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UGG, North Face & True Religion Party

macidenae_Trade my likes?
sheeka@macidenae_ Sorry No trades, but thank you for browsing my closet.
poosymeow@qt4less thank you for liking :) are you interested?
poosymeow@scarlettstained Thanks for the purchase! I will ship it out on the 26th since USPS is closed tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
poosymeow@chellebelle Of course haha! It is a great jacket and super great quality. So glad it could find a new home :)
chellebelleNow I just gotta sneak it in without the hubby seeing it! Lol! But he's bought them for me new, so surely he'll know it was worth it, lol!
lulabel5@brit_tany3 She flipped over them honey...and they fit her perfectly even with some room to grow!! Thank you and Happy New Year to you and yers for 2013!! ;)
brit_tany3@lulabel5 I'm SO happy she loved them!!
primandproper@loufair843 there u go! No stains rips or tears. I will ship all my packages tomorrow. I will schedule a pick up and my mailman usually comes around 10am. I'm in Ohio so not too far from u!
loufair843Sold !!! Thnx :-)
katecortHi, I was wondering if you got this shipped out?
christinam88@katecort yes I did. (: You will def have it before Saturday! Enjoy your trip!!
primandproper@amyjo1980 I shipped It! I live in Ohio too so it shouldn't be long. 😊
primandproper@amyjo1980 hi just checking to see if you received your package and if everything is ok with it! 😁
aklittleIs a 30 the same as a 9/10
kat1216@aklittle I'm not sure I measured it 14" across & inseam is 30. These jeans are low waist.
kat1216@lynncapri I've requested a new label & they sent me the same old address. Can u pls. Contact them so I can ship these jeans?
lynncapriThat ok sent it out to my old add then,,,thanks
saviekay@rachelgavrielov I owe you a million apologies Rachel. I'm freaked out over nothing basically. I started reading on the Internet about fake ones and my mind just took off with it. My mom bought my sister a pair very recently and I had her compare her new ones to your boots. I was just worried because my boots were from when they were made in Australia, and now the newer ones are made in China so the appearance varies slightly. I am soooooooo sorry to stress you out over me overreacting. I am keep the boots! And I am HAPPY :) promise. I need to purchase something else from you to make up for this big "oooops". Ill let Poshmark know I was wrong.
rachelgavrielov@saviekay aww no worries! Im just glad we cleared this up :)THANK YOU for being so polite the whole time! I'm glad everything worked out and am glad you are keeping the boots and are happy :) dont worry about it at all, I appreciate the apology! It's hard to come across such honest, mature and polite people on Poshmark! Enjoy them sweetie have a great day :) xo
lynntranGot my jean today I just love love it it fit fantastic lmk if u have more true religion & miss me jeans please :-) thank you so much :-)
babyboo8@lynntran I'm glad u love them!! I may be cleaning my closet again, will def let I knw!!!
xtine@goldy1234 thank you for your purchase! I will pack this up ASAP! I did just leave my house for Xmas festivities so ill ship this ASAP Wednesday since post office is closed tomorrow. Happy holidays!
xtine@goldy1234 hi there! i just wanted to check in! tracking says item was delivered on the 31st, so i just wanted to remind you to hit the accept button so I can get paid please :)
konalisaWell I already contacted Poshmark about this. I emailed them & they sent me a shipping label to send the jeans back to you & they will refund me. Basically what they do is just cancel the order but I have to do it right away so I will be mailing them back tomorrow. So if you could please accept them right away when you receive them back I'd appreciate it so that I may receive my funds back. Thanks!
bettyyys@konalisa of course! Again I'm sorry, from here on out I'll make sure I'm fully aware. Thanks for being so understanding!
kkeellyy7Haha it's okay (: please tag me when you post more baby stuff I have a little girl 18-24 months
mpesser23@kkeellyy7 I sure will!
simpyfashionOh ok cool thanks
onebouzin@leslyerika thx for the purchase.. I will ship ASAP.. Thx for checking my closet.. Happy new year..
angelarelotawould you do 60?
phil7566What do you want for then
yleach442My son's size!!!!! Umbelivable.
kimsikorskiWhat's the style number on these? It should be on the interior size tag. Thanks :)
onebouzin@rosen84 hi did u accept your package on d posh app?
rosen84I just did. Thanks again!
emeree@gus226 I'm so glad. You got a great deal! It was such a waste to have it just sitting here. Hope you use it well!
gus226@emeree you really made my day... Such a great find... Again thank you and I will be using it ALOT👜
tonie@rosetc what are you looking for? I have a lot of premium jeans also. And a bunch of clothes.
rosetcI'm not really interested in clothes love. Mostly bags, wallets, or Tiffany, Chanel jewelry. 😊
primandproper@miramontes4 hi unfortunately I won't b able to ship today. I live near cleveland ohio and we r getting a severe snow storm. They have closed all city and govt facilities and ordered people off streets. I will keep u posted on when I can ship. Hopefully things will b back to business tomorrow.
miramontes4Ok. Thanks for letting me know. Keep me updated and good luck with the weather.
coco120@llevin21 what's your email?
edgyxoxcheckout my closet, I think I have some designer jeans you'll love ☺❤ Im having a sale & im also willing to negotiate!
scanon@dapherdilly ok, I lowered price. Thanks and I will get them shipped tomorrow.
dapherdillyGreat! Thank you I can't wait to receive them
ginnybeanI can't, it's my sisters card and she purchased on u account for me here. She paid the current price and shipping because she wanted to. I can't reverse a transaction that's on her card.
sexyjeans@ginnybean it didn't charge on her card becuase I haven't put my credit card information on here. So therefore I didn't receive money. I told you I only accept Paypal. So once I receive the money, I will ship. But I don't put any of my credit card information on this poshmark app.
iamevie2@manddavila1 Thank you, it will be shipped out first thing tomorrow.
manddavila1Great! Thanks!
arcy6@sheepinajeep I am so sorry to hear about the fibromyalgia... The shoes can't be like a 5 I'm normally a 6.5 but Uggs run small so 6 for me perfect... I did have a few people that were really interested and I'm sure still might be... Would u like me to contact them for u? I want to help u out if u like...
sheepinajeepI don't get it...if they run small then you would take a bigger size, right? Thanks for trying to help...I'm going to wait it out a few days to see what pm says...
ccaatthhyy@eap crap I can't edit the listing to post a pic. Would u like me to email it?
eapSure! My email is emilypalasota@yahoo.com Thanks for letting me know.
primandproper@loufair843 thanks again for your purchase! They will ship out in the morning! 😉
loufair843Cool beans - thanks.
amiwilliams@roseysela your package just got picked up and is on the way! Thank you and enjoy! 😘😘😘
roseyselaThank you, I'm sure I will!!
uzanneCan you put up a new pic please?
gjs42Sure. Give me a little time. 😃
gjs42@deanns12 60 in the lowest. And he glasses you're asking about are the lowest reading I believe that's (+.05)
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