sure I will!!
specter1270@christykisses @gjs42 just wanted to follow up, my deliver confirmation says package was delivered today. Is that correct?
obeycheyanne@jkboles sorry I'm not interested in trade at the moment, but I could go cheaper on PayPal!
obeycheyanne@lorazybeth interested in either of your likes?(:
obeycheyanne@amyrob718 no problem 😄 enjoy the jeans when they arrive!
amyrob718Hey girl we have a problem. I just gave my sister those jeans I purchased from u middle of feb. when I got them I wrapped them up and just gave them to her for her birthday. The zipper is broken. :(
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